Best Rangefinders For 3D Archery 2022

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2022)

You can reach your prey by hunting with a bow, but only if you know how hard and fast the arrow needs to go. A crucial factor in reaching the target 100 percent of the time is the best rangefinder for bow hunting. A rangefinder is an invaluable advantage to any archer, whether you’re only into 3D archery or bow hunting as well. In the article I wrote on the best binoculars for 3D archery, we touched on rangefinders a little earlier. Still, now I will cover all your choices for the best rangefinders, specifically for 3D archery. A rangefinder is an invaluable tool for any archer. A rangefinder is only for 3D archery or bow hunting as well. A little earlier, we touched on rangefinders in the article I wrote about the best 3D archery binoculars. Still, now I’m going to cover all of your choices when it comes to Best Rangefinders For 3D Archery specifically.

First, let’s take a look at 3D archery’s best overall rangefinders.

Best Rangefinders For 3D Archery (Comparison)

Rangefinder Range  
TecTecTec VPRO500 500+ Yards

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Nikon COOLSHOT 20i GII 800 Yards

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Wosports H-111 800 Yards

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TecTecTec VPRO500

TecTecTec VPRO500

TecTecTec! It is a French-based company that initially started as a family start-up and has become one of the leading online rangefinder vendors, based on world-class customer service and aimed at directly supplying the user with superior goods. TecTecTec has some of the best golf and hunting rangefinders on the budget-friendly market. With a LOVE IT or your money-back guarantee, all TecTecTec Rangefinders are back.

Rangefinders provide golfers with a way to get accurate distances to targets no matter where on the course they are standing. With the VPRO500 rangefinder, TecTecTec has offered golfers a fantastic tool at an excellent price. The VPRO500 lets players get the correct yardage easily using fast-measuring technology and diopter adjustment, even if their eyesight is not 20/20.

For easy visualization of the course and additional security, each VPRO500 rangefinder comes with a silicon case. Its 6x magnification allows players to spot the flag from up to 540 yards away, and the price would leave enough cash left to train and play comfortably.

Main Functionalities

  • +/- 1-yard precision guarantees that flags, bunkers, or hazard zones have the exact yardage you need.
  • Adjusting the diopter allows players to use the rangefinder VPRO500 even though they have a low vision.
  • The budget-friendly finder gives players everything they need, without costing too much, to plot their way around the course.

Technology & Design

A range of up to 540 yards with a rainproof body features the VPRO500 rangefinder. With major rangefinder makers, precision measured to 1 yard gives you repeated numbers for each shot. A quick calculation and 6x magnification help you locate the flag and see precisely where you should land your next shot. The silicone case added helps increase traction and makes it possible for your rangefinder to stand out during use to avoid losses during your rounds.


For less than 150 dollars, the VPRO500 rangefinder is available and offers detailed information to help you navigate the golf course. The free silicon case adds a security layer and a bold red color to the point. With fast-measuring technology and a 6x magnification, the VPRO500 rangefinder is mounted. A 2-year warranty and 30-day money-back return policy back up each rangefinder.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
6x Magnification Housing Flimsy Feeling
Accurate Pin Sensor Readings
Quick Measurement





The Nikon COOLSHOT 20i GII rangefinder is a golfer’s lightweight, ultra-compact, and reasonably priced slope measuring system that wants to account for one less variable.

Nikon has been known for its optical lens designs for over 100 years, particularly in its cameras. In 2008, with the first laser rangefinder launch, Nikon jumped into the golf optics market using its long history of lens design experience. Since then, Nikon has expanded on that success and produced a compact and lightweight laser rangefinder with all its competitors’ bells and whistles, including an optional slope measurement, but at a lower price tag.

Ease Of Use Set-Up

There seems to be nothing more frustrating with a toddler at home than opening a new toy to find that “batteries are not included.” Luckily, with each new “toy,” a battery comes standard in this case.

It’s effortless to use once the battery has popped in. PWR ON has the goal lines on, and finding a target is triggered by a second press. It is possible to use MODE to switch between yards and meters and turn the slope measuring function on and off. But it was, overall, easy to use.

Performance On-Course

The Nikon COOLSHOT 20i GII gets the job done from a simple user perspective and is worth every penny. The COOLSHOT 20i GII can deliver if you’re looking for accurate distances, both real and slope modified. Continuous measurement works quickly and smoothly, enabling you to check various lengths for different characteristics rapidly.

Nikon is a pioneer in the field of optics, whether it’s a pair of bird-watching binoculars or a high-end golf rangefinder. You can be assured that Nikon uses high-quality glass in all its products, and there is no exception to the COOLSHOT 20i GII. The lens of the COOLSHOT 20i GII is quick on the eyes with 6x zooming capacity and an adjustable “diopter” to sharpen your eye’s focus.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
High Accuracy Not As Feature Rich
Small & Lightweight



Wosports H-111

Wosports H-111

A rangefinder is an essential device for your golf course and plays a vital role. For the least accomplished golfers, a golf rangefinder provides the details they need when determining when swings are performed or when choosing the right clubs to use. It is good to have an accurate and useful rangefinder in more ways than just distance calculation. The Wosports H-111 golf rangefinder is flexible and has several features that make it an outstanding option. It is highly precise and can calculate the length, speed, angle, and slope efficiently. This rangefinder is powered by a long-lasting, high-quality CR2 battery and comes with a cleaning cloth and a carrying pocket for additional accessories.

Multipurpose Layout

Multipurpose and extremely flexible, this golf rangefinder. It is built with characteristics that accurately determine the function of range, slope function, angle, and speed. It also has a flag lock feature, which vibrates automatically when the distance from the flag is locked. This means in more ways than one that your rangefinder is useful. It gives a holistic description of the course for you. This also gives you all the data you need to make an educated decision on your swing.

Mode Of Slope

This is a new slope compensation mode of technology with which most modern rangefinders come fitted. This function ensures that you have correct and precise distances that compensate for the angle of the Slope. This helps you to quickly decide how much force with/Slope mode approach to the ball also guides your swing with the high accuracy you need to reach the target.


When using this Wosport rangefinder, accuracy and convenience are ensured. Also, over a long-range, its precision compares to zero. Using the rangefinder would help if you were optimistic, as it provides an accuracy of one meter. It gives a precision of up to 1 degree when calculating angles. Even over extended ranges of up to 800 hundred yards, it is incredibly accurate. This success makes the rangefinder’s precision extremely impressive.


The rangefinder is highly compact and is powered by a high-quality CR2 lithium rechargeable battery. It takes only a few hours for the storm to recharge. It is also powerful enough for many golf rounds to power up your rangefinder. The cell supports USB charging as well. In times of urgency, USB charging is high-speed and convenient for your rangefinder.


Most optical devices still have a reflectivity problem. The Wosport brand promises that you get object-based reflectivity on your rangefinder with this in mind. Things like trees and poles, for instance, illustrate low reflectivity. Objects such as signs, on the other hand, are highly reflective and exhibit high reflectivity. This quality helps you to differentiate between goals and obstacles quickly. Reflectivity also guides you to where the shot should be fired at.


Useful products such as a carrying pouch are included with this high-quality product. The bag helps you to switch about with your rangefinder easily. To help you understand how the product functions, it also consists of a cleaning pad, a neck strap, and a user guide or manual. The system is also ergonomic, making it simple to carry for an extended period. It also provides the proper amount of grip for you.


There are several good reviews of the Wosports rangefinder and outstanding scores from happy clients. The system has many other impressive characteristics, but it stands out for its precision and multipurpose nature. Up to 800 yards, it has a range. Compared to its rivals within the same price range, the rangefinder is highly accurate.

It also has a multifunctional model that allows the measurement of the angle, speed, and Slope function to be more accurate and efficient. A long-lasting lithium battery and a USB charging system and slot are also fitted with this product. The USB system and space charge quickly and ensure that the least of your worries is running low on fuel. The rangefinder’s high reflectivity ensures precision and lets you know where to aim and directions to avoid. The ergonomic architecture offers ease of manipulation. Even for long hours, you get a grip on the system without being tired. From range and flag lock to angle and slope compensation, Wosports proves to be helpful. And over long distances, the rangefinder is still very accurate. You are bound to love its ergonomic nature that offers a relaxed and smooth grip. And over long periods, the grip gives you comfort.

Other incredible aspects of the product are other variables, such as affordability and a lightweight design. Although some golfers who have used the product have few complaints, the advantages far outweigh the objections. The propensity of the battery cover to get loose over time and the gadget’s inclination to lock on to the flag are some of the issues that some golfers cite.

It is not always necessary for a high-quality rangefinder to be costly. Consider the Wosports golf rangefinder as the best bet to save yourself from wasting a lot on purchasing the excellent rangefinder you have always wanted. At a very reasonable price, it provides you with high-quality services. The multifunctional nature will be enjoyed by any golfer and make the rangefinder stand out from the rest.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Charging With USB Battery Cover Gets Loose Over Time
Precise Mode Of Slope Compensation
Compact & Solid Layout



What Is Angle Compensation (called “Bow Mode” as well)?

Some rangefinders have a built-in angle compensation mode, also referred to as “bow mode.” This mode uses the optics and hardware of the rangefinders along with an algorithm to change the shot angle automatically. If it’s worth it, we’ll first discuss how angle compensation works; then, we’ll check out a couple of the best angle compensation archery rangefinders.

When you manually change the angle of a shot, such as when you are shooting a gap, you have to consider a few different variables that will influence the image. The most relevant of these factors are the distance and angle of the projectile and the drop off of the arrow due to gravity.

This is particularly true if you shoot at an incline or a drop. The more you raise the shot distance and the shot’s angle, the more difficult it becomes to change your target for those variables manually. A rangefinder is something in these circumstances that you would certainly want to have in your archery pack.

I can claim that they are accommodating when aiming uphill, downhill, tree stands, and for steep shots after trying out several different rangefinders from different companies. My view is that angle-compensated rangefinders for shooting are generally accurate, but they are not perfect. The more money you’re willing to pay, the more transparent the thumb rule is usually for the rangefinder.

For both 3D archery and bowhunting, angle compensation is useful and necessary. While there are those individuals out there who don’t think the extra money is worth angle compensation, I believe it’s a fantastic tool to have in your bag of tricks. It’s beneficial for new to intermediate level archers. Angle compensation is also essential for tree stands and elevation shooting, so hunters will undoubtedly use it.



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