Best Wheel Spacers For Jeep Wrangler 2021

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2021)

Jeep is one of those cars that customization screams. Especially if you know your way around modifications, it is rough, challenging, and (relatively) simple to update. And changing the tires is one of the most common things people do with their Jeeps, moving them to something larger and meaner. Now, in most situations, unless you’ve got some special gear, it won’t be possible. That is where the best Jeep JK, WJ, WK wheel spacers come in. For Jeep modifications, there are no restrictions. It can seem challenging to identify the ones that matter with most accessories that provide enhanced performance. You can care about specifics at the same time because no off-roader will work well.

Larger tires are undoubtedly a must-have for a Jeep, but they advise it to consider changes that allow the tires to ensure absolute efficiency. That’s where space wheels come in. The primary goal is to increase the distance between the body of the vehicle and the wheels. Such an improvement in distance contributes to the efficiency of both Jeep and its overall edgy outlook. These devices are excellent for creating space between the assembly of the hub and the actual wheels. That enables you to mount “pimped out” custom wheels and still keep the Jeep running smoothly. Spacers can also boost overall performance and traction on the road when used correctly. We have listed some of the Best Wheel Spacers For Jeep Wrangler below. Let’s have a look at them.

Best Wheel Spacers For Jeep Wrangler (Comparison)

Wheel SpacerThickness 
KSP Performance KS-307BL2"Check Price
Dynofit 6307BK2"Check Price
Supreme Suspensions A30062"Check Price


KSP Performance KS-307BL

KSP Performance KS-307BL

The KSP spacer’s claim to fame is their “Aggressive Look,” where the adapters push the wheels farther from the hub. This enlarges the base and gives the vehicle a more aggressive position while simultaneously fixing clearance issues and preventing the tires from crashing into other components, especially the shocks and brake calipers. They also forge this model from black 6061-T6 anodized lightweight aluminum and is heavy, durable, and relatively corrosion-resistant. KSP wheel spacers are durable enough to withstand high torque and somewhat rough handling but are not as robust or as long-lasting as other things on this list. In combination with their aggressive posture, they can give your vehicle a significant performance boost. And just in case you have the best jump starter, make sure you have the best jump starter handy to chat about the outcome.


KSP Performance KS-307BL is CNC Precision Machined from 6061 T6 Forged Aluminum Safety and Solid Consistency, Stable and Lighter than Steel Spacer. With 1/2-20 grade adjusted studs, the anodized surface provides additional corrosion resistance for not easy crapped/stripped.

Neat lookbook The vehicle is given a stern look by Exclusive Jewelry Blue. It makes the vehicle’s stance look excellent with each wheel’s 2(50mm) extended width. You can Refund it in a 30-Day, 24-Month Warranty Program. The logo marked KSP Brand, resist fakes, is offered. If sections are missing, please feel free to contact them. Great for repairing clearance problems if the shocks or brake calipers are struck by your wheel(s). Aggressive presentation, with your favorite vehicle having a more relaxed look with the expanded track base.


It comes in a package of 4 wheel spacers with a 5×127 to 5×127 Bolt pattern, and a 71.5 mm Hub bore.

“The thickness of the spacer is 2 inch with Thread Pitch: 1/2

Made specifically for most Nissan and Infiniti models, with their “aggressive” feature, the KSP wheel spacers significantly boost existing power and performance. These are perfect for torque vehicles that need a tight fit. These spacers are unique in their design. For extra strength and durability, they forge these spacers. They typically base other spacers on the market on castings.

These spacers have a specialized 10.9-degree lug nut and anodized finish. KSP spacers can withstand high torque from enormous wheels besides all these properties. Re-torque all studs after 20-50 miles of the drive after the suggested alignment. For long-term performance, cleaning the wheel hub before installation is good practice.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Improves Handling & Adds To Stability Of VehiclesMay Need Extended Open Lug Nuts Which Are To Be Purchased Separately
Tough & Light Bolts



Dynofit 6307BK

Dynofit 6307BK


Dynofit 6307BK includes 5×5 pcd(bolt pattern), 1/2-20 thread pitch and 71.5mm hub bore, 2inch(50mm)/PCC thickness. Tight safety contact Hub Centric (SGS Test Approved Lug Bolts), quick installation, wider location and more aggressive appearance, no wobble, better handling.

Advice: use some spacer glue, suggested after installation, re-torque the open-end lug nuts after around 50-100 miles after installation.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Centric Design Hub Allows For Responsive SteeringNeeds Regular Tightening
Comes With All Accessories
Three Years Warranty



Supreme Suspensions A3006

Supreme Suspensions A3006

Supreme Suspensions is a business considered to be among the best suppliers of vehicle lifting and leveling equipment. The company is a brand dedicated to advanced product research and development and is proud to deliver goods that do not affect your vehicles’ factory ride quality. Tested and designed by professionals, when it comes to ensuring their customers’ wellbeing, the company also takes it extra seriously.

Supreme Suspensions is a corporation based in the United States in Los Angeles, California. The company has been supplying some of the best raising and leveling kits for automotive vehicles, such as suspension lift kits, drop braces, fender flares, lowering shackles, SUV and truck shocks, and the like, starting in 1991.

The brand designs and develops tools and kits carefully that level the vehicle without impacting the OEM factory ride’s quality. Also, when it comes to their clients’ protection and satisfaction, the brand leaves “no stone unturned.”

Also, Supreme Suspensions provides an economical option for fitting even larger tires, ensuring that every track gets that top, violent spot. If you’re looking for a new pack of third-party spacers to match larger-than-life wheels, you can check Supreme Suspensions offers. This package’s standout features are simple, effortless installation, along with aerospace-grade aluminum and splined studs. ASE experts carefully tested it to ensure the best possible standard.

Precisely engineered, four inches (two on each side) will quickly widen your Jeep’s tire tracks and make space for custom rims/tires. However, I still have to admit that these Supreme Suspension spacers have some reliability problems. You might end up with a sheared lug, unthreaded bolts, and loose tires even while driving on normal roads. The odds of this happening to you are very slim, but still, lookout.

Compatible With: Supreme Suspensions A3006 is compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK 2WD / 4WD Compliant WITH 2007 – 2018

Contents: (4pc) Aerospace-Grade Billet Wheel Spacers, Assembly Hardware, and Supreme Suspensions Pro Pack with Precision-Machined Splined Studs.

Specifications: 2 inches wide, 5×5″ (5x127mm) Bolt Pattern, 1/2″x20 Studs, 71.5mm Hub Centric Core Bore | NOTE: to ensure the best oriented/balanced installation, spacers are hub-centered.

Benefits: To correct tire rubbing problems, improve cornering stability, and make for a unique position, position your wheels 2 inches outward. Hydraulic Pre-Pressed Studs features to help eliminate the vibration risk.

Installation: With regular hand tools, simple bolt-on installation takes only minutes.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Quick & Effortless InstallationNone That We Could Find
Good Quality



Wheel spacers are also an optional accessory that is left out by many drivers. The reasons behind it are numerous, and one of them is probably the most on-roading. However, if you can make the most of your powerful car, I would urge you to consider integrating the wheel spacers into the lookbook. Also, all of the above choices would work well in your Jeep. Wheel spacers are add-ons that support space and leave some space between the wheel and the engine. Typically they are used on larger tires and lovers of a fancy look and feel for their journey.

What’s so special about this?

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, a right wheel spacer allows the advantage of mounting larger tires on a vehicle. Wheel spacers can also contribute to improved efficiency of the car by having the wheels sit further away from the hub’s assembly increases the traction of the vehicle when cornering. Here are a range of things when buying wheel spacers that you should bear in mind. They are expensive and, after a lot of time, they should be approved. Keep these things in mind to purchase the most appropriate one for your car, and then you do not face any problems.

Why do I need space wheels on my Wrangler?

When replacing your rims and tires with wider ones, wheel spacers are a must. Compared to factory models, most aftermarket wheels have numerous designs. By installing a wheel spacer, you can be confident that the wheel offset will be the same after installing the new rims and tires and that the tires will not rub the fenders.

The brakes are one very significant feature of hardcore off-road driving. The Wrangler has good brakes already, but add larger brakes if you want even more stopping power. By extending the hub field, wheel spacers will help you do that.

Most people add wheel spacers to improve their Wrangler’s Look, and that’s fine too. Do not worry; with your stock wheels, wheel spacers work well. By bringing the wheels closer to the vehicle’s edge, you can also achieve stability and improved handling.

What are the styles of wheel spacers out there?

There are wheel spacers that are non-hub centric and hub centric. We’d still go with the previous ones as they make the wheel fit better and minimize friction when driving. Non-hub centric wheels produce more suspension components with more friction and pressure. If you add aftermarket wheels for better fitment, you can also need hub centric rings.

Centric or Centric for Lug

This one varies from the spacer on the wheel. In the lug-centered wheel, the center hole present is not the right-center.

These wheels can not be appropriately mounted using a standard cone mounting system that comes with the wheel balance; they cannot be correctly balanced either. The one you want to buy, the lug-centric one or the hub-centric one, is up to you.

Slip Floating

The floating slip is often used for brake and suspension clearance problems. What happens when smaller sizes, such as 3-5mm, do not have much room and availability.

For this, you will need long studs with open-ended nuts that have floating spacers. You can use a hub-centric spacer if you want a width greater than 5mm.


Make sure they work with your vehicles when buying wheel spacers. If they don’t suit, you can’t do anything but return them and spend money on replacing them because they’re big, and it’s going to cost you. Plus, the process of producing is a long one, and there are several issues. So, buy the most fitting one for you.

The companies still have a list of vehicles or jeeps for which wheel spacers are necessary. So check it out and make your decision afterward. You can buy either a chamfered angle spacer or one that does not have a chamfered angle on the side of the wheel.

Installation Ease

When buying wheel spacers, that is also something that you should bear in mind. To mount, they do not take too much time. Others take minutes to install, and others take hours to install. So make sure which one you want to purchase.

Also, make sure it can be installed using standard tools, and nothing special is needed.



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