Best Wheel Spacers For Trucks 2021

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2021)

Trying to get just the right look for your car or truck can be difficult. You find the correct wheel, but the offset is incorrect. It’s either sitting too far in or too far away. Maybe it doesn’t look perfect, or perhaps it doesn’t just clear the smallest amount out of your brake calipers? What are you doing, wasting thousands on the custom size you need to get the wheels you want? In the expectation that a shop will get you what you want, cut up a set of factory wheels? No, what you need are spacers for wheels and we will help you find the Best Wheel Spacers For Trucks in this publication.

The easiest way to fit a wheel that is not quite the right size for your car or truck comfortably in your vehicle is wheel spacers. They include the wheel out of the hub over your existing seat and space, a little, sometimes a great deal, to give you a look you want or the stance you want. They can even support a wheel that fits over your factory hubs with the wrong center dimension. You can have them white, shiny, or in a color that will help stand out from the crowd for your trip.

The best are hub-centric, which means they suit your vehicle’s hub perfectly, the lip around the axle bolt, helping to concentrate them on the installation. To save weight, they’re titanium, and some even come with the longer bolts you’ll need to mount them (if you go with a big spacer). For a fraction of the price of getting custom wheels constructed, you can get a package of four.

Wheel spacers are specifically intended to increase the distance between the wheel itself and the well within the wheel of a vehicle. However, they are often used as adapters to allow cars to take wheels with different lug patterns than those that initially fitted them. For example, on a truck equipped initially with a 5-lug wheel, a wheel spacer will enable you to use a 6-lug wheel. Please remember that all-wheel spacers are not equal. Some do better than others and last longer. And it can be hard to distinguish which, with the many brands out there making the same statements.

There is some controversy about the advantages of wheel spacers and how safe they are for your car or truck to use. For the most part, without damaging your vehicle, spacers have some advantages if you use high-quality wheel spacers and, of course, mount them properly. We managed to whittle it down from an original group of contestants for the best wheel spacers to a modest three spacers with the tenacity, style, and aesthetic quality to offer a physical boost to any vehicle.

Best Wheel Spacers For Trucks (Comparison)

Wheel Spacer Thickness  
Dynofit 302BK-2 1.5"

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Titan Wheel Accessories Spacers 3"

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Dynofit 302BK-2

Dynofit 302BK-2


Dynofit 302BK-2 has a PCD 5×5.5(139.7mm) bolt pattern with a 77.8mm hub bore, 1.5″(38mm)/each thickness, M14x1.5mm/each, M14x1.5mm.”Well-made forged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, 10.9-grade bolts (SGS Test Approved), substantial stock travel, no vibration under max load or high speed

Package: Well Packaged Inner Padding Brand Guarantee: Warranty for two years, Fitment: 2012-2018 Ram 1500 pick up truck is for tire spacers. Includes installations for Tradesman, Express, SLT, Big Horn, Lone Star, Sport, R/T, Laramie, Rebel, and Laramie Longhorn

The Tips:

  1. Clean all the dust and rust off your hub, which will allow the spacers to stay on the corner without being able to wiggle loose.
  2. Suggested alignment and skilled installation, the unprofessional operation can cause vibrations or broken studs!
  3. After a few hundred miles, then re-torque
  4. Recommended hand wrench and glue, no air gun
  5. It rarely occurs: the stock studs come out past the spacer and allow the wheel not to sit flush with the spacer hub (such as 2015 ram 1500 Big Horn)

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Durable Sometimes Lugs Don’t Fit
No Vibration
Two Years Warranty



Titan Wheel Accessories Spacers

Titan Wheel Accessories Spacers

Titan Wheel Accessories Spacers are Used mainly to offer an aggressive stance to your vehicle and help with any clearance problems This package of four-wheel spacers will suit the Sierra 1500 HD Chevy Silverado GMC. They have a 6×5.5 vehicle and wheel bolt design, a 108mm hub bore, and a 2-inch thickness (each spacer). To make each spacer, aerospace aluminum is CNC-machined. Since these spacers are unique to the car, they will fit well and be simple to mount. The fit is only wide enough to work, but there are still enough strict tolerances to ensure a comfortable fit. Your truck will have a more aggressive stance when mounted properly, and your aftermarket wheels will have better clearance. Unfortunately, your stock OEM studs are likely to be longer than the spacer is thick. This implies that you would either need to grind them down or replace them with shorter studs. There is also some lack of consistency in the machining process, so your set may result in vibration through the steering wheel. Please make sure your vehicle has the same studs as the adapters. Otherwise, it will need additional lugs. Ensure that when tightening all adapters, get a Complete 6-8 turns of the lugs, failure to do so will cause damage to your car. The installation must be carried out by a skilled professional.

Titan Wheel Accessories is dedicated to offering the best quality automotive accessories at an affordable price. They have years of experience in the aftermarket automotive industry, and the staff is well educated in all the products we sell. They say their goal is to provide the best customer service possible for everyone.


It is highly advised that the installation be done by a professional. When driving, improper installation can cause the lug nuts or lug bolts to loosen, leading to an accident and injury, potentially causing them to break. Using these at the sole expense of users is not as expected. Ensure 100 percent of the tire studs and lugs do not contact the backside of the wheel, which can damage the vehicle and the adapter/spacers. If using an air impact or other power instrument, the warranty on these will be invalid. After 25 miles of driving by a licensed mechanic, it is recommended that manufacturer speciation’s install them, not exceeding 110ft-lbs Customers must have them rechecked; these are aftermarket parts and may negate any OEM guarantees.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
CNC Machined None That We Could Find
Simple Installation





IRONTEK WSA80010 Manufactured using Aluminum Forged 6061 T6 Billet. There is no need for any adjustments; they build these bolts for fast and straightforward installation.

It has an advanced oxidation treatment surface, a durable color, and will not fade quickly. Safety First, forged wheel spacers of the second generation use CNC precision created with hard anodized treatment, which improves safety.

The thickness of the HUB CENTRIC PARAMETER is 2″ or 50 mm; the wheel bolt pattern is 6×5.5 or 6×139.7 mm, and the thread pinch is 4×1.5; the inner diameter is 78.1 mm. Four parts are included.

Chevy Silverado 1500, 2001-2019 Chevy Tahoe, 2000-2014 Chevy Suburban 1500, 2003-2014 Chevy Express 1500, 2007-2013 Chevrolet Avalanche, 1999-2019 Cadillac Escalade.

HUB CENTRIC Feature Hubcentric Wheel Spacers Adapters give your car a more aggressive look, enhancing handling, durability, and stability. They also increase tire clearance, fix problems with brake caliper clearance, allow lifts or lower kits to be mounted and more expansive, more extensive, or high grip tires.

It is accurately made from a 6061 aluminum alloy forged disc, HUB CENTRIC PREMIUM QUALITY. The body is a high performance, with unique studs of 10.9 grade and T8 heat-treated forged lug nuts. The anodized surface provides extra corrosion resistance. It has a 100% one year warranty. If you have any questions, you can contact polite, supportive, and knowledgeable customer service representatives if they answer any questions or complaints promptly.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Durable None That We Could Find
CNC Precision
Easy To Install



Wheel Spacers

There are only a few ways to do this for someone who wants to show off their vehicle, get it decorated, add decals, or enhance the ride and sound. We can also change the scale, design, and color of the wheels of trucks Although these will help offer a distinctive look to your vehicle, installing wheel spacers will also make them stand out and boost the ride and efficiency of the car. These are the best wheel spacers that we have found that will enhance the overall look and feel of your vehicle

Advantages of Wheel Spacers

Improve handling for vehicles. Wheel spacers will further increase the car’s ability to turn, and the amount of cornering will be significantly affected. They add more room to maneuver the wheels, allowing the tires to be farther away from each other, dividing all four wheels’ weight equally.

They are improving the appearance of the vehicle. The way your car looks will be altered by high-quality wheel spacers. The wheels will stick out a few inches from the fenders by inserting only a tiny amount of additional space between the rim and the tire hub. Their layout is intended to give a more sporty and fierce look to your vehicle.

Have bigger tires attached. One way to improve handling, speed, and control is to have bigger tires. Many custom wheels will not fit on regular vehicles, but installing wheel spacers can help ensure that the tires and wheels you want can be mounted on your ride without fear of rubbing them against the car frame, axle, or something else.

Main Functionalities


It is essential to know the wheel size you are attempting to fit into your car to ensure that they and the wheel spacers fit the vehicle correctly and securely.


No matter what size and width you get, it’s recommended that you buy wheel spacer extender studs. Not having enough space between the spacer and the wheel would make it not fit properly. Extender studs will give you the extra space right where you want them to suit the wheels. Also, check the spacers’ bolt pattern and your studs to ensure they fit the lug nuts.

Are spacers on wheels safe?

As long as they are made of high-quality materials and have undergone rigorous inspection, wheel spacers are usually secure to use on your car. And they should, of course, be correctly built using the correct hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For trucks, what are the best wheel spacers?

These days, there are plenty of decent wheel spacers on the market. For trucks, some of the best options include:

  • DYNOFIT 5 Wheel Spacers for Ram 1500
  • (4)3″ (75mm) 6×5.5 (6×139.7) Wheel Spacers
  • IRONTEK 2” Hubcentric for Chevy GMC

What are the various sizes of wheel spacers?

Wheel spacers are designed to alter the pattern of your vehicle’s wheel bolts. There are hundreds and dozens of different sizes. All you need to do is pick a compatible package with both your car and the new wheels you are adding.

Are spacers on wheels dangerous?

It’s not. Wheel spacers are unsafe only if they are improperly mounted, and you can typically say if they are once you start the car and travel a few feet. They will, otherwise, actually increase the safety and stability of your vehicle. For one, they widen the wheelbase of a car, giving it a healthier, more stable foundation. On the other hand, they can provide clearance under the car frame between the tires and other parts, such as the suspension connections or the brake calipers. This essentially removes noise, friction, vibration, and other variables that make riding unpleasant.



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