Method To Determine What Size Wheel Spacer You Need

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2021)

Why Use Spacers for Wheels

While your wheel disks and auto-tires are in the same pair, you can work with wheel spacers. They put the center and the rim in a convenient spot. Spacer tuning sounds hard to do on the face of it, but you need only a few hours to do it in practice.

How To Determine The Wheel Spacer Size For Your Vehicle

What Size Am I Going To Use?

One of our most asked questions is this one. Sadly, there’s no simple answer. It is not as straightforward to choose a spacer that suits your needs as it sounds. We’d all use the same size if it were that simple. There are a few different explanations of why individuals need spacers to be different in any case.

But it’s easy to pick your perfect size by first deciding how much available space you have to work with. That means measuring the clearance of the tire-fender. Your spacer size would likely be this empty room. You don’t want to go beyond the open space because that will cause the tire to rub on the fender. And since that does not suit your needs, you do not want to get too thin of a spacer.

Turner Motorsport may be the world’s largest dealer of BMW wheel spacers. As such, we have learned not to make spacer size assumptions. Every circumstance is different, and measuring your car is the best advice we can offer.

Listening to what everyone else is running is enticing. Still, no one can tell you what spacer size to use unless they have the exact wheel, exact tire, correct brake rotor, same suspension, and correct suspension settings. Only they can guess… Please have in mind that it is not possible to return spacers that have been mounted and tested. This is to be fair to the next customer who wants us to have new, high-quality components. This is all the more justification for what size you should mount, to be precise.

How To Decide Precisely How Much Wheel Spacer Size You Need To Know More Specifics About

As the thickness of the spacer you need can differ based on the individual customizations you have made, it is essential to decide the correct consistency. , but how? You may try to calculate the combo of wheel/tire and make your best guess as to how much farther out the wheel needs to sit, but in a precise and repeatable way, this is not easy to do. Ordering spacers of different thicknesses, conducting a series of test fits, and then using only that function is also impractical. Given all this, there is a solution that offers an accurate response while costing little money, effort, and time in the way. This technique requires the use of standard washers of the hardware-store kind. You can already have a range of sizes on your shelves if you’re a home handy person. You can visit any hardware store. If not.



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