Best Wheel Spacers For Ram 1500 2023

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2023)

There are only a few choices for those who want to showcase their car, get it decorated, add decals or boost driving and sound. It can also modify the scale, nature and color of the car wheels Although these will help give your ride a distinctive look, installing wheel spacers will also make them stand out and enhance the car’s ride and performance. Having found the best wheel spacers that improve your car’s overall look and feel. Automotive tuners use the wheel spacer to offset the wheels, offer better performance, and make the car more sporty.

One of the most useful items about the wheel spacer is not substituting a tire or rim under the rim and putting a more gap between the wheel hub and the rim. Also, it is simpler than it looks to mount a wheel spacer in your car. In a few hours, you can do this DIY job.

We have you covered if you are hunting for any of the Best Wheel Spacers For Ram 1500.

Benefits of Spacers for Wheels

Enhance the handling of vehicles. Wheel spacers will help increase the car’s ability to turn, and the amount of cornering will be significantly affected. They add more space to maneuver the wheels, allowing the tires to be divided more from each other, dividing all four wheels’ weight equally.

Enhancing the look of the car. The way your car looks can be improved by high-quality wheel spacers. The wheels will stick out a few inches from the fenders by adding only a tiny amount of additional space between the rim and the tire hub. Their layout is meant to give a more sporty and fierce look to your vehicle.

Add bigger tires. One way to improve handling, speed, and control is to have larger tires. Many custom wheels will not fit on regular vehicles, but installing wheel spacers can help ensure that the tires and wheels you want on your ride can be mounted without fear of rubbing them against the car frame, axle, or something else.

Best Wheel Spacers For Ram 1500 (Comparison)

Wheel Spacer Size
Dynofit 302BK-2 5 x 5.5

Check Price

FLYCLE FY24728 5 x 5.5 Check Price
KSP Performance 6312BK 6 x 5.5 Check Price


Dynofit 302BK-2

Dynofit 302BK-2


  • Equipment: Ram 1500 pick up trucks from 2012-2018, such as Tradesman, Express, SLT, Big Horn, Lone Star, Sport, R/T, Laramie, Rebel and Laramie Longhorn.
  • Specifications: 5×5.5(139.7mm) bolt pattern/PCD, Hub bore: 77.8mm, Thickness: 1.5′(38mm)/each, M14x1.5.
  • Well Made with forged aluminium alloy consist of 10.9-grade bolts, good stock travel, no vibration or even high speed under maximum load.
  • Package: Well Packaged Inner Padding.
  • Brand guarantee: warranty for two years, for more information, email them and respond in 24 hours.
  • Transported from the U.S.


  • Thickness: 1.5-inch/each
  • PCD/Bolts Design: 5×55 (5X139.7mm).
  • Studs: 14×1.5 pcs
  • Bore Hub: 77.8mm
  • Package: Set of 4 with internal packaging for padding
  • Fitment Ram 1500 Pick Up Truck 2012-2018
  • Tradesman, Express, SLT, Big Horn, Lone Star, Sport, SLT, including
  • R/T, Laramie, Rebel and Installation for Laramie Longhorn

The Tips

  • Clean all the dust and rust from your hub, which will assist
  • Without being able to wiggle loose, the spacer seat on the hub alignment and technical setup
  • The unprofessional procedure, recommended, can trigger vibration or stud
  • After a few hundred miles, re-torque
  • Recommended to Hand wrench and glue, no air pistol
  • The stock studs come out past the spacer and seldom occur:
  • Makes the wheel not sit flush with the spacer hub, cutting part of the wheel
  • Off it, (such as 2015 ram 1500 Big Horn)

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Well Made None That We Could Find
Bulky Material
Installation Is Easy





Flycyle was founded in 2006. This company is specialized in the manufacture of automotive parts and has its plant. They have produced a range of products over the years, including wheel spacers, lug nuts and leveling kits, we aim to deliver the products they need to customers.

Alloy Aluminum

Our products are forged from aluminum alloy 6060-T6, and each component is treated with surface oxidation, which significantly increases the products’ hardness and corrosion resistance.

Studs Of The 12.9 Class

Muscular quality studs are of great importance to the vehicle. To ensure the studs’ strength and hardness and protect driving, we mostly select 12.9 class studs and use thermal processing.

Advice On Installation

  • Thoroughly clean the studs and remove any excess dirt, oil, grease etc.
  • Thread the supplied lug nuts with the TAPERED end facing towards the spacers to the axle studs.
  • Mount the nuts ONLY by hand and tighten them in a pattern crisscross.
  • When you mount wheel spacers, do NOT use mechanical screwdrivers.
  • Do not stack a single wheel with several spacers/adapters.

Detailed Parameter 1.5″ (38.1mm) Thickness | 5×5.5″ (5×139.7mm) Pattern of Vehicle Bolt | 5×5.5″ (5×139.7mm) Pattern of Wheel Bolt | 77.8mm Center Bore | 14×1.5 Threaded Pitch Pattern | 14×1.5

Includes 4pcs 5×5.5 hub centric wheel spacers, 2x thread-locking high power, 2x user manual. Full packaging.

Compatibility Acceptable for 2012-2018 Ram 1500 only.

6061-T6 Aluminum alloy forged process and material, automated CNC processing, surface anodic oxidation, and heat treatment ensure high precision and stability and increase the material’s hardness and corrosion resistance with 12.9 class studs.

Warranty and Services All FLYCLE wheel spacers are protected by a 2-year warranty.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Broad Versatility In Spacer Selection Options (1.25 inches & 1.5 inches) They Need Specialist Installation
Immune To Corrosion



KSP Performance 6312BK

KSP Performance 6312BK

The high-quality KSP spacers are renowned. This model is specially built for a wide variety of Toyota and Lexus vehicles. It should fit tightly and instantly increase your wheels’ efficiency.

You can also buy the model for more versatility in three different models with different offset sizes between 1.25 and 1.5 inches. As always, the T6 aluminum is an outstanding construction, as it is resistant to corrosion and will also last long.

Best of all, this high-quality KSP Performance 6312BK wheel spacer is powerful enough to endure a large wheel’s high torque. Finally, in the wheel spacer, the lug bolts are preinstalled to make them easier to use.

Why Choose Wheel Spacers from KSP?

  • The Safest Build on 6 Lug Trucks Spacers
  • Hub Centric Spacers= At high speeds, no vibration/wheel wobbles.
  • Like most adapters, the KSP Wheel Spacers allow the wheels to sit on the hub lip but not on the studs, which will prevent any wobble or any vibration.
  • Hardened Studs for 12.9 Grades
  • Strength and corrosion resistance is provided by Cast, heat-treated and hardened ISO/DIN 12.9 wheel bolts.
  • KSP wheel spacers expand the wheelbase of your car, increasing stability and side roll-over resistance. They also add a more offensive look to your car.
  • With 6×139.7mm vehicle/wheel bolts pattern, 77.8 bore 14×1.5 studs, the six lug wheel spacers suitable for 2019 + Ram 1500. Please carefully review the model specification before purchase.
  • The hub-centric architecture with lips that are more fitted to the vehicle hub decreases vibration at high speeds.
  • Aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminium forged, offering more aggressive and safe driving than casting wheel spacers. Updated with 10.9 grade more solid bolts. Aside from being easy to install.
  • It is only ideal for a 77.8 bore vehicle due to the middle hole of the lip spacers. You need to cut it off if your vehicle’s bolt length reaches 38mm.
  • They deliver “30-day refund, 24-month free replace parts.”

Installation Remark:

  1. Do not use wrench with effect.
  2. Thread-Locking is strongly recommended.
  3. Installation of specialists is highly recommended.
  4. Do the wheel balance until the wheels are mounted.
  5. Clean rust or dirt before assembly.
  6. Re-torque all lug nuts after driving 50-100 miles, then after 2000-3000 miles again.
  7. The use of thread glue during installation is recommended.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Improves Your Vehicle Performance Applies To A Small Number Of Car Brands
2 Years Warranty



Types Of Spacers For Wheels


To bolt the spacer onto the axle, bolt-on wheel spacers are fastened to the existing studs. You’ll need to verify that they are compatible with your wheels and lug nut patterns when buying these.


Slip-on wheel spacers slip onto the studs, leaving room enough to fit back on your wheel. However, often, they don’t leave enough space for them to fit back on, depending on the size of your wheels. It won’t allow enough room for you to securely and adequately fasten the lug nuts. To securely lock the wheels in place, you will need extended studs with slip-on spacers.

Top Tips

  • Be sure to check the wheels’ size that you want and make sure they are safe and stable to match the length of the clutches and wheel spacer thickness.
  • The wheel spacers should be tested for a couple of miles after driving to ensure they remain secure. Drive 25 to 50 miles after you first mount it, then check it for no loss.
  • Every car does not have all-wheel spacers compatible. You can need to purchase student extenders to make sure that they attach tightly to your studs. You can buy them only if it is highly recommended.


Q: DO ALIGNMENT affect wheel spacers?

A: Installing a wheel spacer will impact your vehicle’s alignment. Just in case after getting it mounted, it is recommended to have the alignment tested.

Q: Should I drive the car on two-wheel spacers?

A: While yes, you might theoretically drive the vehicle on only two-wheel spacers, it’s not recommended. It helps spread weight equally on all of them by ensuring all four of your tires are the same width and length apart. The amount they can carry can be weakened by driving with only two spacers.

Q; Do wheel spacers match any vehicle?

A: Before installing them on just one vehicle, you’ll want to consult with the manufacturer. Many are built with a particular car in mind, such as a Jeep Wrangler JK, Dodge Ram 1500, or Grand Cherokee, so double check before buying what kind of vehicle you are interested.

Other Perceptions

Compatibility: To see if the wheel spacers you are looking at are compatible with your vehicle, you’ll want to search. Many are meant in the minds of particular offroad vehicles such as trucks, jeeps, and SUVs. They will also come with their stud pattern, so you will also want to make sure you have the right number of studs needed to suit your car correctly with the wheel spacer.

Benefits Of Wheel Spacers

Enhance the handling of vehicles. Wheel spacers will help increase your car’s ability to flip, and the amount of cornering would be significantly affected.

They have more space for maneuvering those wheels, allowing the wheels to be farther apart, equally dispersing the weight over all four wheels.

Improve the appearance of the vehicle. High-quality wheel spacers will enhance the way your vehicle looks. The wheels will stick out a few inches in the fenders by putting just a small amount of the extra space between the rim and the tire hub.

Their layout should give a sporty and more ferocious appearance to your vehicle.

All of the spacers listed allow you to change the look and suit your vehicle’s unique needs. Please confirm the list of size requirements during selection and remember to enjoy your vamped wheels with the best wheel spacers while you are cruising!



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