Tips & Tactics For Hunting The West

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2021)

If you are a hunter or love hunting you must be aware that hunting in the West is a challenge. Anyone who was born in the West might be aware of some tips and tactics of hunting in the West but people like me who are not born there are oblivious to them. Therefore, there was an immense need of writing this article to help you understand how you can become a successful hunter in the challenging situations of the west.

So, get ready with your guns and bows on your shoulders. Because I am going to reveal some very effective and interesting tips and tactics that will help you gather some worth sharing real life stories and experiences about your memorable hunting journey to the West.

Trust Google But Do Not Trust It Blindly

The geographical estimations might sometimes be very deceiving. When it comes to the mountainous areas it would not be wrong to say that the estimated heights and spread of these humongous landmarks are mostly incorrect to some extent. Therefore, it is advisable that you keep the expected difference in your mind.

If you want to have a better and more accurate perspective about the area of hunting you need to adjust the terrain exaggeration by Google Earth to around 1.5.

Your Safety Should Be Your Priority

This is the rule of thumb. You cannot hunt well until you are well. It is very crucial that you make all the necessary arrangements for your safety. The most vulnerable parts of your body are the most exposed ones. For example, your hands, arms, feet, face, eyes, etc. You need to be extra cautious about them.

A few products that you should always check for their presence in your back pack before leaving for hunt are: a small water bottle that is not very heavy to carry, extra pairs of gloves and socks in case you need to change them, an ointment, an insect repellent, an emergency light, a bandage, and some snacks.

You Are A Hunter, Do Not Get Hunted

One important thing that you will never want to regret ignoring is being aware of the wild beasts. I know it sounds scary and it can be scarier if ignored. Educate yourself with enough knowledge about the animals present in your hunting zone and their hunting timings. And it is not only about the creatures that walk on their four feet, be cautious about the six legged creatures too.

Many poisonous bugs and insects can be very problematic or even painful for you. Keep your hands, feet, face, eyes, and ears as much covered as possible. Use insect repellent frequently to avoid insect bites.

Beware! Weather Can Turn into Your Enemy

Not only the wild beasts but the weather too can become a huge challenge for you. Unpredictable storms, hail, snowfall, and rain can come to eat you up. Do not forget to arm yourself to fight against these natural challenges. Keep a tent, a blanket, a big umbrella, a match box, and some warm clothes in your big back pack. It might be slightly difficult to carry. But trust me. You won’t regret carrying that weight.



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