How Many Pins Should A Bow Sight Have? 1 Vs. 3 Vs. 5 Vs. 7

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2021)

Bow sight system, a skillfully magnificent art in itself that is preserved from hundreds of years and with the passage of time revolutionary changes added more ice to the fire by engaging the shooters in diverse ways and making their passion more and more interesting for them. Pins in a bow provides eagle eye to the shooter to get the bulls eye just in blink of time. That’s how it works for achieving accuracy to its full by getting the target at different distances. Number of pins that should be used in a bow sight varies in many different aspects and now a days many shooters and hunters get carried away with the fact that adjusting the pins in the bow involves different matters to be fulfilled.

1-Pin Bow Sight

The expert of this archery and the old traditional successful style of bow sighting proves that the view and the focus that is obtained from a single pin provides you with the perfect accuracy especially when we are dealing with closer yardage area that ranges from 20 to 30 yards approx. For better accuracy, the range can be further increased using other bow sight systems like adjustable pin sight system and trick pin system.

3-Pin Bow Sight

When we have the option of single pin bow sight as compare to three pin bow sight then choosing the single pin bow sight should be a preferable option but still two or three pin bow sight will not allow the view to get shattered because catching the sight in the middle pin will be easy to find odd in the evens. Pins yardage can range from 30 to 40 yards. Three pin bow sight is very popular among the hunters as well as 3D Archery shooters. Hunters most preferably use the three pin bow sight to hunt and to get the right target as it fits the rule of thumb. But by having the three pin bow sight the Is chance of focusing at the wrong pin when you have only one shot left and you want to get the target.

5-Pin Bow Sight

Five pin bow sight can give you the option of getting the target that is comparatively at longer distance but there is this issue that originates every time when you increase the number of pins the changes of choosing not the right pin in the heat of the moment increases. Five pin bow sight allows you to shoot multiple follow up shots focusing at every pin in the row but then it completely depends on the fact that how much practiced shooter you are.

7-Pin Bow Sight

Seven pin bow sight is popular among the people who have to do target practices. Because in such situations the practicing shooter can work stress free to get the shot in blink of eye. Several pins ranging from seven to nine bow sight aren’t needed to get the shot in hunting. In seven pin bow sighting it could be difficult to shoot at distanced gaps. But it also comes up with the advantageous option where you have to shoot around 60 to 65 yards and can get it with some ease and not do it rapidly.


So the conclusion that we can come up to is that by increasing the number of pins can make you get off target and killing the shot at the very moment could be difficult but still it depends on many other factors like your sight vision, your expertise and one of the most important and considerable matter is that when you have experience of shooting the aims with proper practice the number of pins can be ruled out.



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