Best Bow Sights For Long Range Shooting 2021

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2021)

Nowadays, people are extremely busy to develop a hobby, which is vital for improving your mental health. People develop different categories of hobbies, some like sports, music, cooking etc. They practice these in their free times to get the most of it. One of the most oldest and popular hobby is arching.

Arching is practiced from around 5000BC, as a weapon, and are currently around us as many people exercise it as their hobby. Nevertheless, the reason of its use has drastically changed over the years. In old times, people used it as a weapon against their enemies or for using it to hunt and find sustenance.

On the contrary, in the current times people use it to carry out their hobby of hunting or just to improve their target. In addition, it has many health benefits that can help you in improving your health. All these factor urge you to enhance your experience of using the bows.

You can improve the experience of operating a bow, by using the best bow sights for long range shooting. These are not easy to select because different bow sights has numerous features that could confuse you. That’s why we encourage to seek advice from experts. We have compiled the Best Bow Sights For Long Range Shooting. If you are eager to get one, then read till the end. All the bow sights mentioned below are from Top companies.

Best Bow Sights For Long Range Shooting (Comparison)

Bow Sight Material  

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Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Aluminum

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Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Aluminum

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Superior Accuracy

The most important thing to look in a bow sight before buying it, is its ability to ease the job for the users, of targeting their prey. Common bow sights for long range shooting used the feature of pins to mark their target. TRUGLO RANGE ROVER PRO led bow sight pretty much solves this problem of marking the target by using a green dot technology for better precision. It displays the green dot on the center of the LED. This technology is more accurate than the common bow sights used today. Moreover, this technology makes it more suitable for long range shooting. This bow sight is best for beginners because it makes their ability of targeting perfect slowly and gradually.


Another important quality you need to determine before buying a bow sight is its adjustability. The adjustability of brightness is crucial for shooting the arrows in different levels of light in a day. A good bow sight gives you the facility of using it in the daytime as well as in the evenings. Truglo range-rover pro LED bow sight uses this exact feature to provide you with this prerequisite. With this feature of the bow sight, you can adjust the brightness of the LED according to the beacon-level of the day. Furthermore, it includes zero-in-dial feature which provides fast and inch-perfect yardage adjustments. Also, it gives you this benefit of shooting the target accurately as it provides 2x the magnification.

Wide Field OF View

Your comfortableness and easiness matters the most when executing a very sensitive bow shooting. This is achieved by providing the buyer with best experience by giving them space and making everything super easy for them to implement. Truglo range-rover pro LED bow sight provides you with extra space on the LED by eliminating the factor of pins. The presence of pins on the bow sight covers a significant amount of space that is required for aiming at your target. In this bow sight, you have plenty of space available on the LED of the bow sight. This makes it pretty easy for you to target.

Easy To Install

One of the factors that is essential to improve customer experience is how easy it is to set up. The company should be able to design the bow sight such that it should be quiet easy to install for the users. We are able to get the opinions of the past customers. The results were that, the majority of them expressed that this bow sight is very much easy to attach to your crossbow. This bow sight comes with an instruction manual which helps you to install it. One of the previous customer said that it only took him 30 minutes to install this bow sight. This means that you will not have to attain further help in setting it up.

Right & Left Hand Users

There are two types of people, one that are right-handed and others that are left-handed. From this factor, there rises another problem for the bow sights. The best bow sight should give this facility to both; left and right hand users. In other words, a good bow sight should be adaptable. Truglo range-rover comes with this feature. The quiver mount is included and is adjustable for both, right and left hand shooters. This raises the level of adaptability of this bow sight which means that this bow sight will ensure accuracy and increase the chances of your success level. Also, it eliminates all the reservation for the left-hand shooters.

Pros Cons
Accurate Unclear Instructions
Great Adjustability




Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg


Some people need long range sights for shooting arrows. This is because the ability to shoot on long range eases for them to accurately shoot at their target. Range is very important feature to look for in a shooting sight. It looks like the Spot Hogg the makers of Tommy Hogg bow sight had exactly this in mind for the reason that it provides you with the capacity to shoot at very long distances. This much range ensures that you can hunt efficiently and accurately. You can highly benefit from this bow sight as it makes it very easy for you hunt from long distances. It’s 60 yard grouping is brilliant as praised by a previous customer.


Pins are essential in a bow sight because it helps to increase your shooting range of your cross bow. For shooting at short distances such as 30 yards, a single pin is more than enough. However, if you desire to shoot at longer distances, then you need to have more pins to improve your aim. Spot Tommy Hogg bow sight offers 3 to 7 pins which greatly increases your shooting range. Moreover, you can also go with a single pin system, if you like shooting at shorter distances. Additionally, the pins are extremely bright in this bow sight which will help you to use it at any hour of the day. This bow eases the challenge of using a crossbow for you.

Value For Money

Before buying something we always go for knowing the price of it. We actually need an item that gives us great value for our money spent on it. Spot Tommy Hogg bow sight is in fact worth the money that you spent on it. It contains great feature that will be helpful for you and provide you with many benefits. This isn’t what I am saying only, instead this is the opinion of most of the preceding customers that this bow sight provides great value in exchange of the money they spent on it. As one of them added “this bow sight is expensive, but when compared with others it is right on par in terms of cost”.


Adjustability is a significant factor in a bow sight because it allows the user to set it according to their need. The spot Tommy Hogg bow sight provides this amenity to its users of adjusting the number of pins and also the adjustment of range. This feature makes this bow sight highly flexible as with this feature you can shoot to the different ranges. Moreover, its fast adjustment of pins saves your time which is essential when the target is in front of you. The adjustment are easy, fine and consistent which will decrease your overall shooting speed. This feature is extraordinary and will surely provide you with joyful experiences.

Build Quality

Every feature and benefit goes in vain if the structure of the bow sight is weak and of low quality, as then it will not be durable. Spot Tommy Hogg bow sight is designed and has been developed of high-quality. This helps the bow sight to stand out among its competitors. As its structure is very strong, it is quiet heavy but it’s not that detectable. Previous buyers are extremely happy after buying it as it is very long-lasting. One of the customer mentioned that there are high chances that his bow sight will last longer than his crossbow.

Pros Cons
Strong Structure Heavy
Long Range
Value For Money




Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL

Easy Setup

No matter what the product is, it should always be made in such a way that it is easy build up. It’s obvious that this factor determines the future customer reviews, as any product that cannot be easily installed, will always have pretty much bad customer reviews because it can’t be used without setting it up. Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL long bar wrapped bow is acutely easy to attach as the opinion of the previous buyers suggested. This way you will not have to waste a single penny on attaching it with the crossbow. This bow sight will arrive to you with a guideline sheet which will be helpful for you in installing it.

High Quality

The quality of any product is the most important thing you should look for in a product before buying it, as a lot depends upon it. Spot Hogg are famous for making strong and durable parts of the archery products. The structure of this bow sight is very well-built, but the feature that distinguishes it from other models is its light weight. Therefore, you have to carry less burden with yourself, and thus it is very easy to manage while using it. Previous customers highly praised the quality of this bow sight.


When you talk of hunting, the first thing that comes to mind is the range of your weapon. Similarly, Range plays an important in a bow sight, as it helps you to shoot at long distances. Spot Hogg fast Eddie XL long bar wrapped box right hand bow sight does the same by making it easy to fire the arrow along long and extended distances. This bow sight is perfect for those people who need help in shooting arrows over the prolonged distances. You don’t have to run before your prey to catch them, rather you can just shoot an arrow from a long distance and hunt your target.


Adjustability plays a vital role in making a bow sight user-friendly. This feature allows the users to enhance their experience of the product as they can adjust the things they want, according to their comfort. Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Long Bar Wrapped Bow Right Hand has this feature of adjusting the 2nd and 3rd axis. Also, it allows you to make horizontal and vertical adjustments which will raise your comfort level. Furthermore, you don’t need any adjustment tool to make an adjustment.

HRD Technology

If you Don’t want to take training for shooting arrows with the crossbow then it’s no problem nowadays. You just need to have passion and hobby for using a crossbow because Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Long Bar Wrapped Bow Right Hand contains the HRD technology which automatically trains you to use this bow sight. This will take some time but the results of it will be very fruitful.

Pros Cons
High Quality Difficult For Left Handed Person To Use It
Long Range
Easy To Use




We have listed some of the best bow sights available on the market right now and we have analyzed them to our best to give you the most information regarding to these bow sights that we can. We hope you are able to make a good decision when it comes to purchasing a bow sight.



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