What Is Bowsight Aiming Method?

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2021)

Most archers and hunters use bow aiming methods. These methods typically focus the arc on the target. The arc-sighted aiming way is one of the top 2 ways for pointing with the arc. The opposite is instinctive aiming.

The method of aiming with the arc sight works well when you understand the space towards the target. When hunting from a blind or tree, it will calculate the distance to the target. So it can all be a matter of aligning the good peephole on the target. The key to using arc sights is to practice judging distances.

Two weapons are often used with the archery method. These are the vertical arch and the crossbow. According to Wikipedia, the vertical bow and arrow can be a remote weapon consisting of an elastic launch device (arc) and long-handled projectiles (arrows).

On the other hand, a crossbow can be a remote weapon that uses an elastic throwing device almost like an arc; It consists of an arc-like assembly called a picana, mounted horizontally on the mainframe called a rudder, which is held by the hand in a similar way to the butt of an extended weapon—crossbows fire projectiles in the form of arrows called bolts or scolding.


Assume The Shooting Position

Stand at right angles with the lens along with your back foot slightly forward and your feet apart from the width of your shoulders. The posture should feel comfortable and balanced.

Nock The Arrow

Place an arrow as you point and hold the bow in a safe direction toward the target. The arrow line is placed at the collation point, which can be a rubber or laton ring set or a marked area on the bow rope. The collation point identifies the collation in the same location as the string each time it fires.

Draw & Anchor The Bow

  • Grab the bow handle or riser but do not tighten it.
  • Present the arc to the target.
  • With the bow arm straight, lift the bow to a certain point so that its arm is parallel to the bottom while simultaneously pulling the rope towards its anchor point along with the shooting hand. The anchor point is that the firing hand’s position consistently involves a traditional rest on or near your face. To ensure accuracy, confirm that your hand with the bow rope implies an equivalent point every time you shoot.


Instinctively “shoot wherever you look” or use bow sights to help you align your arrow with the target. If you use sights, you want to have the correct view image (the proper alignment of the lens, the front sight, and the rear sight) before releasing an arrow. You will use instinctive aiming when firing a bow. Another thing is to use an arc sight that helps you align your arrow with the target.

Release The String

Once you have the correct visual image, quickly relax your fingers or activate mechanical release smoothly and safely.

Follow Through

After releasing the arrow, continue with the visual imaging specialist you saw immediately before shooting.



Archery is the sport and ability to use a bow to shoot arrows. It had been mainly used in antiquity for hunting and combat. However, it is used primarily for sport and recreation in fashionable times. Some weapons are often used in archery (either vertical or horizontal) and different timing strategies. The method of aiming with the archery sight can be a great shooting strategy. However, a bit like the other technique or design, it requires constant practice to develop correctly.



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