Best Bow Sights For Mathews 2021

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2021)

The most important tools are often available in smaller packages. Some of the smallest components you’ll find amazing are the best bow sights for Mathews. Whether you’re a novice or expert archer, a bow sight is simply what you’d like to make sure you get the best target for your arrow. Also known as arc viewfinder, you will find an arc sight on the riser of your bow, where it is usually mounted. Using archery is probably the simplest way you can enhance on your shooting skills. The type of bow sight you choose will depend largely on how you use your arc. That’s why you need to consult with experts before picking a particular bow sight for Mathews. We have all the information you need to make an informed choice. And we shall share it with you in a nice and organized manner so that you gain more. In the meanwhile have a look at some of the Best Bow Sights For Mathews bows below.

The following list presents the simplest archery sights available on the market right now. Buying any of them can be a testament to the fact that you take your archery seriously and would like to improve your skill massively. We have carefully selected these bow sights for Mathews and guarantee you excellent results. There are other options available on the market but the ones picked satisfied our safety and quality requirements. Be sure to add one to your cart.

Best Bow Sights For Mathews (Comparison)

Bow Sight Material  
IQ Bowsight Define Aluminium

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Trophy Ridge Hotwire Aluminium

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HHA Optimizer Ultra Aluminium

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IQ Bowsight Define

IQ Bowsight Define

Key Features

  • OLED Display with Blue Yardage and Yellow Battery Indicator
  • 2-min Scan Mode
  • All Aluminum Construction
  • Tool-Free Micro Adjust Windage and Elevation
  • Laser Etched Windage and Elevation Markers
  • 2nd/3rd Axis Adjustment
  • External Activation Trigger Adheres to Bow Riser
  • Multiple Bow and Quiver Mounting Points
  • Detachable Red Dot Visible Laser for Easy Calibration
  • Powered by a Single CR2 Battery
  • Full Angle Compensation with Yardage Displayed as Horizontal Distance
  • Fully Contained .019 Fiber Optic Pins
  • Weights 18.25 oz
  • Available in 5-pin RH Model

A range search arc sight is not new to the arc sight industry, but it is a brand replacement product. IQ Bowsight has updated and completed its product catalog with the Define that is configured for central grandeur. But is the combined technology right, or is it better to leave it in 2 separate optics? We shall offer answers to these questions and many more that you might be having. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing features this bow sight for Mathews has to offer.


Both rifle and archer hunters use a universal device that is essential for hunting: a laser rangefinder. We all must know the space up to the target to form a clean shot. We’ve seen rangefinder technology in binoculars and even in some rifle viewfinders. Now, we see it in the bow sight.


The IQ Bowsight Define incorporates a blue OLED display that is integrated into the display window. Advantage? You will see along with the peep all the data you need: target, pins, and distance reading. It also comes with a light red dot laser. The laser is used to collide the rangefinder along with its pin. The rangefinder should be aligned with the place you aim for with your 20-yard pin to urging accurate reading on the target you plan to zoom out.

But don’t worry too much. Once you find out, the laser is removable. One feature that may not be removed is the built-in view light with five brightness settings with an “Off” function.

The bow sight also has second and third axis settings, lift and micro-adjustment wind dials, tool-free locking knobs, and fully captured and removable .019 pins. This arc sight is fully charged and adds some weight to its arc: 18.25, to be exact. But, it doesn’t seem to bother the happy users of Define.

That’s right. Although the Define can be a completely new optician, it has already created a massive stir in the market for its price, combined range finder technology, and easy use.

Pros Cons
Durable A Bit On The Heavier Side
Built-in Range Finder
Excellent Customer Service




Trophy Ridge Hotwire

Trophy Ridge Hotwire

Key Features

  • 3-pin bow sight
  • On-board adjustment tool for the two fixed pins
  • Adjustable tool-less knob easily adjusts the third pin
  • Second axis leveling to improve accuracy at severe angles over long distances
  • .019 fiber optic pins powered by a rheostat light to suit any dawn or dusk condition
  • On-board pin adjustment tool for windage and elevation adjustments
  • Right-handed


With their combination of two fixed multi-pins and a floating pin, Trophy Ridge Hotwire is often an excellent solution for those who need more pins but don’t want to travel for a 5-pin view. This combination will offer you the convenience of single-pin, multi-pin arc sights, allowing you to enjoy the simplest of both worlds. You’ll use fixed multiple pins when shooting at a moving target, while the third adjustable pin will give you more flexibility to shoot long distances.


Like many other Trophy Ridge products, it will also calculate the solid construction of this product. It is designed to cope with the great wear and tear of archery and archery, so you’ll make sure it lasts a short time.

Adjustable Pin

The Trophy Ridge Hotwire bow sight allows you to be prepared for any situation. This three-pin sight features two precise micro-adjustable pins for fixed short distances and a third adjustable pin to mark longer distances.

This is an excellent feature for arc hunters who prefer less clutter but still need preset pins intense stalking situations. Any move can scare your game, so this sight is ideal for speedy trials and changing distances. We recommend setting your top two pins to twenty and 30, and then you will use your third slider pin to shoot at any distance above that.

All you’re doing is about the two highest pins for your usual 20 yards/30 yards (or whatever you prefer), and then get to the figure of fixing that third pin for all the varied distances you’ll want to shoot past 40 yards. Once you look at the marking, you’ll use the included yard tape to mark it and move forward. It’s that simple and can be a game-changer for much of the way.

Hotwire reinforces accuracy at severe angles over long distances with second axis leveling. Each of the three .019 fiber optic pins is powered by a rheostat light to suit any sunrise or dusk condition.

The Hotwire can be a work of art in hunting equipment and one you will need to see to believe. Bravo Ridge Trophy.

Pros Cons
Reliable Performance The Adjustment Knob Can Be A Bit Stiff
High Quality Construction




HHA Optimizer Ultra

HHA Optimizer Ultra

Whether you’re an archer or a left-handed hunter, aiming at a target with a daily bow sight will be a challenge. Although seeking freely is often a challenging and fun touch, you would like a sight to help you shoot accurately. HHA Optimizer Ultra is the sight for you to use as it has been designed to be used by an archer or left-handed hunter.

Key Features

  • 5 feet of fiber optics
  • Mechanical rheostat light for fiber optic brightness control
  • The bow sight is tranquil while using.
  • Fully tool-free lifting and micro wind adjustment system
  • Too light to help you as a user in your movements with ease.
  • It is built with high-quality aluminum.
  • Quick adjustment without tools
  • It has a gear-operated wheel.
  • H.H.A. Optimizer Lite Ultra

High Quality Material

This best single pin arc sight is made of high quality machined aluminum. The HHA. lite ultra 5000 optimizers can be super durable equipment. The sight has been designed to withstand factors that will hinder its function, such as corrosion.

Shoots Accurately

It is often ready to aim at long distances of up to 60 yards. Ready to you can aim, adjust, and shoot your target quickly with a few hand movements. The arc sight also features a gear wheel to improve yard accuracy. It is currently available on the market right now.

Advanced Technology

The 5000 optimizer arc sight features an A.R.M.O.R. Peephole technology that ensures maximum gear accuracy while shooting at the target. We recommend choosing this type of sight for exceptional performance on the archery range and hunting in low light conditions. You don’t want to miss that perfect money because you were playing with your pins. With the advanced technology, you are assured of amazing results. The product will guarantee excellent results.

Pros Cons
Comes With Preprinted Bow Sight Tapes None That We Could Find




There are three different types of views you should remember, before deciding what you would like. These are described below:

The First View

The first can be a fixed sight. People who mainly hunt using a bow and arrow will usually have this in their bows for two main reasons. The main one is the flexibility of use because it is feasible to include or deduce pins as you would like. The second reason is that the available pins are also adjustable. They often have multiple pins to allow you to shoot flexibly at different ranges. To remove the simplest of those pins, you must configure each pin individually before you start shooting. It’s only after you’ve developed your skill and have a lot of practice to your credit that you’ll be ready to adjust these pins while in the industry.

Mobile Pin View

Then you have a mobile pin sight. Every shot you take must be unique, and this type of arc sight gives you the freedom to make adjustments to improve the accuracy of all your shots. This is often ideal for hunters looking never to lose their targets. It is best for hunters who are ready to develop their skills to some extent, prepared to use these sights with ease. They are also known as single-pin sights. This sight requires some basic skills and will ensure that you enjoy excellent performances. The unique features of the first-sight view make it ideal for skilled and novice archers.

The Third View

The third view type is the pendulum arc. Shooters who do not have the advantage of shooting on even terrain will need one of these sights to improve their overall accuracy when trying. This view is beneficial for shooters who need to shoot from trees or any angle other than the norm. Ideally, when shots should be taken at downhill angles, and mainly if they are short-range, then a pendulum sight is what you would like.



Not all archers are equal, especially when it comes to their skill level and development. Some seem to master the art of archery. However, many others are still struggling. Successful archers and hunters have the advantage of saying they are accurate once they try. For several of them, this is often a skill they need to develop patiently over the years. However, for others, there is a need to have tactile help along the way.

When you use an arc sight, you’re doing enough by giving yourself a touch aid, and it’s spreading to deliver better skills. Besides being an excellent choice for those who start shooting, even experienced people can enjoy using an archery sight.

During this review, the arc sights presented are the simplest you can find on the market, without fail. They also have incredibly high demand thanks to their positive elements. To be a successful archer or hunter, you’d like to be ready to transcend what you recognize and discover new ways to extend your accuracy. Take a flash to choose your favorite bow sight from this list, then don’t hesitate. Make your purchase today.



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