How To Maintain Your Spotting Scope?

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2021)

5 Proper Cleaning Steps

What is the best way to clean up your scope for spotting? Below are five steps to follow to guarantee that when you’re finished with it, your scope is clean and free of harm.

Get Rid Of Loose Dirt

Don’t use your mouth to blow dirt from your lens, or the slight moisture from your breath will trap you with dust. As it contains chemicals that could erode your lens coatings, it is also best to avoid compressed air. Instead, to clear all the dust particles before you start cleaning your lenses, use a squeeze blower and a soft brush.

Have The Lens Cleaned

For this stage, don’t try using window or eyeglass cleaner; they are too harsh for the lens coating. Using a cotton swab and your lens-safe cleaning solution instead, make a smooth, circular movement until you have covered the whole surface of the lens.

With A Smooth, Micro-fiber Cloth, Dry The Lens

With a separate cloth just only for lens cleaning is a smart idea, so it doesn’t get dirty from other areas of your spotting scope. Please place it in a plastic bag when you’re finished washing to keep it dust-free for later as you leave a trail of fibers that would end up gouging the bottle; never use fibrous materials such as facial tissue or paper towel.

Clean The Body

To free the dust from the more delicate crevices in your device, use your blower, then use a clean, wet cloth to wipe down the surface. During this move, take care not to smudge your clean lenses.

Carefully Store Your Scope

Cap the lens, and make sure you keep it securely stowed inside in a dry, clean position if you have a carrying case.

When To Seek Professional Assistance?

If you feel that more in-depth cleaning is required within your scope, contact the manufacturer and ask for cleaning suggestions. It is essential to have specialists conduct this step to safeguard the life of your field. Know, for many long years, if you handle your spotting scope with respect, it will serve you well.

Storage For Spotting Scope

You may want to ensure that the spotting scope is adequately preserved and ready for use after a thorough cleaning when the next opportunity presents itself. To avoid any harm from rain, put all the lens covers back on the scope, place it in its proper case and ensure that it is kept in a cool, dry area.


Do not use any glass or cleaning items in the home. The lenses can be affected by abrasive solutions. Never try internally to clean the binocular or try to tear it apart. Any attempt to open the scope of your spotting would invalidate your guarantee and may cause irreparable harm.



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