Best Wheel Spacers For Ram 3500 Dually 2021

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2021)

The Dodge Ram made its commercial debut around 1981. The Ram 3500 is a competitive car, as it outperformed the specific niche of the F-Series. The Ram platform is based on the Chrysler model as it is used by medium-sized trucks and full-sized SUVs that were available. The Dodge Ram is on the domestic market, as it has competed against several other producers of vehicles. For many import traders, the Dodge Ram is in high demand. Shopping online a lot of retailers will offer rates that can not be matched while searching for Dodge Ram 3500 wheel spacers or the required adapters. The online retailers will provide affordable rates that cannot be matches, whether you are looking for hub centric rings or the correctly fitted lug nuts. When looking for the best components, the hub-centric form of call is always the best bet. If the vehicle has lug nuts and studs coming out of the hub, washers will be mounted on each stud, so there is no stripping. So make sure you put a couple of washers on each lug so that you can get a tight fit. You don’t want to hurry into anything. You will need to inspect the stock wheels and watch for the clearance of the caliper. Do not rotate those custom wheels, or any new pieces that you have bought would be destroyed. We have listed some of the Best Wheel Spacers For Ram 3500 Dually below. Do check them out.

Best Wheel Spacers For Ram 3500 Dually (Comparison)

Wheel Spacer Size  
Supreme Suspensions Pro-Billet 8 x 6.5"

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Titan Wheel Accessories Spacers 8 x 6.5"

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SCITOO Spacers 8 x 6.5"

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Supreme Suspensions Pro-Billet

Supreme Suspensions Pro-Billet

Supreme Suspensions are renowned for their high-quality wheel spacers. Supreme Suspensions Pro-Billet series wheel spacers are no different, as they are made of very durable and long-lasting T6 aluminum. This gives it the construction needed for heavy-duty use.

This model is also specifically designed for the Chevy Silverado 1500 truck from 1999 to 2018 and offers a tight treatment for this particular type of vehicle. It is not compatible with other vehicles. In addition, depending on the offset amount, you can buy this model in different colors as well as various treatment sizes of 1.5 inches and 2 inches and look that you like.

In addition, it is incredibly easy to mount since this model uses a simple bolt system that not only offers a tight fit but also does not loosen over time. If you own the Chevy Silverado 1500 truck, then one of the best Silverado wheel spacers you can purchase is probably this model from Supreme Suspensions.

Even if this model, as marketed by the manufacturer, is not a true hub-centric model, it is still worth it.

Benefits: Position your wheels 2 inches outward to correct problems with tire rubbing

  • It improve stability and allow a more impressive position
  • It has pressed studs to reduce the risk of vibration.

Installation: With regular handheld instruments, simple bolt-on installation takes only minutes.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Heavy Duty Despite The Manufacturer's Advertising, It Is Not A True Hub Centric Wheel Spacer
Tight Fit
Simple To Install



Titan Wheel Accessories Spacers

Titan Wheel Accessories wheel Spacers

Here’s a rundown of the Titan Wheel Accessories Wheel Spacers so it is easier for you to make a decision.


  • Using high-quality aluminum for aerospace;
  • Built to drive the wheel from the hub further out;
  • It gives a more aggressive stance to your car & makes better handling features;
  • Checked fitment, consistency, & durability;
  • Eliminate instant wheel/tire rubbing;
  • Install wider tires or wheels;
  • Augmentation of driving stability;
  • Aggressive stance. No special instruments needed;
  • Extremely swift and simple;
  • Simple as a tire change;
  • A lug wrench and jack are all required;
  • That’s the same as changing a tire.


  • The pattern of Vehicle Bolt: 8×6.5.5
  • The pattern of the Wheel Bolt: 8×6.5.5
  • Bore Hub: 130mm
  • Pitch of the thread: 14×1.5
  • Thickness: Each spacer is 3 inches thick.

Fits The Cars

  • These spaces will bolt up to the vehicles that follow.
  • Nissan NV1500 2012-2015
  • Nissan NV2500 2012-2015
  • Ram 2500 (CHECK YOUR STUDS CAN BE EITHER 9/16′ or 14×1.5) 2012-2013
  • Ram 2500 2014-2016
  • Ram 3500 (CHECK YOUR STUDS CAN BE EITHER 9/16′ or 14×1.5) 2012-2013
  • Ram 3500, 2014-2016

Further Information

  • Please make sure your vehicle has the same studs as the adapters; otherwise, additional lugs will be needed.
  • Make sure that when tightening all adapters get a FULL 6-8 turns of the lugs, failure to do so can cause damage to your vehicle.
  • The installation must be carried out by a skilled professional.
  • It’s likely that your OEM studs are longer than the thick spacer if you have a few options:
  • The studs of your lugs must be shortened by grinding them down.
  • You should swap shorter studs with your studs,
  • If you have wheels with cavities between the mounting holes in the rear, then you should be OK (will need to make sure flush)
  • Always make sure there is no gap between the spaces and the wheel hub.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
High Quality Aluminum None That We Could Find
Simple & Easy



SCITOO Spacers

SCITOO wheel Spacers

SCITOO Wheel Spacers design keeps the wheels away from the hub, oxidizes them, and makes them durable and colorless. The Wheel spacer is manufactured by an old-school process; it not only increases tire clearance on the wheels but also repairs the brake calipers, providing a safer and more stable environment for your vehicle.

Thickness—2″ or 50mm; Vehicle Bolt Pattern—8×6.5 or 8×165.1mmmm; Wheel Bolt Pattern—8×6.5 or 8×165.1mm; Thread Pinch—9/16″x18; Inner Diameter—126.15mmm; Wheel Bolt Pattern—8×6.5 or 8×165.1mm;

8×6.5 FITMENTS WHEEL SPACERS for Dodge Ram 2500 1994-2010, for Dodge Ram 3500 1994-2010, for Dodge Ram 3500 Dual 1994-2010

Each of these wheel spacers is made to last! WHEEL SPACERS 8X6.5 TO 8X6.5 Protection High-quality aluminum alloy 6061 T6, to guarantee the highest level of efficiency and reliability for your cars. Made from the best true T-6 billet aluminum.

2 INCH WHEEL SPACERS 8 LUG ADVANTAG Expand your base of vehicle wheels by allowing your place to be more violent, Fast and immediate removal of rubbing, significantly improving the reliability of the vehicle

8X6.5 SPACES 2 INCH ATTENTION Please review the definition or use the drop-down bar and interchangeable part numbers of the year of model to confirm compatibility before buying.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Reasonable None That We Could Find
Safe & Stable



Features Of Spacers For Wheels

  • Usually, wheel spacers are devices that fit over the folding bracket of a vehicle to provide an additional clearance between the wheel and the wheel hub assembly used to mount wider tires. It suits the Bolt pattern of a vehicle and fits over the existing studs, allowing the wheel to be mounted normally,
  • Without them, those custom wheels, such as the Inner Wheel, will sit too close to the current part of the vehicle. It can also contribute to improved vehicle performance and a more distinctive appearance. Increase the handling of cars, including traction,
  • Wheel spacers go between the wheel hub’s mounting surfaces and the axle and maintain the vehicle’s bolt pattern.
  • Wheel spacers may be used to expand the vehicle’s position and/or provide extra clearance for brake and suspension components on the inner portion of the wheel. To provide the proper thread, they can require the use of longer wheel studs or lug nuts.
  • In the other side, wheel adapters do all the same things that spacers do. They adjust the Bolt pattern, however, to allow you to bolt up wheels that without the adapter would not suit.
  • It might still be confusing for some that as far as off-road drive or a ride in the adverse climatic condition is concerned, the wheel spacers are safe. But the perfect answer is here.
  • They are just as secure when properly mounted as wheels installed without space. The spacers are rigid enough to avoid flexing and loose loss of clamp force, under tightened lug nuts or over overtightened lug nuts, the cause of most wheel stud failure. Installing longer bolts or studs is recommended so that the lock nuts on the wheel can easily be properly mounted. It is very important to find the right size and read the manual of your car for that, get the measurement of the lug nuts and the size of the spacer required for your vehicle, or ask for the correct fit at an auto parts store. Wheel spacers are add-ons that help leave a gap between the wheel and the car and leave some space. In addition to being esthetically pleasing, a good wheel spacer offers the advantage of allowing larger tires to be mounted on a vehicle. They are typically used on larger tires and by lovers of a fancy look and feel for their ride. Wheel spacers can also contribute to improved efficiency of the vehicle by having the wheels sit further away from the assembly of the hub increases the traction of the vehicle when cornering.
  • I hope that you’ll find the right match for your 2500 Dodge Ram. Let the real monster emerge, as you expected it to be, out of your Ram 2500, and enjoy the drive you deserve.



Q: Why install wheel spacers, and what are the benefits?

A: Our wheel spacers are designed to increase the tire clearance by keeping the wheels away from the hub, which can not only offer your vehicle a safer and more stable driving environment, but also make the vehicle side more unique.

Q: Are there installation instructions?

A: For instruction, a handle tool can be easily used to install the mounting flange spacer adapter. Fix the bolt position firstly. The method is to fix the bolt along the diagonal with average force and use your hands to tighten up the bolt until it can’t move, then twist with tools. The front and rear four wheels shall be installed in the same order and method.

Q: Is this product fit my vehicle?

A: All of our wheel spacers are precision machined before they leave the factory. We only provide the complete model list for customer’s carefree purchasing; please check your engine models carefully according to the model list to avoid a wrong purchase.



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