Best Bow Sights For Hunting And 3D 2021

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2021)

Experienced bow hunters and archers understand that it is necessary to have the right equipment and set up and distinguish between a good shot and a miss. This means ensuring that your unique hunting or shooting area has the correct bow sight for you. Often called bow scopes, archery sights, or short peeps, bow sights are usually tools fastened on the bow riser to allow you to focus your shot better.

The first piece of gear you’re going to want to upgrade or outfit it with is the right bow sight for your particular needs after purchasing your first bow.

First thing, don’t you know about sights?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, as no one universal sight is going to do it all. Whether it’s budget, attributes, or brand that drives your primary preference, describe what the perfect bow sight looks like. We have listed some of the Best Bow Sights For Hunting And 3D so here’s where you start!

Best Bow Sights For Hunting And 3D (Comparison)

Bow SightMaterial 
HHA Optimizer King TE-5510AluminumCheck Price
HHA Optimizer Ultra DS-5010AluminumCheck Price
Custom Bow Equipment Vertex 3DAluminumCheck Price


HHA Optimizer King TE-5510

HHA Optimizer King TE-5510

A perfect example of this is the HHA Optimizer King TE-5510 Pin. It might not be the cheapest brand on the market, but I think that its quality materials and additional features justify its slightly expensive price tag. HHA Sports is very proud of many high-grade features of King Pin. This bow sight offers many cool features to help you maximize your hunting game, from a wheel-forward design, interchangeable wheels to a sight tape magnifier.

If you want a steadier, lighter bow-sight in your riser, this model will fit best. If you are not specific to either but want something a little further away, you might want to try out the King Pin Tournament variant instead.

Optimizer King TE-5510 Pin comes standard with what is being touted as the most precise sight tape device in the field. You will see it at 20 and 60 yards using the provided setup tape and then pick the correct video for your setup and connect it to the dial. You are now dialed in at 100 yards to the yard. Changing tape renders interchangeable wheels a cinch and the ideal solution for using multiple arrows and drawing weights. For those who want to shoot different arrow setups for 3-D and shooting, or those who like to play with varying weights of the arrow for different hunting styles, this is a big bonus.

A slick sight tape magnifier is also included in King Pin, allowing for fast and straightforward reference and 1⁄4 yard adjustment. To this setup, add the Blue Burst Light, and you have the ideal solution for hunting from the darkness of ground blinds and those dealing with eyesight loss.

Built-in 2nd & 3rd Axis Adjustment

King Pin’s fully integrated 2nd and 3rd axis adaptation tops it off to make this the most accurate and deadly hunting sight on the market today. The guys at HHA invite you to begin ruling your kingdom today with the Optimizer Lite King Pin, whether on the range or in the woods.

Blind 20

There is another unique aspect of King Pin that HHA calls Blind 20. This feature allows you to set a stop at your 20-yard mark, so you won’t need to look if you have to travel back to that distance in a hurry. The stop is adjustable and, if necessary, could be set at different yardage.


In various configurations, the HHA Optimizer is available. We will include a description here, but visit the HHA website for the full list. Both Optimizer Ultra models are based on the same basic platform, indicated by the part number prefix ‘DS’. The sight housing size, fiber thickness, pin size, and mechanical rheostat vary from one of the several different models of the Ultra.

Greatest Application

For seasoned archers, the HHA Optimizer Lite Kingpin is the most appropriate. However, you don’t need to be a pro to appreciate the nature and design of this vision. It is a best choice for someone who needs a sight that can be used competitively to hunt and shoot interchangeably. This view is super robust and has all the features you need at tournaments or in the mountains to be successful. There is no other view on the market that is quite as flexible as with its interchangeable yardage wheels, King Pin is. Heavyweight is the only downside of this view.

Wheel Forward ArchitectureHeavier Than Other Labels Marginally
Tape Magnifier Sight
Blind 20 Fine For Low Light




HHA Optimizer Ultra DS-5010

HHA Optimizer Ultra DS-5010

Features & Style

The HHA Optimizer Ultra DS-5010 is super easy to run with a solid build. Without any instruments, it is entirely adjustable until it is fastened to the bow. The windage adjustment works through micro-adjustment and has a robust mechanism for locking. The elevation is controlled by a dial and can be locked in place as well. The visual housing itself can be placed in 5 different locations, impacting the entire range you can get out of sight. The production tolerances are also super tight on all the moving components and will not come loose.

HHA’s RDS (Range Dial Shoot) technology includes all HHA Optimizer Ultra sights. Based on a two distance calibration, this technology lets you pick the right sight tape. The HHA recommends 20 and 60 yards for the two lengths, but you can also use 20 and 40. The view provides detailed guidance on how to finish the configuration (you can again watch the video further down the page). Depending on the bow pace, you are entirely calibrated at all distances from 20-80 after setup.

One hundred percent CNC machined aluminum is also the Optimizer Ultra. It’s incredibly well done, and it’s going to take more criticism than you would possibly throw at it. However, if you happen to run into problems with sight, HHA has a 100 percent Lifetime Warranty. You can absolutely count on HHA to stand behind all of their products as one of the most reliable bow sight manufacturers.

Yardage Wheels Interchangeable

Two interchangeable yardage wheels come with the HHA King Pin. We assume this is the main way in which the HHA King Pin stands out from its rivals. On each wheel, you can put a different vision tape and easily swap them out. For someone looking to purchase just one view for different applications, this comes in handy. For example, for each scenario, someone who uses various arrows for hunting and target shooting may set up a different wheel. This is critical because modifications to the configuration of your arrow have an influence on which sight tape you can use. To use the sight for several bows, you may also set these up. If you get creative, there are potentially more ways to use it.

Sight Dimensions Of Housing

The HHA Optimizer Ultra’s sight housings come in either 1 5/8″ or 2″, which gives you a choice to customize your sight picture. The greater field of view that the 2″ housing provides for the shooting is favored by some archers. This bigger apartment helps you to see a lot more of your target area. In the thicker forests, where visibility is often reduced, that pays off big time.

Simplicity Of Use

Thanks to tool-less modifications, the HHA Optimizer Ultra is incredibly simple to use. Small changes are effortless once you have the sight bolted onto your bow. The dial adjustment on the Optimizer Lite is also much more user-friendly than the slider. With the visual mounting bracket and housing location, you also have a couple of different mounting choices. Compared to those like this, the major downside of this view is the absence of axis changes. HHA offers an extra bracket that you can find on Amazon and at other distributors for this.

Strongest Application

The Ultra HHA Optimizer is a highly versatile sight that performs well in the field and range. For 3D shooters who do not want to break the bank completely, it is also a great choice. The only disadvantages to this view are the absence of axis alteration. Even mounting a quiver is a little more complicated than average. It is one of the best single pin sights on the market, and there are plenty of HHA loyalists who will tell you so. HHA offers some of the most durable pictures out there and provides some of the company’s most satisfactory customer service. In vital moments, you will never need to worry about this sight falling apart and letting you down.

Mechanical Alternative For Rheostat

Some HHA Optimizer light models come with an option for adjustable rheostats. A second skin over the sight housing that can slip over the fiber optics is the mechanical Rheostat. In periods of intense light, this enables you to dim the pin manually. Sometimes, this is extremely beneficial for preserving target visibility. Instead of the regular 50, they label all mechanical Rheostat models with “55” in the part number. For instance, the DS-5010 will become the DS-5510.

Sizes Of Pin

Three different pin sizes, .010, .019, and .029, are required for the HHA Optimizer Ultra. In the last two digits of the part number, the pin size is indicated. The .029 pin is 5000 or 5500, the .019 is 5019 or 5519, for example, and the .010 is 5010 or 5510.

Well Built, Durable & SolidNo Third Axis Adjustment
Easy To Setup & Sight-inNo Sight Marks Past 60 Yards
No Tools Required For Adjustments




Custom Bow Equipment Vertex 3D

Custom Bow Equipment Vertex 3D

The Elevate from CBE, lightweight and robust, comes with a feature set that suits the world’s most challenging and competitive archers. The Vertex 3D features a shorter sight bar than the Vertex Target since it is oriented towards 3D archers shooting 3D distances. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it for other outdoor tournaments or indoor competitions. To fit most archery competitions, it is highly adjustable and flexible. This year, bold colors are new to the Vertex line.


  • Extension Bar of Carbon Fiber
  • 5′ overall length with 1st mounting axis
  • Button for the rapid-slide elevation
  • For 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis changes, the middle pivot
  • Detachable Travel Scope Tube Mount
  • Scope tube locating collar to ensure that the scope after travel is put in the same location
  • For smooth and stable changes, enhanced quad track elevation help
  • “Zero backlashes .002” windage and elevation changes per click
  • Windage and elevation change of 24 turns / 20 clicks
  • On either side of the elevation bar, interchangeable vision scales may be mounted.
  • Includes regular plate for increments
Good Value For MoneyContains A Substance Called TDI That Was Classified By The State Of California As Dangerous
Because Of The Rheostat Light & Glow-in-the-dark Loop It Offers Good Visibility In Dark Conditions
Level Of The Bubble Is Precision Installed




What To Look For In A Hunting & 3D Bow Sight?

We distinguish three main settings, i.e., intended purposes, by considering the environment, the distance of your shot, type of targets (for practice and real), and kind of arrows needed for your intended purpose:

  • Hunting through woods
  • In the plains and fields, hunting
  • In mixed environments, hunting

A different bow and a distinct bow sight are needed for each of these environments. Make sure that you let the professional in customer service know the kind of atmosphere you want. Here are some tips and data that can help you distinguish between these three kinds and their specifications.

Hunting In The Forests

In the trees, you’ll have a range of 20 to 30 yards at most. That is why simple sights would help you. Also, as the forest foliage is very thick, you do not need a highly adjustable sight.

In Plains & Fields Hunting

More sophisticated and flexible bow sights need much greater distances and environments that allow open sightlines. You’re going to need long-range sights for archery. Sophisticated changes are required for anything between 40-60 yards. With rangefinder sets, variable ranges often require complex sights.

In Mixed Environments Hunting

Mixed environments are fun, but they require specialized skills since you will have to fire at one time from 30 yards and the other from more than 60 yards. For these types of settings, hybrid rig sightings are ideal. But clearly, the right approach is to use both a fixed and adjustable pin sight.



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