Best Bow Sights For Low Light Conditions 2021

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2021)

The best time to maximize your game is at the crack of dawn or sundown when the light is dim. Unfortunately, your game has an advantage over you as they have excellent night vision. If you do not use one of the Best Bow Sights For Low Light Conditions to gear up for as much light as possible, you are certainly at a loss.

In low light conditions, it is crucial that you are able to spot the pins of your sight clearly. Your goal is to make use of as much light as you could possibly manage. There are three essential things you have to take into account before you choose one of the Best Bow Sights For Low Light Conditions. Firstly, make sure your bow sight has an ample amount of fiber optic, which enables it to soak up and transfer maximum ambient light to the pins. This fiber optic should encase the complete sight housing.

Secondly, it’s better to consider a sizeable pin if you’re planning to hunt in the dark. Lastly, go for an increased peep size. A bigger peep size would allow more light to your eye, thus making it easy to hunt coming on to dusk or early in the morning.

For your ease, we have given details regarding some of the best bow sight options recommended by hunters. We have also checked and tested these products for the accuracy of shot estimation and durability of construction. We hope that this guide will make it easier for you to select the one that is just right for you.

Best Bow Sights For Low Light Conditions (Comparison)

Bow Sight Material  
IQ Define Pro Aluminum

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Trophy Ridge React Pro Aluminum

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Trophy Ridge Pursuit Aluminum

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IQ Define Pro

IQ Define Pro

IQ define has been upgraded. The new IQ Define Pro is loaded with excellent features. This exclusive update is now 30% lighter with a more efficient range finder. It also features a magnetism frame.  With a weight of approximately 1.6 pounds, IQ Define pro is undeniably the best sight for low light conditions.


Let’s have a look at the amazing features of this bow sight that make it a good option for your hunting journey. So, there you go!

Retina Lock Magnesium

The new top-end IQ Define Pro comes with a modernized retina lock technology. The retina lock makes sure your sigh alignment is perfect for every shot. It comes with a precision bubble level for improvised down-range precision on longer shots. It also features a lighter magnesium frame featuring dual mounting options.

Micro Adjustable Pins

The micro adjusts pins are easy to use with an effortless push of a trigger. This new 7 pin bow sight is extremely accurate, which allows bow hunters to evaluate yardage during targeting. The 7 pins are micro adjustable and enclosed with fiber optic. The pins are of reasonable 0.19 sizes. The incorporated sight lights have 5 various brightness levels.

2nd & 3rd Axis Adjustments

The upgraded IQ Define Pro has tool-less 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment. This helps in long-range precision. It also comes with a red dot laser for fine tuning to frequency. This laser is removable.  These elevation adjustments lock in with tool-free locking knobs.

CR-2 Powered Range Finder

The IQ Define Pro Bow sight makes you ready to shoot. The CR-2 powered battery enables you to be accurate up to 150 yards. The range finder unit is incorporated directly into the sight housing. This gives you a more precise line of sight and improved balance. The 150 yard target accuracy has built-in angle compensation. The display of yardage is always horizontal.

Colored OLED Display

The upgraded IQ Define Pro features a 3 digit, easy to read OLED display. This colored OLED display is illuminated with blue yardage for brightness. The battery status is indicated by yellow light.

Pros Cons
Easy To Carry Setup Takes Up A Bit Of Time
High Quality Construction
Durable & Lightweight




Trophy Ridge React Pro

Trophy Ridge React Pro

Are you in search of a sight that is equipped with all the features and qualities required for becoming one of the best bow sights, then you need to search no more. Trophy Ridge has got something for you. It is light in weight to be carried easily, strong enough to be used for lifetime and reliable when it comes to the accuracy of the shot. Hence, this React Pro Sight by Trophy Ridge is going to assist you in your hunt.


If you are still wondering what makes this bow sight better than many other options available in the market, here we have a brief review of the features of this product.

A Remarkable Innovation – The React Technology

Trophy Ridge has revolutionized the world of the bow sight industry with the development of its innovative React Technology for the provision of a memorable and satisfactory experience for its users. This technology works to allow the sight pins to react to each other so they can sight themselves. It thus helps in adjusting the pins with supreme accuracy. Moreover, the react technology helps to simplify the complex mathematical precision to better achieve the easy adjustment of all sight pins.

High Quality Construction

Materials used in the construction of this bow sight are of premium grade. All parts constructed with stainless steel hardware that is durable enough to last for a lifetime are further improvised in durability by using solid aluminum for assembling them. This premium quality construction and durability make this bow sight stand out in the market with excellence.

Designed For Both Left & Right Handed

The company knows that there are many hunters with peculiar qualities. Therefore, Trophy Ridge has designed their sight for all of them. It is available for both right hand users and left hand users. The right hand usable sight is available in .010″ and .019″ sizes, and the left hand usable sight is available in .019” pin size.

Tool Less Micro Windage

Adjusting the pins on a bow sight can be very complicated, especially if you are a new user. As mentioned earlier, the innovative React technology enables easy pin adjustment. The tool less micro windage works effectively to ease the complications further. You can use this advanced tool less micro click windage to make elevation adjustments.

All you have to do is adjust the first 20 yard sight pin and second sight pin anywhere up to 60 yards, and all the remaining sight pins will auto adjust themselves accordingly. So, hats off to the mind blowing technology used in the engineering of this product.

Unmatchable Accuracy

One quality in which the Trophy Ridge Bow Sight is unbeatable is the supreme accuracy of the shot. It is fully equipped with all the mechanisms required to give hunters an exact shot estimation. Not to forget, the requirements of different light conditions are kept in consideration while designing this sight. It comes with rheostat light, a glow ring, and an ultra bright small fiber optic yardage indicators to guide you whether you have enough light around you or not.

The product also works amazingly for shooting through longer distances and difficult angles with the help of the third axis adjustment.

Pros Cons
Durable Construction Setting The Second & Third Axis Is Slightly Tricky
Better Visibility In Difficult Light Conditions
Designed For Use By Both Left & Right Handed Persons




Trophy Ridge Pursuit

Trophy Ridge Pursuit

If you are looking for a limitless shooting experience, this easily adjustable vertical shooting indicator pin sight is something you will never want to ignore. Use Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight to dial in the exact yardage you need for doesn’t matter how difficult the conditions you are hunting in.


If you are still concerned about this product’s performance and quality, we have jotted down some of the best features of this bow sight to help you finalize your decision.

High Quality Construction Material

When you buy a bow sight, it is vital to check whether the product is worth spending your precious money on it or not. If a bow sight is not constructed with high quality materials, it is more likely to betray you during your hunt. Low quality metal construction results in rusting and breakage of the delicate parts of the sight during adjustment or mounting.

But Trophy Ridge has taken special care of the durability of its bow sight. It is made with high grade stainless steel and assembled with 100% aluminum. These materials guarantee long time performance of the product without any breakage.

Ultimate Accuracy

You can easily narrow in your target with Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Sight because the ultra-bright .019″ vertical fiber optic pin is efficient enough to help you achieve accuracy in shot estimation. In addition to this, the vertical indicator pin is a super performer in helping you with ultra precise adjustments.

Easily Adjustable Brightness

Tough light conditions can be a severe hindrance in achieving accuracy in your shot estimation. But the good news for hunters is that they don’t need to worry about that anymore. Trophy Rodge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight is equipped with a rheostat light and glow in dark indicator pins. The rheostat light is adjustable to suit any light conditions for better visibility.

Pros Cons
Easy Windage & Elevation Adjustment No Instruction Manual Guide Is Provided
Ultra Bright Fiber Optic Pin
Clear & Unobstructed View Of The Target



Hunting in first and last light is very difficult. You have to be prepared with gears to have the upper hand over your game. This requires a lot of persistence on your part. The challenge is to endure all weather conditions and stay alert.

Low light hunting is a lot of fun only if your sight is well suited for it. To make this challenge a fun one, get one of the best bow sights for low light conditions. A good bow sight will make you addicted to the thrill of archery. So, brace up, equip yourself, and set out for the most challenging experience of your life.

And I am quite sure that if you have read this article thoroughly, you must have got enough knowledge about the top three bow sights you can find in the market. Whenever you head to the market or plan to buy online, do not forget to check the above recommended best bow sights for low light conditions.



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