Best Rangefinders For Surveying 2022

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2022)

Laser rangefinders are lightweight, high-precision instruments capable of measuring long-range slope distance, tilt, and azimuth to about a foot, and can measure horizontal and vertical distances, height, and line values. The optics and in-scope data display of all rangefinders are 4x to 7x; some have serial ports and Bluetooth compatibility.

It’s always a tough job to be in the industry, it’s even worse when things don’t go according to your tight schedule. It is never useful for someone to go back and re-do work when it should have been done correctly the first time, whether it is the equipment, documentation or training. But, with the addition of a Laser Technology, Inc., (LTI) Laser Rangefinder to the mapping toolkit, the team will still work in safer conditions, speed up field work and come out under-budget. We have listed some of the Best Rangefinders For Surveying below in this publication. Do check them out.

Laser rangefinders are instruments containing a laser from which the distance to an object can be determined. Such a system usually operates either with the direct method of time-of-flight or with the method of phase shift. Below, both approaches are explained. See the article on distance measurement with lasers for other distance measurement approaches with lasers.

There have been numerous devices created. Others can calculate object distances of several kilometers, while others are built, for example, inside a house, for far smaller distances. Sometimes, on a digital monitor, the object distance obtained appears.

Best Rangefinders For Surveying (Comparison)

Rangefinder Maximum Range  
Nikon Forestry Pro II 1750 Yards

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Rainier Gear Rangefinder 1150 Yards

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TecTecTec VPRO500 540 Yards

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Nikon Forestry Pro II

Nikon Forestry Pro II

Sports is a way for us to relax our minds and it is beneficial overall for our wellbeing. There are numerous sports pages. One of the conventional and common formats is the goal for archery. In the format, the shooter and hunter explicitly build up their career. So they need different equipment and services. They are well acquainted with a rangefinder to ensure good objective measurement. It helps them identify the target range where the shot is intended to be made. The Nikon Forestry Pro II Laser Rangefinder Analysis will make it easier to do your work. The mixed yellow and black color tool offers an LCD panel to calculate the actual distance of the target point. The monitor includes a function for measuring 3 points. Forest rangefinder also provides switching modes for a simple target vision. Forest Pro is one of the great gadgets that is easier to bear and many consumers like it as the best long distance binoculars. If you’re looking for an ideal rangefinder, the Nikon forestry pro rangefinder is ideal for you. The waterproof laser finder gives you the pleasure of using it best at field point.

8-1, 750 yd/ 25-5, 250 ft. / 7.5 -1, 600m Functions include measurements of actual distance, height, angle and vertical separation (height difference between two targets) as well as measurements of three points (height between two points). On both internal and external LCD panels, measurement results are shown. The external panel simultaneously displays all the data. Also in dim conditions, the external monitor employs backlighting for easy visibility. The brightness of the backlight is adjustable to 3 levels. The log function allows up to 250 measurement outcomes to be processed. HYPER READ offers fast and stable reactions for measurement in approx. 0.3 second which is pretty responsive. Target Priority Switch The overlapping subject measurement system: First Target Priority mode shows the distance of the nearest subject while calculating the distance to the subject in front of the overlapping background. In wooded areas, the distant goal priority mode shows that of the farthest subject useful. Long eye relief design offers simple viewing for eyeglass wearers Diopter adjustment function Single or continuous measurement (up to 8 seconds) Waterproof (up to 3.3 ft/ 1m for 10 minutes) and fog proof, but not intended for underwater use; the battery chamber is rainproof Broad temperature tolerance: 14F to 122F/-10C to +50C

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
External LCD View None That We Could Find
Multiple Readings For Measurements
Fogproof & Waterproof




Rainier Gear Rangefinder

Rainier Gear Rangefinder

Rainier Gear Rangefinder features a robust and water proof body which rivals the high priced rangefinders that provide similar range. When it comes to max range this rangefinder can get you going up till 1150 Yards and that too with a low price tag.

Modes: This rangefinder features distance measurer, slope measure and regular scanning mode for hunting, golf or surveying.

Through The Lens Display: This rangefinder features a crisp and clear as well as easy to read multi layered optics, a battery and distance through the lens display. When it comes to modes, there is a continuous mode on board this rangefinder for real time measurement data.

Includes: With this rangefinder’s purchase you get a full setup kit which makes the whole setup process very quick, there’s a carrying pouch, a CR2 battery, A strap and a microfiber cloth for cleaning needs as well as a quick start guide for all the useful instructions to get you going.

Lightweight & Portable: This rangefinder’s laser is classified under Class 1 which has average power output of <0.5mW. Rangefinder measures 104mm x 75mm x 40mm and weighs around 185g. The build of this rangefinder is ideal for carrying while you go on a hunt and surveying as well as it is both water and dust resistant.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Multifunctional None That We Could Find
Crisp Clear Focus
Compact Size



TecTecTec VPRO500

TecTecTec VPRO500

The VPRO500, the non-slope-reading entry from TecTecTec on this list, is an effective device that measures yards up to 500 yards with as much accuracy as rangefinders that cost twice as much. Usability and cost are the advantages of the VPRO500 rangefinder. For players looking for a friendly profile and ease of use, the VPRO500 rangefinder is a great option. The VPRO500 gives golfers any distance they need when they practice and play and leaves enough money left in their golf budget to upgrade other parts of their bag or get out more often. TecTecTec! It is a French-based company that originally started as a family start-up and has now become one of the leading online rangefinder vendors, based on world-class customer service and aimed at directly supplying the user with superior goods. TecTecTec has some of the best golf and hunting rangefinders on the market that are budget-friendly.

When it comes to playing golf, you need to have accurate measurements to take the shot. This is where rangefinders come into play. The VPRO500 provides golfers with an excellent rangefinder features with a competitive price tag. The golfers can use this rangefinder to get accurate yardage readings due to fast measuring technology on board and with a diopter adjustment regardless of weak eyesight.

Technology & Design

For a nice grip and to protect the rangefinder there’s a silicone case. The 6x magnification of the rangefinder will allow the users to spot anything up till 540 yards with ease.

6x Magnification

The ability to get the golfer closer to their intended target area through magnification through the viewfinder is one of the most important features of a golf rangefinder. The Tectec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder comes with 6x magnification, which places the golfer from the fairway right on the green.

Distance To Various Goals Steps

Another feature of the Golf Rangefinder Tectec VPRO500 that works well for golfers is the ability of the device to detect multiple targets for every shot you are facing. The Tectec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder can reliably and easily generate the data you need to hit the best shot possible, whether you are on the tee box hoping to clear an incoming tree or trying to avoid a wide sand bunker at the front of the green

Precise One Yard Measurements

If a golf rangefinder has one mission, it is to provide the golfer with the most precise yardage readout possible. A golf rangefinder is no better than the naked eye without accuracy. As the Tectec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder offers readings that are within a yard of true reach, you won’t have to worry about buying a golf rangefinder with low accuracy.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Excellent Search Mode Housing Flimsy Feeling
Accurate Pin Sensor Readings



Useful gadgets for calculating the distance between your present location and your target are the best laser rangefinders. If you are playing a golf game, simply pick the rangefinder from your pocket, point it to the green or flag you want to reach and wait for the gadget to measure the distance for you, allowing you to select the right club and maximize your subsequent shot’s accuracy and performance. The distance is determined by the system bouncing light off the target at which it is pointing. But a laser rangefinder, for building, real estate and more, may also have other applications.

As with everything electronic, a fair number of laser rangefinder brands are available on the market. In addition to less common imports, these include familiar names such as Nikon and Bushnell, which can potentially provide even greater value for money. To aid with your buying decision, we’re rounding up what we consider to be six of the best laser rangefinders you can purchase right now.

Chief considerations when purchasing should include choosing the right small, portable and lightweight laser rangefinder, so that you do not mind carrying it around with you for hours, along with selecting one that is reliable and precise, of course.

You will also want to take battery life into account, ensuring that the power on offer lasts the course, plus that the system has an exterior shell that may be waterproof so that rain does not prevent playing. As well as weighing up the ease of use of the rangefinder, your personal budget would also be thrown into the purchase mix. Higher-priced versions provide a greater variety of functions and a greater complexity, but that can add to their complexity. Ultimately, precision and accuracy would be enhanced over having no laser rangefinder at all, whichever choice you select.

Priority Differences

On the golf course, first priority rangefinders are extremely useful. Between you and the flag, there is normally nothing, meaning the flag is not covered. In the first priority mode, all golfing rangefinders are. If you try to range on a flag that’s maybe a hundred yards away, it’s going to read 100, not, say, 130, which could be the trees behind the flag.

More useful for hunting are second priority rangefinders. As in the previous paragraph, a second priority rangefinder used would certainly read the trees at 130 yards and overlook the flag that is 30 yards closer. You are often blind in hunting conditions or somewhat screened by limbs or leaves. The first object in its line of view, such as the branches, would be overlooked by a hunting rangefinder or second priority rangefinder, and the most distant object, which could be a deer, would be read

For surveying, can you use a golf rangefinder (first priority)? Completely. Absolutely! Can you use a golf (second priority) hunting rangefinder? Undoubtedly. But to ensure the correct distance, the product more closely built for your intended purpose would be more user-friendly and would not require several readings or switching modes. Some laser rangefinders provide options for temporary switching from second priority mode with a “pinpoint” or “bullseye” button (switching from second to first priority effectively) or semi-permanently switching priorities.



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