Best Bow Sights For Elk Hunting 2021

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2021)

Every hunter requires the right archery sight to achieve a much better view and convey their game goal. Now that we all know the importance of an arc sight for hunters and archers, we provide you with a detailed guide and review.

We have several considerations in mind, as do the number of pins because it is the main factor that determines accuracy. We also consider load and robustness, among other arc sights. Inspect our higher bow sights below.

This is a clever piece that features useful information that will help you choose the Best Bow Sights For Elk Hunting. We provide you with detailed reviews of the best archery sight and other tips you should know.

After examining this complete guide, I hope you find it easy to select the best rated hunting arc sights to meet your needs.

Best Bow Sights For Elk Hunting (Comparison)

Bow Sight Effective Range  
Spot Hogg Tommy Hog 80+ Yards

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HHA Optimizer Ultra 80 Yards

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Garmin Xero A1i 300 Yards

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Spot Hogg Tommy Hog

Spot Hogg Tommy Hog

If you are interested in archery to the fullest, you would like this view as you are interested in technology. Of course, it helps if you have a lot of money available to buy it.

It had existed long before Fast Eddie, and we still believe it is the highest view of the 2. The Tommy Hogg is more reliable, has more vertical travel, and has a more satisfactory fit capability than the Fast Eddie. Spot Hogg updated Tommy Hogg’s design with a replacement purple yard pointer and MRT pin protectors. It is now also available during a double pin setup. This view compares well with any of the opposite top multipurpose sights on the market. They are some unique advantages for competitive shooters. Still, at the same time, it is simple enough to use during a hunting scenario.

Design & Features

The Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg is formed in the United States and has a sturdy construction. It’s all-aluminum with a solid hunter’s stand and has a little more meat than most sights. Tommy Hogg was updated with a replacement purple aluminum yard indicator. In our opinion, this is usually much better than the old wire needle design that was replaced. The Tommy Hogg features several screws and knobs, which can seem confusing during a photo. However, the view is quite simple to recognize once you get it in your hands.

We also want to mean that we like Tommy Hogg better than Spot Hogg’s Fast Eddie. First, it is built for more heavy work and has variable mounting positions. It also has closed gears. The wind resistance knob is more comfortable to grip. Therefore the locking mechanism does not fit as it does on the Eddie. To top it off, there’s a higher vertical adjustment range with the Tommy Hogg.

Bull’s Knob With View Scale

One of Tommy Hogg’s signature features is that the bull knob with laser engraved sight scale. This sight scale is not intended for use instead of a sight tape. It’s to help create custom visual tapes using computer software. You will get an ultra-precise zero at a specific distance using this scale along with the vertical micro-button. There are eight clicks of the micro-knob between each integer. If you are not creating custom tapes, you will ignore these numbers.

No Micro Adjustment Tool

The Tommy doesn’t have any wind and lifts micro-adjustment tools. The wind is a two-stage adjustment. You would like to use a tool to slide the range rod left or right for thick adjustments. Once you get that set, you’ll use the horizontal micro-stop for finer adjustments. The vertical micro-adjustment knob can help you make precise changes after you have rotated the bull’s knob to the correct position.

Multi-Ring Technology (MRT)

One of our favorite features included with the Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg is multi-ring technology. This technology is intended to help the alignment of the pins in different light conditions. You may have noticed that the shell of your site looks smaller or larger inside your peep with the amount of sunlight present while shooting. Sometimes there’s a massive gap between your look and your home, and sometimes it’s perfect. The MRT is intended to fix this problem. This tool fills the space in your peep and ensures that you usually have a ring to use for alignment. However, if you have trouble focusing, a circle is also included.

2nd & 3rd Axis

No high-end sight would be complete without the second and third axis settings. Using them to make sure your view is level and your arc is crucial for exact configuration. The Tommy Hogg has adjustments on both axes, and both are easy to use.

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Peso

One area where Tommy Hogg doesn’t shine is in total weight. With 11.88 on our scale, it’s one of the heaviest sights we’ve ever weighed. We didn’t care about the extra weight of this sight.

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Vision Tapes

The Tommy Hogg includes a group of printed viewfinders. Are marked in 1-yard increments and brightly colored. Like most viewfinder systems, you look in at 20 yards to get started. Then place a calibration tape and look at 60. Once you are safe along with your 60-yard group, check the ribbon’s letter pointed to by the indicator. This can let you know which tape to use.

If you want to see replacement tapes for your Tommy Hogg, you’ll find them at Lancaster Archery or S&S Archery.

Pins (Double Pin Option)

We noticed with the Tommy Hogg in front of the old Fast Eddie model that the pin design had been improved. In Fast Eddie’s old pin, the fiber was unprotected on the front of the hook. Tommy Hogg’s new double pin we tested had fully protected fibers.

This view is available in a single pin, two-pin, 3-pin, 5-pin, 7-pin models. It is available in three different PIN sizes .010, .019, and .029. Dual-pin design has been trendy. It combines a clear visual image of a single pin and, therefore, multi-face of multiple pins. The only drawback is that the second pin is not adjustable. We recommend practicing with the double hook frequently to calculate distances.

Ease Of Use

At first glance, Tommy Hogg may seem intimidating to some people. It has various settings and moving parts. But it’s easier to use than it is. For example, most users can completely ignore the visual scale of the yard wheel. It’s only for custom tape making.

We were surprised to discover that the vertical microperilla has a dual purpose because of the locking mechanism of the bull knob. Some people complain that this is usually noisy and click when it is locked. We didn’t think it would have been a big deal. However, if you don’t love it, you’ll go without blocking it in most situations. The bull’s knob becomes stiff enough for nothing to move. The Tommy Hogg also has a tool-free fit for wind and lift. However, shaft settings require an Allen wrench.

In general, the view is quite simple to use once you get it in your hands. All fundamental aspects, such as wind, elevation, and assembly, are simple. In our opinion, the only thing that costs to get used to is MRT technology.

Pros Cons
Sturdy Construction Heavy
MRT Technology
Micro Wind & Lift Adjustment




HHA Optimizer Ultra

HHA Optimizer Ultra

HHA Sports has long been synonymous with single-pin sights. There are two basic versions of the scope, the Optimizer Lite series, and Optimizer Lite Ultra. The most significant difference is that the Ultra version uses a dial and gears to maneuver the pin. In contrast, the quality version uses a more straightforward lever arm. Also, the Ultras accompany an integrated harmonic damper (Mathews) to help control any vibration.

Horizontal Adjustment Bracket

As mentioned above, my favorite feature of HHA Optimizer sights is that the Tool-less settings. There are more computers available that don’t need tools (the rest of the Nap Apache drop-down is another one of my favorites), and I hope to find out more. Horizontal adjustment is formed by loosening a butterfly screw and then rotating a dial along the marked cross beam. The mechanism is useful and durable and locks firmly when not in use.

Of course, a pin slider’s most essential feature is that vertical adjustment is often made on the fly. Both the Ultra wheel and the quality version lever arm are easy to use and run smoothly. An essential difference between the 2 is that the wheel allows much more to follow the wheel’s perimeter. This leads to more separate yard marks and easier marking at a selected distance. Ultra tapes are marked at every yard, while the others are marked every five yards.

Another feature that I even liked is that the rheostat system usually adjusts the fiber optic pin’s brightness. I tend to prefer small pins, .010″ if available, but even these tiny fibers are often too bright and almost unpleasant. Turning the rheostat housing surrounding the optical fiber length often shades a portion of the fiber, thus reducing the light’s entire beginning at the top of the pin. This is usually excellent when shooting outdoors under variable lighting conditions or when shooting with varying backgrounds. I especially appreciate the function to shoot 3D leagues indoors where the lighting varies greatly and then the colors on the 3D lenses. Counting on the lens’s illumination and its color, I can adjust the fiber optic pin to a better point on my behalf.

Rheostat To Regulate Pin Brightness

ARMOR Pin technology features a robust fiber housing with a generous curve that protects the fiber from damage. Because of the way the housing, pin, and fiber work together, it can be difficult to damage the pin and deflect it from the position. Hunting in dense shrubs and trees has claimed some of my pins and fibers in the past, and having them well protected can avoid problems in the field.

I prefer a large enough level to be able to specialize in the pin and have the bubble visible enough that my eyesight can capture it and level the arc unconsciously.

Price & Availability

HHA Optimizer Ultra scopes are widely available at most retailers.

Setting Up HHA Optimizer Sights

All HHA sights accompany everything you need to align the sights at the height of almost any arc. The mounting bracket features a series of holes to mount the housing, allowing the sight to be set to the appropriate size for each individual’s arc configuration. The housing brackets are sturdy and fastened in situ with two screws with no room to play. Each main mounting bracket has two sets of ordinary holes to mount the sight on the arch, allowing the archer to zoom in or out of the arch, with a difference of 5/8″.

Multi Location Housing Support

Optimizer scopes are a very nice feature. When the view is initially mounted and configured, there are no tools needed to make length adjustments. All sight adjustments within the pin in the fewest yards are made with the Tool-less system. This is often a welcome feature for anyone (like me) who doesn’t always have a hexadecimal game on hand. I have approximately 324 hexagonal games, which can usually be found, but not still, so not having to own any tools to form adjustments is useful.

Final Thoughts

The first impression I had when opening the packages was that these sights are well built. They are solid, entirely aluminum, and have an excellent appearance. There have been no imperfections or defects of any kind, and they are well built. I even have to own it yet to tighten the screws thanks to loosening or making noise. Fixing the sights was very easy, and therefore the sight tapes provided are easy to use and accurate.

Pros Cons
Well Built No Third Axis Adjustment
Easy To Set Up
No Tools Are Required To Make Adjustments




Garmin Xero A1i

Garmin Xero A1i

Are you a hunter? Or do you intend to become one soon? If so, then you’re lucky.

The next step to require is to buy an arch, or probably make a home-made bow. But the most straightforward decision to travel is to buy an arc.

However, finding the most straightforward arc is said more comfortable than doing so. It had been a short time since a Garmin auto-range arc sight with each attribute was going to hit the market. That’s what Garmin Xero A1i did, embraced by the arc community. The main goal here is Garmin’s arc sight review.

A Complete & Clear Field Of View

What is the essence of having the right field of view? A bright field of view during hunting provides a much better alignment when aiming the shooting arrows. Besides, several Garmin archery sight reviews show that a transparent statement improves accuracy during a hunting session.


Do you want to supply the simplest within the hunting field? If so, take a look at it! The winning part within the Garmin Xero A1i is not due to the LEDs but to the built-in Garmin rangefinder.

This function calculates the compensation angle and provides an appropriate final set at 100 yards. Typically, the task is handled by this Garmin rangefinder arc viewfinder.

Three Integrated Level Indicators

Are you looking for the most superficial bow sight for your adventure? Then choose Garmin’s auto-range arc sight, which has three-level symbols. Check this out!

If the highest pin flashes in the entire drawing, its focus is tilted to the right side. The flicker at the bottom of the rock indicates the butt to the left, while the middle pin never blinks because it remains stable.

UP so far

Never be confused; Garmin Xero A1i is digital. How? It can run on two AAA batteries for one year or depend on daily use. Also, it lacks fiber optic pins, unlike what you experience in a conventional view.

Final Thoughts

Approaching problems, the Garmin A1i can be a refreshing and beautiful arc view for a shooter. It is overwhelming to reflect on their services; significantly, their effects fall on both the archer and the hunter. Read and watch out for the terms and conditions of use of the equipment in the manual.

Pros Cons
Built-in Garmin Rangefinder None That We Could Find
Customizable Pin Settings Installed Inside
Three Built-in Level Indicators




For our reviews, we try to keep proven and proper places that receive high praise. Of course, we had to form a nod to the long-term path with semi-magical laser range search technology that seems to be paving the way for more comfortable hunting.

Whether you have a big budget or want to save a lot of cash, there’s something on our list for you. Still not sure which one to choose? Confirm that you have read our reviews.



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