Tips To Achieve High Quality 3D Scans

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2021)

Capturing time in a frame and keeping it alongside you is just as you are snatching a moment from the nature and keeping it saved with you for the rest of your life to rejoice your memories associated with that certain time. And the technological world related to photography and scanning got revolutionized when we were able to figure out the marvelous phenomena of saving time to frame through more than one dimension. It was just like that the high tech world got some gadget to travel back into time and revisit the gone moment in multiple dimensions. Getting three dimensional Scans and its finishing that are obtained after post-processing is something that is really worth taking and to get these three dimensional scans are nothing less than an indigenous art. An excellent display of a 3D Scan gives a good appearance on to the screen with profound geometry with some really high quality texture.

That’s why there is a need of taking 3D Scans in a proper way. The Tips of achieve some high quality 3D Scans are as following:

Favorable Atmosphere

The first, utmost and the basic requirements include good favorable environment because nevertheless 3D Scanning is something that is most influenced by the external environment provided to the object that is needs to be scanned.

Light Requirements

Similarly the amount of light require for the object to get accurately scanned is very important because disturbance in light results in change in the color texture of object and with the improper and multidirectional supply of light could result in casting shadows or improper reflection of light due to cluster light effect that is produced due to multidirectional light sourcing. So it’s mandatory to have right amount of light source from the right direction.

3D Point Cloud

Due to multiple interruption in the background could often result in capture of flurry points in the scan as part of point cloud that is apparently not existing there. Good Software will provide you with the option of clearing these cloud points that why a software with such ability is quite necessary.

Calibration Adjustments

In order to have the exact and accurate shape of object a good calibration software is required to get the three dimensional scan. In many cases, the operator ends up not turning on the option of calibration. Calibration is one of the most important factor in 3D scanning because most of the times slight change of the position of object and lightning issues requires recalibration.

Object Texture

Another important factor to keep in mind while taking a 3D Scan is the surface material of object. Laser light used for 3D scan can at times get absorbed in some dark or fuzzy surface or can there could be chance of erratically bouncing back of laser light from some shiny surface. For that purpose we can use powders or some paints in order get a proper 3D that is required.

Multiple Scans

After making sure most of the tips mentioned above still there could be chances of error like most of the times if some part of the object could not be scanned properly it could appear as a hole in the final point cloud and to eradicate the problem multiple scans at different places of surface bed help us to achieve a excellent 3D scan at the end when they will combined to the final required file.

All these tips will sum up to provide you well accomplished three dimensional scan that will certainly be nothing less than a prototype of original.



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