Best Wheel Spacers For Jeep 2021

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2021)

Suppose you want to achieve the correct pneumatic clearance when you want to install wide and tall tires on your Jeep. Jeep wheel spacers are going to help you to do just that. To fit the tires safely and securely on the wheels, you must buy the right spacers and adapt your intended tire size.

Wheel spacers also offer the option of widening your vehicle’s wheelbase. The wheels will stick out further, making the Jeep appear to be rugged and sporty. The broader distance between tires allows better handling, particularly when going around curves, and they don’t merely alter the appearance of a vehicle. Jeep is one of those cars that customization screams. Especially if you know your way around modifications, it is rough, challenging, and (relatively) simple to update. And changing the tires is one of the most common things people do with their Jeeps, moving them to something larger and meaner. Now, in most situations, unless you’ve got some special gear, it won’t be possible. That is where the best Jeep JK, WJ, WK wheel spacers come in.

These devices are excellent for distance formation between the assembly of the hub and the individual wheels. This enables you to add “pimped out” custom wheels and still keep the Jeep running smoothly. Spacers can also boost overall performance and traction on the road when used correctly. We have listed some of the Best Wheel Spacers For Jeep. Do check them out.

Best Wheel Spacers For Jeep (Comparison)

Wheel Spacer Size  
AA Ignition GWA430 4-5 x 5"

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KSP Performance KS-306BL 5 x 5"

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RockTrix Spacers 5 x 4.5"

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AA Ignition GWA430

AA Ignition GWA430

AA Ignition GWA430 package of 4 Wheel Spacers has a thickness of 1.5″ and 5×5″ or 5x127mm. This provides extra clearance for mounting between the wheel and the hub to maximize the offset, making for more lavish pneumatic mounting of the vehicle possible. Wheel spacers also improve the handling and traction efficiency of the car. Roller spacers stretch the wheels outward to give the car a more aggressive look that also enables large-scale brake sizes or lift/lower kits.

Strict Monitoring Of Quality

Before delivery, all the spacers are subject to strict quality control during the whole manufacturing process. Multiple quality control tests are carried out at each production level to ensure that each component lasts for years.

Suits The Vehicles That Follow

  • Jeep Wrangler JK 4WD 2007-2018
  • 2007-2018 Unlimited 4WD Jeep Wrangler JK
  • JK Unlimited 2WD 2007-2010 Jeep
  • Jeep Commander XK 2006-2010
  • 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee Jeep WJ
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee WK 2005-2010

The Complete Package is a full AA Ignition kit containing all bolts and nozzles required for full installation. Wheel spacers stretch the vehicles outward to give them a more violent appearance, allowing high-frequency caliper systems or lift/decrease packages.

OEM Fit, Quality, Finish – CNC anodized-whole anodizing machine offers additional corrosion resistance; the highest quality wheel spacers are rugged, durable, and clean, with 10,9-grade stubbles and heat-treated lug nuts.

Lifetime Guarantee – This wheel spacer package comes with a lifetime guarantee. Lifetime guarantee. If your wrangler ever breaks or fails of any vehicles, contact them for replacement.

An American Small Business

AA Ignition is a GWA Auto Parts division, and they are proud to be a small American business. Established by long-time car enthusiasts and based in sunny South Florida, AA Ignition is pleased to deliver quality goods at an exceptional value.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Quality Wheel Spacers Slightly Expensive
Lifetime Warranty
Extra Clearance



KSP Performance KS-306BL

KSP Performance KS-306BL

KSP Performance KS-306BL Hubcentric The 5x127mm wheel spacers with the hub lip and the bottom taper seat configuration will suit the hub perfectly, without high-speed vibration. And the installation is simple.

Protection and Solid Quality CNC Precision Machined from 6061 T6 Forged Aluminum, stable and lighter than steel spacer. The anodized surface offers additional corrosion resistance with 10.9 grade modified studs for not simple crapped/stripped.

Neat Look Exclusive Blue Jewelry gives the vehicle a stern look. With each wheel’s 1.5(38mm) expanded width, it makes the vehicle’s stance look awesome.

30-Day Refund, 24-Month Warranty program. KSP Brand logo marked, resist fakes, are offered. Please feel free to contact them if pieces are missing. Installation 2018-2019 Wrangler JL| 2011-2019 Grand Cherokee WK2| 2019-2020 Gladiator JT| 2011-2019 Durango Not appropriate for 1/2′-20 studs. If you are not sure, please contact KSP, and they will answer within 24 hours.


  • Wrangler JL 2018-2019
  • Grand Cherokee WK2 from 2011-2019
  • Gladiator JT for 2019-2020
  • Durango 2011-2019


  • The pattern of bolts:5×127 to 5x127mm
  • Bore hub:71.5mm
  • Thickness:38mm
  • Pitch for Thread: M14 x 1.5

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Comes With All The Fitments Required Limited Spacer Variants Choices
Enhances Efficiency In Vehicle Handling
Resistant To Corrosion



RockTrix Spacers

RockTrix wheel Spacers


Check that the wheel studs are 1/2×20 threads and that the distance between your fender and your wheel/tire is 1.5. These tire spacers will NOT work if there is some other stud/nut thread size in your vehicle. Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door JKU Unlimited 2007-2018, Commander XK 2006-2010, Grand Cherokee WJ WK 1999-2010. NOT COMPATIBLE with Jeep Wrangler JL 2018+. Other cars can suit. They are using the Spec Sheet for verification.

Product Benefits

RockTrix Wheel Spacers Offers a more aggressive posture to the vehicle body and maintains excellent wheel balance. Enhances handling characteristics and stability for optimum performance with improved traction. Corrects problems with brake caliper clearance.

Improves tire clearance to allow 30, 33, 35-inch off-road mud configurations to be mounted, prevents tire rub, and works well in combination with lift kits for leveling. To remove wobble or vibration, the Hubcentric ridge lies entirely over the wheel hub. There are no modifications required, but some might need to grind OEM wheel studs down to suit the space.


  • Package: 4-piece kit
  • Thickness: 1.5″ (38mm) Thick
  • The pattern of Bolt: 5/127
  • Hub Bore Center: 71.5 mm
  • Pitch of Stud/Nut Thread: 0.5 x20

Material & Manufacturing: CNC Machined spacers to exact high-quality Aerospace Billet Aluminum requirements. To avoid surface corrosion and rust undergoes the anodizing process. Contains heat treated studs of 10.9-grade carbon steel. The hub-centered lip supports the middle of the wheel correctly. Standard tire repair equipment, a torque wrench, and a plug socket are required. Although installation is comfortable and most knowledgeable buyers can install themselves, especially if it is your first time installing auto accessories, we always recommend professional installation. All the hardware after 25-50 miles to get your safety to retorque.


The product’s life varies depending on the operating environment. Still, it will stand up to rough use and be equivalent to the lifespan and travel distance of stock factory stud/nut hardware. It comes with a warranty of 1 year. Please contact manufacturer or shop at RockTrix store for replacement studs.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
High Quality Require Specialist Installation
Enhances Efficiency In Vehicle Handling
Resistant To Corrosion



Are Jeeps’ Wheel Spacers Safe?

Some would say that it’s not exactly safe to mount spacers on Jeeps. Spacers are secure, however, just as long as they are correctly mounted and obey the guidelines. It is ideal for you to remain within conservative widths. High-quality spacers are not any more or less dangerous than a wheel with less backspacing, particularly those bolt up to your axle first. As these can be risky, you MUST avoid the cheap spacers that leave hardly any thread for the lug nuts to hang onto. Stick with consistency always.

Although having wheels with the right offset, to begin with, would be ideal, that’s not always feasible. Spacers are the only choice for some Jeep owners.

How Do Spacers Correct Wheel Offsets?

For a particular car, aftermarket wheels are not always available in the perfect fitment. They force the wheel to sit inwards when the offset is too high, resulting in poor posture and appearance. Tire rubbing against the suspension components or inside the inner wheel well lining can result in an excessively high wheel offset. Through spacers, such problems can be corrected, provided that they are of good quality and the ideal size.

What Are The Available Types Of Wheel Spacers?

They come in two fundamental forms: slide-on and bolt-on, respectively. The most prevalent is the slide-on spacers. All it takes is for them to slip through existing bolts. We can easily separate the rim or wheel from the axle, it can lower the spacer over the studs, and it can then reset the wheel to the axle.

The spacers for the bolt-on are intended to be bolted to the hub. The spacer is positioned over the axle stud’s end when the wheel is removed, and the nut is used to keep it in place at the end of the axle. After they mount the Jeep wheel spacers, if there is any vibration, make sure that the spacers are hub-centric and of that you have a hub ring. Follow the installation instructions of the producer carefully.

What Do Spacers For Jeep Wheels Come With?

Some separators are marketed separately, and they sell some in pairs. Kits with all the necessary hardware are also available, including pre-installed wheel studs, thread lockers, and lugnuts. Rough Country and Spidertrax are the leading wheel separator brands for off-road vehicles. The sizes vary between 0.25-inch and 2-inch spacers. For Jeeps as well, five ⁇ 4.5 inches to 5 ⁇ 5-inch adapters are an option. To ensure strength and longevity, they should make the ideal spacer from high-quality material, such as a patented aluminum/magnesium alloy.

There is some controversy about the advantages of wheel spacers and how safe they are for your car or truck to use. For the most part, without damaging your vehicle, spacers have some advantages if you use high-quality wheel spacers and, of course, mount them properly.

What Are The Various Sizes Of Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are designed to alter the pattern of your vehicle’s wheel bolts. There are hundreds and dozens of different sizes. All you need to do is pick a compatible package with both your car and the new wheels you are adding.

Ensure your wheel spacers are consistent with your vehicle’s bolt pattern to ensure smooth wheel installation. When you mount wheel spacers, it also helps to be aware of the potential problems you can find. For one, it may place additional stress on the axle’s studs. Due to the rise in tire scrub radius, it can also make slow-speed turning difficult.

Finally, if you are going to add a new feature, you will also add parts of your vehicle that could fail. With proper installation, we can easily avoid these problems. Ensure your vehicle studs or lug nuts do not go past the mounting surface of the adapter and tighten all the hardware to the right torque.



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