Advantages Of A Dovetail Bow Sight

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2021)

There are times when using a bow sight with a dovetail mount for shooting makes sense. What feels more relaxed can depend on it. A typical bowhunting bow sight mount is very compact, and the sight window is normally located in line with the bow’s riser. This works with a good number of individuals, and many bowhunters never have a problem using them.

However, there are situations where the sight should be located away from the eye and using a sight with a dovetail bar mount is achieved. Dovetail bars can be 4” or 6” in length and allow more forward placement of the sight in front of the bow riser.

Hunters feel it will allow the pin to have better accuracy, allowing a sharper point on the target. Therefore, you will find that with dovetail extension bar mounts, target bow sights are almost entirely made. Depending on your background and shooting skill, it should be remembered that there are certain downsides of using them with those shooters. Below, we have discussed some of the benefits of using dovetail mounting below.

Advantages of A Dovetail Bow Sight


Capable of pushing the view forward and backwards to match your set-up. You will also bring the vision closer to the riser, allowing you the opportunity to target more accurately by adjusting the sight housing to the peep exactly.

Fast Removal

The dovetail mount allows you to mount and separate the sight from the bow easily.

Fine Aiming Tune

You are making the shooting process more accurate as you move the sight farther out… but only if you are still efficient at keeping the bow steady.

Easy Slide

The dovetail also makes it easier to take the sight off the bow or slide it back into the riser, so that in a transport or storage situation, the bow can work more comfortably. A minor movement can allow the pin to travel further in your display window while the pin is further forward. It would be a safer choice to stick with a traditional shooting mount if you have not yet been incredibly adept at keeping the bow steady at full draw.

May Assist Impaired Vision

Some people find that the pins are not as sharp as they once were with a regular sight mount, as they grow older. It is possible to get the pins back into sharper view again by shifting the sight farther out. Of course, for those with impaired vision, there might be other explanations why you find it difficult to concentrate on the pins, and it is worthwhile looking at other potential bow sight fixes.



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