How To See Your Sight Pins Better?

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2021)

How to see your sight pins better? Blurry sight pin is an issue that intrigues many bow-hunters. Bow-hunting is a challenge in itself, let alone bow hunting at low lights. Even if your vision is perfect, you need to see your sight pins clearly to be successful in your ordeal.

Some factors cause poor sight clarity. Therefore, to make your sight pin visibility perfect, you must know these causes to overcome them. Here you will find all information required to see your sight pins better before you go out there to hunt.

The Size Of Your Peep

Not going up on your peep size might leave you at a disadvantage in your game while bow hunting in low light conditions. It is understandable that after hunting with a smaller peep for many years, it might get challenging to change your habit and increase your peep size.

A larger peep could give you the full view of the field and the pins. Larger pins could gather more ambient light to transmit towards the end where you aim.

Generally, the 0.10 pin is the smallest. But, if you move up to a 0.19 or a 0.29, you will get guaranteed improvement in sight pin visibility. Many hunters find the 0.19 pin to be ideal for increased sight pin clarity.

Fiber Content In Your Bow Sight

If you are looking to see your sight pins clearly, choose a bow sight with many fiber optics. Increased fiber-optic content in your bow sight helps make your sight pins bright, which in turn aids you in taking a perfect aim. More fiber-optic gathers more light, which is then transmitted to the aim end.

There are various bow sights available in the market where the fiber optic encases the housing’s entire length. If your bow sight isn’t one of these high fiber-optic content sights, you are going to face a lot of difficulty in seeing your pins. Also, it could affect the outcome of your hunt inarguably.

Adding Extra Lights

If you do not want to increase your pin size or the fiber optic content around your sight housing, there is another option you could go for, which would allow you to see your sight pins better. You could add a sight light that would shine on your fiber optic. All you have to be careful about is to avoid it from shining into the picture of your sight.

The sight light that shines on your fiber optic would transmit to your aim end, giving increased vision and clarity of your sight pins. The extra light will give you more control of the situation and thus illuminating your pins.

Use A Verifier

You could also see your sight lights better by using a verifier. Verifiers are lenses that you insert into your peep. They help clear the vision of your sight pins. Ensure that the verifier you get for your sight peep is the right one for you. It should permit you to see not only your sight pin but also the end where you aim.

Verifiers come in a lot of varieties. Choosing the most sensible one is essential. Verifying lenses could either be weak or strong. Find the right one for your sight peep, which makes your sight pins and the target crystal clear for you to see.



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