Best Spotting Scopes For Elk Hunting 2021

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2021)

A Spotting Scope is a compact terrestrial and portable telescope used during a hunt to observe objects or targets. It is intended for watching birds or animals and observing nature, and it allows you to identify long-distance targets beyond the reach of binoculars. We have listed some of the Best Spotting Scopes For Elk Hunting in this publication below. Do check them out.

As a hunter, you certainly know that every animal has its unique behavior, stressing your equipment’s demand. For elk hunting, you need to look at the consistency, length range, reliability, and optics’ size and weight. Well, optical strength and performance are the key reasons why you have been upgraded to a binocular spotting scope. Strong visual quality is, therefore, a must for your area of detection. See for the completely multi-touched optical lens that increases optical efficiency by an enormous margin. Also, search for the correct lens size. The front lens is one of the vital compact factors in your spotting range. It would help if you looked at the spotters for lightweight versions with a 50-60mm front lens. For 80mm, it will undoubtedly improve your capacity for light, but only at the expense of heaviness. If you want the perfect magnification scale, you can use the variable zoom, such as 15-45x or 20-60x. Before making a purchase decision, please consider the following factors.

Best Spotting Scopes For Elk Hunting (Comparison)

Spotting Scope Magnification  
Vanguard Endeavor HD 65A 15x - 45x

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Vanguard Endeavor XF 60A 15x - 45x

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Svbony SV46 20x - 60x

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Vanguard Endeavor HD 65A

Vanguard Endeavor HD 65A


The Chinese company Vanguard tells that the Endeavor HD 65A is the most delicate piece of optical equipment they have ever made in history. After spending some time using the angled 65mm version of the lens, it’s hard to argue with that. At a tiny mid-range price point, the company’s Endeavor ED binoculars added a suite of quality features to binoculars. The Endeavor HD is intended to do the same thing for scope spotting.

The scope looks fantastic, is very well built, and the view through it is outstanding at 20x; up to around 40x remains very good, but it deteriorates markedly beyond that. To some extent, when you’re dealing with mid-range bundled zoom eyepieces, that comes with the territory, so it’s not unexpected. All in all, this is a very competent all-round sight at a price that is hard to argue with, sporting high-end lenses and quality construction materials. As the scope, the 20-60x (on the 82mm — 15-45 on the 65mm) eyepiece feels well made, looks fantastic, and gives the impression that it is designed to last.

An incorporated rubberized plastic sunshade at the front of the scope pulls in and out to shield the objective lens in bright light from excessive glare. The area also involves a stay on the case, which is a nice touch since most manufacturers would pay you extra for one.

100% Waterproof

The Endeavor HD body is fully enclosed, and the company advertises that it is 100% waterproof, although it does not define what or any particular accepted quality.

Fog Proof

They have also replaced all the internal air with dry gas to prevent the interior glass surfaces from misting, which can often happen to exposed optical devices when you have a quick temperature change (usually Nitrogen). Inside the collection, this moisture-free environment prevents any corrosion from occurring and thus prolongs the product’s life.


The Vanguard Effort HD spotting scopes come with differently geared duel target wheels. The wheel nearest to the ocular is oriented much higher and is designed to shift the focus over greater distances quickly (it takes 3 and 3/4 turns to go from one end to the other). In contrast, the other wheel is designed to fine-tune your focus to get it on for the ideal vision. This system works very well and is much better than those that only come with a single focus wheel, in my opinion. The reels themselves are relatively broad, prominent, grooved, and rubber-coated, centrally positioned on top of the scope, making them equally accessible for either side, making them easy to find and easy to turn even in icy conditions, and you have thick padded gloves on your hands.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Sleek Modern-Looking Design Image Degrades At 40x
Compact Zoom Eye-Piece Stiff
Bright & Sharp Image




Vanguard Endeavor XF 60A

Vanguard Endeavor XF 60A


Vanguard’s angled-view Endeavor XF 60A Spotting Scope incorporates a nitrogen-filled magnesium housing. A completely multi-coated optical path for moderate to long-range observation creates a lightweight zoom optically. Vanguard fitted the Endeavor XF series with phase-corrected BAK4 prisms that optimize color fidelity and generate images rich in contrast.

The Endeavor XF includes several features and the image quality and weather-sealed construction, which enhance the functionality of the scope. A 15-45x zoom eyepiece featuring a convenient 19mm eye relief and twist-up rubber eyecup is available in this edition of the Endeavor XF spotting lens. The tripod mounting foot has a regular 1/4″-20 socket and is compatible with the universal mounting shoe accepting Vanguard tripods. An integrated sunshade and a custom-fit raincoat carrying case makes for a well-equipped outdoor spotting scope.

Optical Performance

The magnification of this spotting scope is 15-45x, with a 60 mm objective and completely multi-coated optics. It has phase-corrected BAK4 prisms with a view angle of 2.7-1.3 ° and a close-focus distance of 16 ft (at 15x).

Usage & Handling

The angled-viewing eyepiece has a Twist-up rubber eyecup inclined 45 ° from the objective lens. The Tripod mounting foot has this spotting scope. Accurate cover with Flip-down cover.


It has nitrogen-filled fog and waterproof housing with a rubber-armored magnesium body and an integrated sun shield weighing 45 oz.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Armored Magnesium Body Rubber None That We Could Find
Easy To Use Large Focus Wheel
Waterproof & Fog Proof



Svbony SV46

Svbony SV46


These same Chinese brands are better than you might expect. It is waterproof against IPX7. Svbony SV46 is also sealed with O-ring and filled with Nitrogen, so inside, it should stay scorched.

It has a dual focus knob function that is useful for one dial to set rough focus first and then fine focus with the other. There are fully multi-coated lenses. At this price point, that’s probably all. You get a soft carrying case and lens caps for both ends to shield your investment from scratches and the like. It is a nice touch to throw a cleaning cloth in.

Durable & Strong

The Svbony Spotting Scope Telescope has a magnification of 20-60×80 and a 70mm objective lens that allows bright light to be captured to create clear and accurate images required when you go hunting or shooting to focus on your target. It is designed to provide superior brightness, quality resolution, and edge clarity with multiple layers of anti-reflection coatings.

It is made of robust materials that make it durable and rugged to work even in harsh circumstances. It is fog-resistant and waterproof, although it can not be immersed in the water for a long time. It comes with an extendable shade that protects the objective lens from damage, raindrops, and scratch and protects it from scratch. High-performance SV46 spotting scopes can quickly satisfy your various needs for viewing.

Dual Focus HD

Long-distance, high-resolution pictures The images are often more precise. High-quality optical design provides a clear resolution of 2.2″ Lock the focus more accurately and change the direction faster. Focus Lock more reliably.

Dual Focus Knob

Faster speed focusing When obtaining high magnification image data, it has more advantages 80mm considerable objective lens Powerful ability to collect light, provide benefits for high-magnification images and night stargazing

High Quality Optical Design

The large 23 mm eyepiece helps the eyes to relax when watching. The high-quality optical architecture of FMC and Bak4; No need to worry about unclear images under various magnifications. SV46 spotting scopes will clearly show what you want to see if your shooting distance reaches 100 yards, or if you’re going to go bird watching in the open nature reserve wetlands, or you want to fly on a cruise ship.

Waterproof & High Quality

A critical element in keeping the spotting scope from damage in poor weather and the atmosphere is the greater waterproofing level. The telescopic sunshade of the objective lens eliminates glare and avoids unintended damage to the lens.

Rotate Body 180 Degrees

The spotting scope’s body can be tailored to any viewing location easily by loosening the adjustment collar according to any situation’s need.

1/4 Inch Interface With Universal Tripod

You should attach the interface to the tripod to take pictures and videos of what you see. You can capture the beauty of the distant world, share it with family and friends.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Quality & Durability Cellphone Holder Not Adjustable
High Quality Optimism



Things To Consider


All the numbers you see are essential to understand in the catalogs.

If you see the following in the “20-60 to 80” catalog, it means…The magnification of the zoom is from 20 power to 60 power. The objective lens (front lens) has a diameter of 80 millimeters. This gives you a lot of magnification and a large lens to gain more light and to make your picture clearer during the first and last cycles of light glassing. The degree to which you purchase will depend on your use or targeted use.


You can select a size with a broader lens and higher magnification if you are a committed long-range shooter. But this extra glass means more bucks and more weight. If your passion is mountain hunting, the same scale might not be appropriate. Chasing requirements such as sheep or goats in the far north typically means an investment in glass, which helps you decide if an animal is worth leaving the mountain from which you glide, go down thousands of feet and climb up the next hill. The weight of this wide range will save you thousands and thousands of vertical feet.

Eye Piece

Scopes with either a straight eyepiece or an angled eyepiece may be located. It is much easier for many of us to find our objective or criteria in a linear view. However, if more people are looking through the lens, getting the tripod’s height correctly is a little harder.


Make sure your range is weatherproof. I mention the weather because rain and snow are not the only sources of optics problems. Make sure that screen the array against dust. When you have ever been prone to a Wyoming wind prairie dog town, you know why dust evidence is essential. Dust gets on and on with everything you own.


Which is better, angled, or straight in scope?

Two scopes demonstrate no variation in optical consistency with the same dynamics and different eyepiece shapes. However, the only difference is the comfort of the bottle.

With smaller tripods, an angled scope works better and doesn’t stress your neck. Instead, when looking through an angled spotter, you can slightly bend and switch. Thus, angled scopes are suitable for glassing at leisure.

On the other side, to put the eyepiece next to your eye, you’ll have to increase the length of the tripod, which ultimately disturbs the stability of the pod. But this helps you magnify/focus on a topic easily without wondering where it is precisely (unlike the angled ones). So, if you’re tall and don’t want to bend much above the eyepiece, a straight scope is sufficient.

Are spotting scopes for people who wear glasses comfortable?

They are, indeed. If a scope provides an eye relief gap of up to 20 mm, it is ideal for wearers of glasses and non-wearers alike. As prolonged adventures will stress their eyes, hunters need to get a good ERD scope; wide ERD will let them take some rest.

What is the right tripod for a scope?

It will do the job with a robust tripod with adjustable height and regular adapter thread. Some of the best brands for finding stable tripods for heavy spotting scopes are Orion, Celestron, Vanguard, Vortex, and Regetek.

Are spotting scopes sturdy?

Yes, that’s most of them. While spotters are considered delicate, they are not. Any spotting scope is resilient and does not interrupt the glasser’s mission with durable housing, reliable armor, and a sleek body. Even in the most challenging terrain, you can rely on your reach.



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