Best Wheel Spacers For Ford Ranger 2021

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

A set of Ford Ranger wheel spacers can be one of the best improvements for any Ford Ranger owner and can provide an instant aesthetic improvement to Ford Ranger XL or Ford Ranger Wildtrak models. Wheel spacers are some of the cheapest, most common, and most versatile aftermarket modifications available and can quickly expand your truck’s off-road stance with a mission to impress. When it comes to mounting custom wheels and tires, Alloy wheel spacers are invaluable products. They might not look like anything at first, but they may mean the difference between a perfectly customized ride and an awkward-looking rig. We have listed some of the Best Wheel Spacers For Ford Ranger below. Do check them out.

They will create a fearsome beast with improved handling in several off-road situations and improved brake caliper clearance when modified to any spectacular Ford Ranger model. Wheel spacers also allow a much more extensive range of custom wheels and tires to be fitted with your Ford Ranger, making them the ideal product for any off-road modification enthusiast. But, of course, the enhanced graphics will be the most visible improvement to your vehicle as both the alloy wheels and rough tires will sit flush with the wheel arches, providing a more aggressive and efficient role to your Ford Ranger. For those with mounted arch extensions, this is a necessary improvement because your wheels will get lost under their intense mass without wheel spacers. The Ranger may not be the most significant pickup in the Ford lineup, but it is undoubtedly the most strong, particularly in the guise of Raptor, where his off-road skills are second to none. The Raptor, however, is costly for most individuals and enthusiasts, restricting them to the stock Ford Ranger’s slightly less impressive off-road results.

However, you shouldn’t worry much. For the Ranger, advanced aftermarket suspension elements are already available that can significantly assist with off-road performance. And if that’s costly for you, then a simple combination of bigger wheels, off-road tires, and wheel spacers might do the job and fulfill your burning needs for terrain-driving. Here we have the best wheel spaces for ford listed up for you:

Best Wheel Spacers For Ford Ranger (Comparison)

Wheel Spacer Thickness  
Supreme Suspensions A1908 2"

Check Price

Titan Wheel Accessories Spacers 2"

Check Price

Titan Wheel Accessories 12mm Spacers 1/2"

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Supreme Suspensions A1908

Supreme Suspensions A1908

Supreme Suspensions A1908 Pro-Billet Series Wheel Spacers CNC Machined from T6 Aircraft Billet Aluminum and designed by our experts to expand your track width, improve your vehicle’s appearance, and accommodating wider custom rims and tires.

You will be able to put more power on the ground with the added traction for more significant acceleration. Each product is precision machined using only the latest metal manufacturing technology and anodized to protect against the manufacturing elements, ensuring a lifetime of reliability under even the most extreme riding conditions.


It places the wheels 2 inches outward and allows wider wheels & tires to be added. It also increases the track width of your car. It helps fix problems with tire rubbing. It is much improvised and expands the capabilities of handling and cornering. Pre-pressed hydraulic studs remove the possibility of vibrations. Enhances your vehicle’s look


To mount these “bolt-on” spacers, no special tools are required.

Superior Strength

Because of its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance, they build more leveling kits from T6 aircraft-grade aluminum. It is tempered to no less than 35,000 psi of yield strength, and the spacers are custom coated for a fantastic look that will last your vehicle’s life. For any application, precision machining ensures an exact match.


  • (4x) Aluminum Lug-Centric Wheel Spacers Billet
  • Hardware for Installation
  • Directions for installation
  • Pro Pack Supreme Suspensions

It is 2 inches thick with a 5 x 4.5″ bolt pattern” (5 x 114.3mm). The Studs are 1/2″ x 20, and 87.1 mm Center Bore

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Improves Performance None That We Could Find
Increases Vehicle Handling



Titan Wheel Accessories Spacer

Titan Wheel Accessories Spacers


5×4.5 is the Vehicle Bolt Pattern, and 5×4.5 is the Wheel Bolt Pattern. Hub Bore is 82.5 mm Supreme suspension Thread Pitch 1/2″ x 20 with the Thickness of Each Spacer which Measures 2″ inch thick spacer. Used mainly to offer an aggressive stance to your vehicle and help with any clearance problems (if present) Aerospace Aluminum Machined CNC Uses


Please make sure your vehicle has the same studs as the adapters. Otherwise, it will need additional lugs.

Ensure that all adapters receive a Complete 6-8 turns of the lugs when tightening; failure to do so will damage your car.

The installation must be carried out by a skilled professional.

Fitments Of The Car

Titan Wheel Accessories spacer  spaces will bolt up to the vehicles that follow.

  • Ford Mustang 1967-2014
  • Ford Edge 2007-2014
  • Ford Mach 1 from 2003-2004
  • Ford Crown Victoria 1991-2011
  • Ford Bronco 1982-1990 (Does not fit XLT Model)
  • Ford Ranger 1981-2011
  • Ford Explorer 1991-2015

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Improve Vehicle's Efficiency Bigger Steering
High Precision
High-Quality Aluminum Billets



Titan Wheel Accessories 12mm Spacers

Titan Wheel Accessories 12mm Spacers

For installation, Titan Wheel Accessories 12mm spacer needs additional lugs. It has a 5×4.5 or 5×4.75 (dual drilled) vehicle bolt pattern with 78.1mm Hub Bore flat wheel spacers. Each spacer measures a thickness of ½ inches.

Titan Wheel Accessories is committed to providing automotive accessories of the highest quality at an affordable price. They have years of experience in the automotive aftermarket industry, and the workers are well qualified in all the items we offer. They claim that their mission is to provide everyone with the best possible customer service.


It is strongly recommended that a specialist perform the installation. Improper installation can cause the lug nuts or lug bolts to loosen when driving, leading to an accident and injury, possibly causing them to break. Using these is not as expected at the sole risk of users. Make 100% sure that the tire studs and lugs do not touch the wheel’s backside, which can harm the vehicle and the adapter/spacers. The warranty on these would be Invalid when using an air impact or other power instrument. It is recommended that manufacturer speciation’s mount them, not exceeding 110ft-lbs Customers must get them rechecked after 25 miles of driving by a licensed mechanic; these are aftermarket components and can void any OEM warranties. All vehicles used in this listing are registered trademarks of their respective owners; they are not affiliated in any way with any OEM manufacturers

It will mount these spaces on the vehicles that follow.

  • Works with Ford:
  • Crestline from 1952-1954
  • Crown Victoria 1992-2011
  • Fairlane 1955-1967
  • Falcon 1962-1967
  • 2005-2007 The Five Hundred
  • Galaxy 1960-1974
  • Mainline from 1952-1954
  • Mustang 1967-1973
  • Mustang 1994-2021
  • Taurus 201-2016
  • Thunderbird 1958-1971
  • Edge 2007-2010
  • Explorer 1991-2010
  • Ranger 1991-2011
  • Bronco II 1982-1990 (Does not fit XLT Model)

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Give The Vehicle A Better Look Steering Heavier
Enhance Vehicle Handling



Round metal spacers that go between the hub of a car or truck and the wheel are wheel spacers. For several purposes, including fitment, durability, and appearance, spacers locate the wheel farther away from the body and are used. Two significant types of wheel spacers exist. The first is a basic design that slides over the lug bolts or studs that exist. The other is a type of bolt-on, which bolts to the hub of the vehicle. After that, the wheels are bolted to the tire spacer.

Wheel spacers are most widely used to guarantee that a specific set of wheels would fit correctly on a vehicle if the wheels have the wrong offset. Suppose wheels in the inner wheel arches interfere with suspension components or bodywork. In that case, adding a collection of wheel spacers will fix this issue by positioning the wheels further away from the bodywork. On the other side, since they can locate the wheels closer to the fender lips and bodywork around the fender openings, wheel spacers can cause interference problems.

To make a vehicle look better is another reason why wheel spacers are used. Wheels coming out to the edge of a car’s bodywork (but not past) offer a better “stance” to the vehicle, which is how it lies on the ground. Companies such as Porsche have been using wheel spacers for years to boost handling and make the car appear more aggressive. However, if the wheel spacer is too big, it may lead to an awkward look, where the wheels protrude too far outside of the body.

Another explanation for the use of wheel spacers is to improve your vehicle’s handling. Wheel spacers are mounted between the hub and the tire and drive the wheel further away from the chassis, broadening the track. This is an improvement in the amount of grip in your car’s corners, facilitating faster cornering. Spacers will shift the balance of the handling of your vehicle as well. If you mount spacers in the back but not the front, for example, then you can get more traction in the rear. Owing to the increased grip from the end, this, in turn, would cause your car to understeer, where the front goes towards the outside of the corner, during cornering. Due to the added stress they put on parts built by the manufacturer to specific tolerances, wheel spacers may cause accelerated wear on suspension and hub components. Since the wheels are farther from the hub, the wheel bearing, corners and axles are positioned with more tension, possibly causing these parts to fail prematurely.

The steering would theoretically become heavier depending on the scale of the wheel spacers. The wider track means more effort is required to turn the wheels, making turning the steering wheel more difficult. Again, this is dependent on the spacer’s width. A small spacer of 1⁄4 inch width would not have the same impact as a 1- or 2-inch spacer.

Why do I need wheel spacers on my Ford Ranger with the new wheels?

Compared to factory ones, most of the aftermarket rims have a different style. This can alter the geometry, or the wheels may be slightly inward, in other words. And even though they have the same dimensions as the factory rims, it takes wheel spacers to mount wider tires on them so that they do not hit the wheel well.

Most individuals only pick wheel spacers for their appearance, though. The installation of these cheap items will give the Ranger a wider stance and make it look much more meaningful. Like a Raptor, almost. Because the new design is significant, it combines with larger wheels and wider tires, and the beauty will be quite your Ranger.

There are also other things to remember.

Not only will the wheel spacers give you a better look, but they will enhance your Ranger’s handling in most cases and lead to more uniform loading of the tire. Wheel spacers will assist you by increasing the area inside the wheel if you want to add larger brakes.

That said, there are many things to watch out for: wheel spacers mess with the geometry of your suspension, which in turn means more tire wear, more steering effort, and less braking stability. However, the modifications will be only limited, the same as the improvements made on the handling and grip.



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