Best Dovetail Bow Sights 2021

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2021)

Often, it is handy to use a bow view with a dovetail mount to hunt. It will depend on how nice it feels. In this article, we have aimed at a range of bow sights using a dovetail mount and strive to find even more for our readers. The standard bow-hunting arch mount is very small and typically puts the window in line with the bow’s riser.

This works for a vast number of people, and many bowhunters never have a problem with their use. There are, however, situations where the view is better placed away from the eye and how this is accomplished by using a view with a dovetail bar mount. The dovetail bars can be 4″ or 6″ high, so that the view may be more placed in front of the bow riser. Hunters feel it will make for greater precision of the pin, making a finer point on the target. Therefore, you find that the target arc sights are made almost entirely with dovetail bar mounts.

It is worth noting that for some shooters, many downsides are depending on the skill and ability to aim. We will look at a range of hunting bow sights with dovetail mounts and give you the chance to compare them. The following list of Best Dovetail Bow Sights offer a short rundown of what is available for comparison on the market today. We also included a more thorough overview of each sight here in this post.

Best Dovetail Bow Sights (Comparison)

Bow SightMaterial 
Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XLAluminumCheck Price
PSE Black Mountain Outfitters Carbon Dr DriverAluminumCheck Price
Apex COVERT ProAluminumCheck Price


Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL


Our new addition to the Spot Hogg series is the Fast Eddie XL. The FAST EDDIE XL, made from the popular Spot Hogg, features a newly crafted six-inch bow mount and dovetail bar. The bar design was considered to optimize strength and weight. Can be quickly removed and reinstalled while retaining perfect marks. Whether it is the forest or the tournament trail, the FAST EDDIE XL is up for the challenge.

The Fast Eddie XL is built on the original Fast Eddie’s lightweight and sleek design. An enhanced degree of accuracy is given to the shooter, by the inclusion of 6-inch dovetail bar. The sight has been made of 6061 aluminum to have a robust visual housing covering the pins available in fiber sizes of .010, 019 or 029.

Multi-Ring Technology

As with the other sights of the Spot Hogg set, the MRT (Multi-Ring Technology) is also noticeable, helping maintain precision regarding peep alignment.  The NEW MRT multi-pin housing is now also available. The NEW MRT multi-pin housing is now also available. It contains 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments made using a less processing tool that makes it smooth and quick to achieve accurate courtyard layout with a sharp pointer.


  • Lightweight 6″ Dovetail Sight Bar with Quick
  • Release Bow Mount
  • 2nd and 3rd axis micro-adjustable
  • Coarse Horizontal & Vertical Adjustments
  • Tool-less Adjustment
  • Quick release lock for Yardage Knob
  • No Bushings, No Slop, No Buzz, HRD Technology.
  • Out Sight Marks Stretches
  • Advanced upgraded yardage dial with improved grip and more sight tape and pointer relief
  • Solid 6061 Aluminum Construction

Tool-less Adjustments

The Fast Eddie is the trimmed-down variant of Tommy Hogg sight, but it has the standard rack and pin drive system common to Spot Hogg’s adjustable sights. It is a tried-and-true design with a newer rack stop so that it is very easy to bring the eye back to zero after a change.

2nd/3rd Axis Adjustable

A newly built dovetail bar and a bow mount, the Fast Eddie XL is easy to detach and reinstall while also retaining flawless visual markings. The Fast Eddie XL has a micro-adjustable 2nd & 3rd axis, a coarse horizontal and vertical axis. It is ideal for set-up with a single or double pin in various pin configurations.

2nd/3rd Axis AdjustableSingle Mounting
MRT Tech
Tool-less Adjustments




PSE Black Mountain Outfitters Carbon Dr Driver

PSE Black Mountain Outfitters Carbon Dr Driver

The PSE Black Mountain Outfitters Carbon DR Driver Bow Sight has a speed dial that glides effortlessly up or down for different lengths, and windage tool-less Microdrive changes. There are also 2nd & 3rd axis changes for long-range precision so that you can get the perfect shot each time.

Lightweight But Still Heavy Duty

The PSE Black Mountain Outfitters Carbon DR Driver Bow Sight is the lightest model in the PSE series. At 0.7 pounds, they add so little to the bow’s overall weight. If you assume this weight is negligible, note that even the slightest change can influence your target in weight.

The main weight change is the result of a shift in architecture. To make it lighter and more portable, PSE eliminated some dispensable pieces from the view. The gears package, which shaved off a few micro pounds from the overall weight, is one example of this.

Though the bolts and other pieces are not so tiny that they control the vision’s power, a mixture of plastic and aluminum parts is made up of the two Fast Eddie types, making the structure lighter but still heavy.

The only concern I have with this is that the current configuration reveals exterior components to the gears. This suggests that during my search, there is a chance that the gears will capture a tiny twig or leaf, which could jam the controls of my sight.

Very Easy Controls

There is a fast release break for PSE Black Mountain Outfitters Carbon Dr Driver Bow Sight that helps you infinitely turn the yardage knob. By simply giving the knob a fast turn to the left or the right, you can lock it as firmly or as loosely as you want. They also have a micro horizontal windage change that is tool-less, so you do not have to hold an Allen wrench in the middle of the forest. Its speed dial often quickly glides up or down over different distances.

Sadly, any time you adjust, the windage adjustment makes a soft sound, so try setting it up at the camp and not in the real hunting field, or you could scare your game away.

Bright & Robust Pins

A bow sight is just as strong as the pin, I believe, and the PSE models do not disappoint. The single pin and double pin models are also very robust, so you do not have to think about losing them while hunting. Even in different dark surroundings, 4-.019′ super bright captured pins are super bright.

Scope With Double Pin

If you ask why there are two pins instead of one with a single pin sight, Spot Hogg has a reasonable response to that. The second pin is fixed and provides yardage based on where you put the first pin. For example, if you set your adjustable pin to 20 yards, the second pin will automatically be set to 35. When I follow a moving target, I find this useful, so I do not need to.

Speed Dial Glides For Different LengthsLack Of Instructions Regarding The Product
Windage Micro Drive Modifications
2nd & 3rd Axis Modifications For Long Range Precision





Have you heard of a bow sight as a deliberate design strategy for interchangeable pins? The Apex COVERT Pro 1-pin bow sight with .019 and .010 pins is built to be just that. It is the first glimpse of a bow with fast-change pin technology.

Simple In Function

You may want to change your pin to better suit your needs, based on your target for the day. The Apex Covert Pro Black Power Dot, narrowing it down, is a well-performed dot-sight. It is simple in function and well done. To understand the guidance, you will have to work a bit harder and be careful to make all the tools.

But, if you are a single pin enthusiast with the field of view and vision enhancements with an ultra-smooth slip, you will be a fan of the Black Power Dot.

How Is It Working?

In the sight housing, there is a small screw that holds the pin in place. Just unscrew it on the goal side of the sight housing and take the pinout of you. Insert the other pin and tighten the screw once more. It is so fast.

What if we told you that you could also adjust the colour of the fibre optic pin? Yeah, that is something you can do, too. Make sure to slip it over the right fibre optic colour you want when you insert the pin size you want to use. It is that quick again.

2nd & 3rd Axis Adjustments

It is not a tool-less bow sight, even with all these functions, but it has 2nd and 3rd axis for both right and left-hand shooters, this bow sight is also appropriate. You are going to have to turn the bracket and install those knobs in place again.

Build quality and hardware seem to fall short. Set screws are inexpensive, you do not get the correct size you need for Allen wrenches, and it is very difficult to see the pin colour. Not everyone has this problem, however.

Remarkable Features

  • Technology Versa Pin for changing pin sizes.
  • Technology Versa Track to change the colours of pins.
  • Integrated rheostat light with controls for push buttons
  • Dampened halt for end-of-travel to eliminate noise.
  • With bow sight, over 120 pre-marked yardage tapes included.


Narrowing it down, there are some nice interface features in the Apex Covert Pro Black Power Dot. The theory is brilliant, and for most shooters, it fits perfectly, even entering our list of the best single pin bow sights. Some of the consistency challenges, though, could very well be its downfall. You would have to be prepared to update the hardware on your own for the price, as some buyers have done.

It is not the only sight to be decked with features and at a fair price for the Covert bow. The sight does not have the colour engineering for the interchangeable pin and pin, but it is a sight with dot technology and 11 degrees of brightness. And if it is not lit, the built-in reticle has crosshairs that you can see. If you can discover the possibilities of an open field of view and “pinless” technology, it may be worth trying out.

It has a Decreasing Diameter Pin system in the sight housing with both .019 and .010 scale pins. It also has tool-less modifications, 1.9 ” in diameter, and equivalent to the Covert in price. Apex Gear knows how to put to the table creativity. Maybe it might improve their quality management, but many consumers find the features worth the expense.

Power Dot Center LED Dot TechnologyLack Of Instructions For Users
Includes Over 120 Pre Marked Yardage Tapes
Operates Up To 700 Hours On A Battery




This marks the end of this publication and we have listed some of the best bow sights that are available on the market right now so it is easier for our readers to make a wise and informed decision.



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