Wheel Spacers Buying Guide

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2021)

Wheel spacers are essential To improve your stance life game. This guide is for you, whether you are just trying to give your car a flush or hellaflush stance, enhance your car’s handling, or something else.

Buying Guide For Wheel Spacers

We’ve seen many patterns and goods come and go, having been trading for over 40 years. Wheel spacers, however, were always in demand throughout. We’re not selling as many for MG Metros anymore, of course, but some have a very long history, like VW Golf, Mini and BMW 3 Series.

We specialize in Eibach and H&R products of the highest standard, where protection and efficiency are essential. But why do people continue to buy wheel spacers and when selecting the correct collection for your vehicle, what do you need to the lookout.

Why Are Wheel Spacers Used?

There are various reasons why a pair or set of four-wheel spacers might be wanted, or needed, by anyone. The key ones are:

– to give the brake callipers clearance while upgrading the stopping power of your car

– to increase the track width of the wheel axle of the vehicle for more excellent stability and less rolling of the frame.

– switch the wheels out for a sportier, offensive or ‘euro’ stance to fill the arches and look

– fit another wheel set with a different ‘offset’ or ‘stud pattern.’

Forms Of Spacers For Wheels


To bolt the spacer onto the axle, bolt-on wheel spacers are fastened to the existing studs. You’ll need to verify that they are compatible with your wheels and lug nut patterns when buying these.


Slip-on wheel spacers slip onto the studs, leaving room enough to fit back on your wheel. However, often, they don’t leave enough space for them to fit back on, depending on the size of your wheels. It won’t allow enough room for you to securely and adequately fasten the lug nuts. To securely lock the wheels in place, you will need extended studs with slip-on spacers.

Benefits Of Spacers For Wheels

1.1 Improving The Handling Of Cars

In particular, individuals prefer to use wheel spacers during the cornering and turning of the vehicle to achieve more excellent vehicle stability. This portion, responsible for creating space for the wheels, causes the tires to move further apart. As a result, the vehicle’s weight is distributed on all four wheels equally, improving the handling of the car.

1.2 Improve the Incorrect Offset

Sometimes, because of their wrong size, the new rims do not quite suit. Nevertheless, using wheel spacers can solve this problem as it will set the wheel a lot forward and work the inside fender liner.

Besides this, using the right wheel spacers can quickly solve rim touching the control arms, coilovers, or suspension.

1.3 Boost Appearance

If you want to give the car an aggressive or manly look, apart from better handling and sufficient offset, the wheel spacers can give your car that appearance. Indeed, they drive the wheels outside, implicitly improving the location of the vehicle.

The Top Brands


Supreme Suspension, located in Los Angeles, Calif., has been manufacturing vehicle performance enhancement components since 1991. To make sure all the equipment is working on the road, it specializes in off-road testing. It allows Centric Wheel Spacers for the Supreme Suspensions Core.


Created by Heinrich Eibach in 1951 in Germany, this company focuses on designing parts for speed and power. It has worked on Le Mans, Mulsanne, and NASCAR automobiles. The Pro-Spacer Wheel Spacer Package from Eibach is one of the best wheel spacers it manufactures.


For off-road vehicles, Spidertrax focuses its engineering on making high-quality wheel spacers and more. It was initiated at the New Jersey Institute of Technology by Thomas Kingston in New Jersey in 1999. The Spidertrax S2PWHS010 Wheel Spacer Kit is one of their most robust wheel spacers.



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