Best Bow Sights For Bad Eyes 2021

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2021)

Our eyesight gradually begins to deteriorate as we grow older. As a bowhunter, one of the most challenging problems people encounter is their vision. This cannot suggest that we must put up with blurry sight pins and targets that are difficult to see. There are some options to consider if you have difficulty concentrating on the near object (the pin) and the distant object (the target) or either one of these.

It is vital to come up with a bow sight ideal for poor eyes or eyes that are anything other than ideal, to continue to enjoy the sport. The greatest challenge to crossing when out in the field can be met with sight pins that are dull or tough to see correctly in any way. If you aim from a highly overgrown spot or even a field blind, this can be compounded.

Fortunately, when it comes to bow sight suppliers, there are quite a few choices that have done a fine job of generating bow sights that include bright and transparent pins and sight windows. By still providing a clean and sharp picture, we have gathered Best Bow Sights For Bad Eyes that hunters have agreed to accommodate their low and slightly failed vision. Furthermore, we have added a range of other items that have been very beneficial for pins and target clearing.

There are bow sights that can help you more efficiently target and fire. Hopefully, you will find a bow sight in the following list that will fully simplify and explain the aiming proposition. When it comes to the finest bow sights for low vision, let us review some models that make a list.

Best Bow Sights For Bad Eyes (Comparison)

Bow Sight Material  
Black Gold Revenge Aluminum

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Garmin Xero A1i Aluminum

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Spot Hogg THE HOGG FATHER Aluminum

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Black Gold Revenge

Black Gold Revenge

The Adjustability Of The 2nd & 3rd Axes

The fixed-position Revenge of Black Gold has all the new, high-performance inventions available now! Real 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability are one of the aspects that sets the Revenge apart from so many other premier bow sights. You want a Black Gold Revenge if you want to be able to fine-tune your bow-sight with all situations and all-terrain.

Photochromatic High-Performance Shell

The Revenge comes packed with an 80 percent thicker, high-performance Photochromatic shell that changes color faster than the previous design. The Chromatic shell automatically darkens to dull pins under bright light, preventing the pin halo. The pins are made from the innovative Sky Coil, which, when you need it, absorbs light from above for unmatched pin visibility.

Simple Adjustments

The Revenge provides horizontal and vertical gang calibrated micro-adjustment and inch wheel micro-adjustable pins for quick adjustment.

Sight Pins Easy Change

The method of changing sight pins has been revolutionized by Black Gold; Gone are the days, trying to move a sight pin with a hex wrench a fraction of an inch. Nothing compares to the inch wheel’s proprietary micro-adjustment device adjusted so that one complete turn equals around one inch at 20 yards! Each pin may be fine-tuned. It is short, clear, and convenient!


  • High-performance Photo Chromatic shell; 80 percent harder, with quicker color transformation
  • For smooth adjustment and quiet service, a wide Delrin Hush Wheels.
  • The lockable third axis avoids any movement by locking screws and making fine-tuning more straightforward.
  • The 3rd axis adjustability allows you more precise uphill/downhill shooting with complete 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability.
  • For quick, fast fine-tuning of sight pins, floating pin bushings are used.
  • The adjustable degree of the overweight second axis is easier to see, more comfortable to set,
  • Micro-adjustable Inch Tire pins
  • Interchangeable Fluorescent Guard Ring
Pros Cons
High Performance Photochromatic Shell Lack Of Instructions For The Product
Calibrated Micro Adjustment
2nd & 3rd Axes Adjustable



Garmin Xero A1i

Garmin Xero A1i


The Garmin Xero A1i Bow Sight, 2″ Auto-Ranging Digital Bow Sight flexible design allows bowhunters to choose the colour of the red or green LED pin and the desired pin configuration, providing single pin, multiple pins, or manual pin selection. These LED pins change the light to conditions automatically, guaranteeing a consistent pin in any hunting scenario. In multiple shooting or hunting scenarios, the Garmin Xero A1i Bow Sight, 2″ Auto-Ranging Digital Bow Sight also helps you to save pin settings for different bow setups for instant readiness. To help you boost your shooting performance, this bow sight also keeps information from shoots, such as bow level at release, bow impulse length, and more.

This innovative design also operates on compatible Garmin GPS devices with Garmin’s Laser LocateTM function to recognize precisely where the target was when the shot or range was taken. Utilizes 2 lithium AAA batteries. (not included). Pin size: Red: .007′′ and up, Green: .009′′ and up. Lens-based anti-reflective and water-resistant coatings. Water resistance rating of IPX7. Usable in the setup of the right or left hand. Wt: oz 14.7. Mounting, screws, secure carry case, grip tape, micro-USB cable and manual are included in the vision.

Built-In Rangefinder

The dilemma of accurately measuring yardage is gone, when the big buck moves out during the bow season. Enter the Auto-ranging Optical Bow Sight Garmin XeroTM A1. With built-in rangefinding capability, an LED bow sight. With the Garmin XeroTM A1 Auto-ranging Optical Bow Scope, take the guesswork out of this year’s aiming game. This LED bow sight from Garmin has built-in capabilities for rangefinding! The Xero A1 sets the pin, even if it is an angle-compensated distance, for your shot. It calculates precisely where you are up to 100 yards away to your target (300 for reflective targets).

Not only does this bow sight tell you the range to your destination, but it also sets a virtual pin for an accurate shot at the specified distance at the right point. It is an essential improvement for archery that can lead to fewer injuries and non-recovery of the game. And the best part, maybe, is exciting tech for a sport that’s been around since the Stone Age.

This method also helps you to see the target, unobstructed by the actual pins seen on a conventional bow sight, in addition to removing the calculation needed for angled shots and in-between distances. This scope, controlled with a single press, allows hunters to range the target at rest or a complete draw quietly.

Link Of Virtual ‘Pin & Reticle’

A simulated “Pin and Reticle” is created by the A1i, visible while looking through the view. Though it seems to exist on the sight’s glass top, the reticulum functions as if it were projected approximately 2 feet in front of the eye. In usage, these two points operate like fixed sights on a rifle, moving with each other as, relative to the third point, you move the bow from straight to torqued or bent. Ultimately, when you keep the bow right, it helps you know it. My shot has changed and rapidly.


The only flaws we noticed were software-based in the 15 hours of use over the weekend spent with the bow sight. The lithium-ion batteries are said to last roughly one year in operation, but after just a few days of field research and hunting, the demonstrated levels decreased significantly.

The ambient light sensor was the other problem we noticed. To adjust the sight display’s brightness, this sensor on the front of the sight monitors incoming light. Unfortunately, during target practice, and once in the blind search, we found the display to be much too dark to use. The light returned to suitable values after clicking through the sight menu and re-adjusting.

The Garmin team knows these two problems. Garmin says that both the battery readout and the ambient light sensor problems will be resolved, and the program revised before the Xero enters the market with a ship date of late March for these devices.


  • Built-in range finder with compensation for angles
  • Yard distances of up to 300 yards
  • “LED pins in .007” with brightness balance sensor for ambient light.
  • Broad, transparent, and unimpeded field of view
  • Taking out the guesswork and incorporating stealth to the game
Pros Cons
Rangefinder Built-in A Bit Expensive
Pins With Red LEDs
Pin Set Up Adjustable






User Friendly

With all the knobs and levers, Spot Hogg THE HOGG FATHER might look enormous, frightening and overwhelming, but it functions just like any other sight, only better. The way it acts is somewhat similar to other slider sights. Yet it has greater adaptability than most other industry points of view. There is a small lever called the “Vertical Micro Knob” by the yardage wheel.

If you want to be that accurate, it enables you to change the yardages by tenths. Like some other single pin sight, you see it in it. Then choose the tape that the pointer is on while at 60. The 20-yard mark and 60-yard mark The scale is for the use of archery tape producing programmes on the side of the yardage knob, so if you’re only trying to use the recordings that come with the scope, you don’t have to think about that.


This is the most challenging sight you’ll ever have. The whole sight is solid aluminum 6061, and although it could make it heavier than other sights, it also makes it safer. One of the cool stuff about the pins is their “Bullet Proof Pins” call them. But this is just the multi-pin housing that comes in. You’ll have to have the double pin if you choose the single pin housing for the bulletproof pin. Until you move it, nothing moves in this vision. The screws and buttons all remain where they are intended to be. Of all my bow accessories, my sight is the least of my issues when it comes to reliability.

Micro Adjustment

One of the great things from this point of view is that any change is micro-adjustable. When you know how far you move something in case you move it too far, you can bring it right where it was, and it makes it so much easier to see. When sighting, we found this to be very handy so if you fire at a certain distance, let’s assume the yardage wheel is on 51 and the vertical micro knob is on 7, it will be 51.7. With more changes when trying to get my shots more manageable, they got worse, we should only bring our eyes back to 51.7.


Generally, the more precise your shots can be, the farther your sight is from the riser. “So I can get mine 8-1/2” from the front of my riser to the front of the house with that said. And you can dial it to exact yardages, as a slider sight. Keeping over or under no longer. Suppose the target is 68 meters, dial 68 meters and fire dead. Because of this, The Hogg Father makes a perfect 3-d or hunting view.


It even has a single pin of .019 green, and I have no trouble seeing the pin, even stretching it out. It fits best for me to use the single pin, so the scope window is still the same as you shoot 20 yards or 100. You don’t have pins to count down. Set the distance just now and aim. But you could move house closer to the riser if you have a more challenging time concentrating on the pin.


  • “Detachable sight and can be modified in 1⁄2” increments.
  • Quick Release knob to take your bow off quickly.
  • Micro 2nd and 3rd axis change
  • Coarse horizontal and vertical modifications for the quicker acquisition of yardage
  • Micro-adjustable windage and elevation that is tool-less
  • Mini flexible pointer for yardage
  • HRD technologies for a better dovetail (Hardened Rail Design)
  • Spreads out graphic markers to make it easy to read yardages.
  • Laser-engraved precision scope scale and knob
  • Universal rod with scope
  • Strong 6061 aluminum building
  • Event Flying
  • Compatible with most systems for archery
  • Sight tapes from 20-100 yards
Pros Cons
Micro Change Heavyweight




We have featured some of the best bow sights available on the market right now and we hope that this publication will help you make an informed decision.



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