Best Rangefinders For Shaky Hands 2022

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2022)

It takes both physical and emotional strength to play golf. A firm grip, good eyesight, and the ability to do a few calculations will make golf more fun by integrating wind velocity, turf slope, and grass height.

Unfortunately, we start losing our mental and physical abilities as we grow old. Maybe we can’t pull out our best game every single time.

There are many frail and older adults with weak hands and not the best eyesight. But there is a way around those restrictions. For shaky hands, you need to purchase a golf rangefinder. We have listed some of the Best Rangefinders For Shaky Hands below. Do check them out.

Best Rangefinders For Shaky Hands (Comparison)

Rangefinder Magnification  
Go-Golf Rangefinder 6x

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CREATIVE XP GlassPhoenix 6x

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Beaspire Rangefinder 7x

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Go-Golf Rangefinder

Go-Golf Rangefinder

2019 Improved LASER RANGEFINDER; A top of the line device used by the IDF and Mossad is the Go-Golf Rangefinder. It can be easily approved for tournaments as well.

The manufacturer is very proud of their golf laser rangefinder device’s consistency and efficiency and they are assure that it will take the user’s game to another level. So the manufacturer has backed it up with a refund policy so that the users can try their product without any risk.

Clear, Crisp Yardage Figures: Yardage numbers and other figures are shown with clarity on the digital interface display. The overlapping objects such as trees do not impact the yardage flags and will show accurate readings as well. The reliable 6x Magnification and fast flag locking features will keep you going even in the foggy conditions.

As a complimentary gift the manufacturer is offering free Cooling Towel, Travel Case, Lithium CR2 Battery, Cleaning Cloth, and Carrying Strap with this Go-Golf Rangefinder which can prove to be very useful for the users in the long run.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Easy To Use It Doesn't Have Reflective Tape
Clear Display



CREATIVE XP GlassPhoenix

CREATIVE XP GlassPhoenix

Introduction Of Company

CreativeXP is a family-owned business based in New York, USA.  Founder Daniel and his wife began this fascinating journey back in 2006 with limited resources and a lot of issues that needed solving, together with Elizabeth, the wife. CreativeXP was recognized for its 100% customized US-based product creation 12 years later and for the premium success when it came to following optical products: cellular game cameras, rangefinders, spotting scopes, binoculars for night vision, and red dot sights.

That’s why CreativeXP wants to give you the most rewarding experience with their GlassPhoenix rangefinder, whether it’s the elk hunting in Colorado, deer or hog hunting in Texas, range shooting in Oklahoma, or bird watching from beautiful landscapes. You’re a family, and I’m a hunter myself.

Their new features for 2020 (EYEPRO Ranging Engine & Pin Seeker) & the 6X ZOOM can help you get precise and accurate readings even in the harshest weather conditions and give you the faith you need during golf, hunting, or target shooting.

Achieve the unreachable! Lock in <1 second on the golf flag (max. 450 yards) and feel the buzz when it is ready to go. The optics are crystal-clear and easy-to-read all the writing. You can choose between 3 modes according to your requirements. CreativeXp wants you to utilize their 1100 Yards rangefinder to the fullest that is why their support team is always there to help you out with any queries you have.

It’s super lightweight and weighs 6.7oz. no heavy load in your pockets. The user interface has passed “The Grandma Test,” the instructions are also available for you to easily get a grasp of the two buttons on board this rangefinder.


Although other range finders do not show accurate distances, stop working after a month, and do not provide a trustworthy warranty, this Range Finder features the new Eyepro Ranging Engine & Pin Seeker to provide clear and accurate distance and slope readings.

Develop your game quickly-While bow shooting, you want to count on an accurate rangefinder, hit the golf shot with confidence that you know the right yard, or lock the flag quickly. The more precise laser rangefinder for your passion was designed by CreativeXP. Hundreds of golfers and archery shooters checked its consistency, and their feedback was “Just what everyone wants in a range finder.”

This rangefinder has a measurement time of less than 1 second and range of up to 1100 Yards. You can never miss an excellent chance when looking for elks or slowing down your buddies on the golf course now.

The sturdy build quality, intuitive buttons, and 6x zoom makes this rangefinder ideal for any environment. Hunting, Golf, Constructions- Mode 1 calculates distance continuously in Yards or Meters. Mode 2 locks at the nearest goal and vibrates (Jolt + Flag-Lock) 3 shows the slope and length of compensation to help you pick the correct club. Under any lighting conditions, this rangefinder will make sure it is easy for you to see.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Lightweight None That We Could Find
Crystal-Clear Lenses
Small Size




Beaspire Rangefinder

Beaspire Rangefinder

Beaspire Laser Golf Hunting rangefinder is designed for outdoor sports, with continuous scanning mode, advanced technology for distance and speed measurement and flag pole lock feature, and a rugged, waterproof body. 7x magnification with ±1 yard accuracy, and a maximum measuring range of up to 1100 yards. For golf, hunting, or any measurement range, it is an excellent option, a thoughtful gift for family and friends.

High Definition Display 7x magnification and high-quality multi-coated optical lenses will effectively minimize reflected light and enhance light transmission resulting in brighter and clearer images and measured data which is easy to read and understand. For accurate focus visualization, the diopter is adjustable. The desired object being measured can be easily seen and measured.

USB Rechargeable Fitted with a 1500mAh lithium rechargeable battery allowing you to charge it via a USB charging cable anywhere. You will be reminded by the low battery sign on the eye lens that the remaining battery power is low. Without changing the battery, you can recharge at any time, saving you time and money.

Easy To Use The range finder is convenient to complete all measurements with just two keys. For easy placement on a regular tripod there are unique screw hole for bracket fixing allows you to do so, for more stable measurements. For carrying when golfing, the lightweight and compact style is excellent. We can commonly use it for hunting, walking, shooting, climb, survey engineering, etc.

Technical Support Laser Golf Laser rangefinder Hunting is a top of the line product featuring the latest features. It can address the needs of most users efficiently. With Laser Golf Hunting, the manufacturer is 100% confident that you are going to be happy with the product and they are offering 30 days of refund or replacement and 365 days of technical support that allows you to be worry free after making the purchase.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Premium Surface No Magnetic Clip
Safety Protection
Anti Reflection



What’s a Rangefinder For Golf?

A golf rangefinder is a system that allows you to calculate the distance between the target and your location. In the Rangefinder, you can magnify the target using a magnifier. Using the laser or GPS on the Rangefinder and some known points on the golf course, you can easily find the distance to a hole.

How To Operate A Golf Rangefinder?

Usually, golf rangefinders use a laser or GPS to find distances. To help calculate the distance, laser golf rangefinders emit a beam that locks on to the target and bounces off it. To find the distance to the target, GPS rangefinders use preloaded maps.

What to look with for shaky hands in a golf rangefinder?

For the elderly, weak hands mean keeping a rangefinder steady is demanding, and technology needs to compensate. When purchasing a golf rangefinder for shaky hands, you can look for the characteristics below.

Grip & Weight: When buying a golf rangefinder for shaky hands, these are two of the most important things you would need to remember. Along with trembling hands, the elderly also have a weaker grip, and a firm grip on the Rangefinder can go a long way in helping them measure the right distances.

Goal Magnification: You may want to have the feature of magnifying the target, apart from grip and wright, without which you may find it hard to lock into a target. Golf courses are broad, and an essential characteristic of rangefinders is target magnification. You would be able to magnify targets from 4x up to 6x for most rangefinders.

Slope Adjustment: There is undulating terrain on golf courses. You might take a shot up or down a hill, which can impact the target’s distance by up to 10 percent. Usually, Rangefinders come with a slope adjustment feature. Otherwise, you will have to provide yourself with the slope, which will compromise accuracy.

Vibration: A golf rangefinder with the beat is highly recommended for those with shaky hands. The pulse enables the goal lock to be confirmed by you.

What else can golfers with shaky hands do to help them more efficiently use their rangefinders?

If you are a golfer with shaky hands and you are not ready to buy one of these newer rangefinders, here are some things you can do to help you use it more efficiently with your current unit. Unfortunately, these recommendations are for rangefinders that are, at least, new enough to provide some form of active search functionality (a.k.a pin seeker).

The first thing to do is toggle on the active search feature of your rangefinders. Keep your elbows as close to your sides as possible once this is done and aim towards your goal. When the unit is inactive search mode, it scans the target slowly back and forth until the company is ‘locked-on’ to the target. Hopefully, your Rangefinder is new enough to provide some feedback to show that the target has been acquired, either by vibration or sound.

The need for you to reach the target immediately is removed by putting your unit in active-search mode. One of the most common complaints that shaky-handed golfers have is that their shaking hands find it hard to keep their team stable enough to achieve their original objective. Having followed the above advice will help!

Slope vs. No Rangefinders On Slope

It would help if you decided whether you want a legal product for tournament play or not when deciding whether to buy a rangefinder with or without a slope.

Tournament play comes down to the need for precise distances, and the accuracy of laser rangefinders is notorious.

Since GPS devices are only accurate to within four yards and we want the best for tournament play, the slightest defects are crucial and small; the laser rangefinders for this category would be the show-stoppers.

So, if you’re going to want to use a rangefinder during the tournament game, then before you even set foot on the course, you’ll undoubtedly need to know what the rules are. Using an “illegal” rangefinder will disqualify you, even if the fancy features are not used.

What does a ‘Legal Tournament’ device perform?

In Rule 14-3, the USGA states that if it is approved by local rules first, you can use a measuring device during tournament gameplay.

Now, the nitty-gritty is here. The essential feature is a legal rangefinder: calculating distance only, no slope compensation.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be an outstanding instrument just because it’s “legal” or simple in measuring purpose. A legal rangefinder for a tournament should have pin scanning functionality that can locate and zero into the flag and be able to do it quickly, like instantaneous fast.

It should be hair-splittingly precise as well. You don’t want any space for errors because the par will cost you. All those essential features of a legal rangefinder tournament should eventually work at superior performance to get you worthy of the game.



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