Best Bow Sights For Western Hunting 2021

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2021)

Haven’t you heard, “Nothing liberates an unsettled mind greater than shooting a bow,” that can only be possible if the bow sight you are about to use doesn’t unsettle your mind more? It is essential to know all you can about the best bow sights for western hunting if you are about to get one.

There are a lot of aspects to consider before selecting your bow sight. Good bow sights are engineered to aid hunters in attaining added control over the aim of their arrows. Present-day bow sights were first introduced back in the 1950s. These were pretty basic with just a single pin set-up. Since the invention of compound bows in 1966, there has been continuous innovation in bow sights’ design and functionality.

There is a wide variety of sights available in various styles and options. But primarily, there are two options to choose from; the fixed pin and the adjustable pin. The simplicity and the adjustability of fixed pins make it the most widely used option. In contrast, adjustable pins permit you to alter your desired range.

Here are some of the Best Bow Sights For Western Hunting that will enable you to have fun while out hunting.

Best Bow Sights For Western Hunting (Comparison)

Bow Sight Material  
CBE Engage Hybrid Aluminum

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Trophy Ridge React Pro Aluminum

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CBE Engage Hybrid

CBE Engage Hybrid

The CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight is loaded with qualities you wouldn’t find in its peers. These qualities make it one of the top-notch bow sights available, weighing 13.2 ounces. It is simple to set up and allows you to change adjustments effortlessly. The technology that CBE Engage Hybrid bow sight provides will make you glad that you selected it. It is easily the cheapest, good quality sight available in the market today.

Dovetail Mount

It has a 6″ adjustable dovetail mount system by which you can get your peep and scope aligned. This micro-adjust has remarkable fine-tuning. CBE Engage Hybrid has four sets of options where you could mount your sight. The bow can be mounted on your sight with two screws given. The armed guard fiber control system of CBE keeps the pins super bright and secure. Besides, it also retains the fiber. The adjustable dovetail gives the archer numerous mounting positions and the ability to mount quivers in varied styles.

Micro-Adjustable Pins

If you are looking for frustration-free adjustments, the CBE Engage Hybrid is the bow sight you are looking for. It enables you to move and adjust one pin at a time. The pins of the CBE Engage Hybrid are remarkably bright.

The CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight has three pins with precise 2nd and 3rd axis leveling. These pins can be easily micro adjusted by loosening the hex screw. There is a pin knob to enable adjustment in pin location. The exceptional pins are well-built and easy to sight in. CBE Engage Hybrid has indestructible pins that could be individually adjusted, a difficult feature to find in other bow sights of the same price.

Drive Slider

The swift and speedy drive slider lets you make quick and accurate height adjustments. Just a single spin of the wheel can get you a travel range of 1.5″.

Sight Tape

CBE Engage features a marvelous sight light and metal sight tapes. The sight tape gauge is included with the CBE Engage Hybrid bow sight. It is also accompanied by a set of laser inscribed corresponding sight tape.

To determine the correct sight tape for your particular set up, sight in at a span of 30 yards with your selected ‘floating pin.’ The provided sight tape gauge has dual sides. They are adjustable for both the even-numbered scales and the odd-numbered scale.


The CBE Engage Hybrid is guaranteed against flaws and defects. It is unlikely that you require service on this product. Both the material and the artistry are impeccable. Due to its reliability, CBE underwrites the engage hybrid with a no questions asked assurance.

Pros Cons
The Windage Is Micro Adjustable Escorted By A Positive Click Pin Brightness Is Exceptional But The Ring Doesn't Glow In The Dark
Peep Alignment Band Is Fluorescent
Three Distinct Starting Positions




Trophy Ridge React Pro

Trophy Ridge React Pro

Premium Quality Construction

If you are looking for a sight that is not only reliable but is also an amalgam of high quality and ease of use, then Trophy Ridge React Pro is your way to go. This sight is equipped with some premium qualities that are featured exclusively in top-of-the-line target sights. Hence, all the qualities of performance and construction make this sight your ultimate partner that gives you consistently high-quality hunting.

This sight is constructed with durable stainless-steel hardware assembled with solid aluminum. Another feature that makes this sight stand out in the market is that it is engineered for both right and left hand use. The availability of right hand is in two pin sizes: .010” and .019”, while the left hand is available in one pin size that is .019”.

Exclusive React Technology

The company wears the crown for developing the most innovative sight to ever hit the market. Trophy Ridge holds the copyrights for introducing the exclusive React technology that makes this sight a unique option for you. The company claims its React sights to be the most accurate ones available in the market. The sight pins are designed to be smart enough to react to each other with the help of React technology.

Easy Pin Adjustment

The technology involved in the construction of this sight allows your pins to react to each other or to sight themselves in. The Pro 5 Pin Bow Sight offers tool-less micro windage for elevation adjustment. Archers can use it to sight in 20 yards pin and adjust the second pin anywhere between 30 to 60 yards. All you have to do is adjusting the first two sights pins and the rest will get auto adjusted.


Here is the good news for all the hunt lovers. Trophy Ridge has engineered its React Pro 5 Sight to provide you with the unbeatable accuracy. It doesn’t matter whether you hunt in day time or want to target the night wanderers using your bow, the ultra-bright .010” small fiber optic yardage indicators, rheostat light, and glow ring aren’t going to disappoint you because they are clearly visible in any environmental circumstances and will help you adjust the brightness accordingly. In addition to this, Pro 5 doesn’t stop here. The third axis adjustment ensures accuracy when you have to shoot at difficult angles through longer distances.

Pros Cons
Four Mounting Positions Rheostat Light Sometimes Flickers
Equipped With A Precision Installed Bubble Level
Offers A Three Year Optical Accident Protection Plan







TRUGLO RANGE ROVER PRO LED Bow Sight is equipped with an innovative technology that involves a Power Dot Center. This Power Dot Center is illuminated and is designed to lose the original range Rover Sight pin. This feature enables you to have a wider field of view. Moreover, the illuminated dot helps to improve the accuracy. Hence, you get an exact shot with easy sight pin adjustment with the Truglo’s innovative Power Dot Technology.

Perfect For Any Light Condition

This product is engineered with all the requirements to make it a perfect sight for any difficult light conditions or to work ideally in any environmental obstruction. It has a fully adjustable LED light with the options to increase or reduce the brightness to help you shoot accyrately and comfortably at any time of the day or night. The Zero-In adjustment dial gives ultra-smooth, precise, and fast yardage adjustment. It also has a glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring, and a toolless design that makes the sight ideal for hunters.


Here is the feature that makes Truglo Range Rover Pro LED Bow Sight the ultimate choice of many hunters. It comes with a quiver mount. This mount is easily adjustable for both right handed and left handed users. Moreover, the lens kit that comes together offers two times magnification to ensure extreme accuracy. So, it is now time to rely on Range rover as your hunt partner.


Hey hunters! Do not worry. Truglo Range Rover has got you covered. This Pro LED Bow Sight by the company offers an increased compatibility. It comes with an updated bracket design that enables it to be used with a variety of bows without disturbing the accuracy. Hence, you do not need to look any further as Truglo Range Rover Sight has got all that you want in a high end sight.

Micro Adjustable Windage & Adjustable LED Light

This well known product ease your tension by providing you with a micro adjustable windage with multiple settings to allow you easy elevation adjustment and get exact accuracy without any difficulty. Furthermore, the LED light has 11 different settings which helps you to set according to the lighting conditions you are using your sight in. In short, Truglo hasn’t left anything uncovered for the hunters.

Pros Cons
Tool-less Micro Adjustable Windage The Instructions In The Manual Guide Are Not Clear For The Bracket Adjustment
Adjustable LED With 11 Different Settings
Zero Adjustment Dial Has 80 Pre-marked Yardage Tapes




Finally, if you are interested in purchasing a new bow sight for your bow because you love hunting there are many options available on the market that might confuse you in finalizing your decision. Therefore, it is important that you gather enough knowledge before you jump into the buying phase. You might need to consider many essential factors while narrowing down your research.

These factors include the quality of the construction material used to manufacture the sight you select, the accuracy you get in the shot you make with the help of your sight, its performance in various unfriendly circumstances because hunting is no way a piece of cake, and the compatibility of the product with various bows.

No doubt, these are the most important factors to consider still some secondary things beside these primary ones are your budget and the genuine reviews of the buyers who are already using these sights. If you keep all these things under consideration while making a purchase you are likely to make a wise decision in spending your hard earned money on a sight.

I hope after going through this article you must have got enough information about the best three options available in the market that you may go for depending upon your budget and preferences and be sure to check out our other publications for more information on bow sights and other consumer products to keep yourself informed and up to date with what’s best available on the market right now.



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