Best Wheel Spacers For F250 2021

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2021)

When your wheel’s offset is not suitable for the kit you run on your car, wheel spacers are useful. This product bolts onto an axle’s studs before the wheel and then provides another package to connect the tire and rim to it.

There are only a few choices for those who want to showcase their car, get it decorated, add decals, or boost driving and sound. It can also modify the scale, nature, and color of the car wheels. Although these will help give your ride a distinctive look, installing wheel spacers will also make them stand out and enhance the car’s ride and performance. You are having found the best wheel spacers that improve your car’s overall look and feel. Automotive tuners use the wheel spacer to offset the wheels, offer better performance, and make the car more sporty.

One of the most useful items about the wheel spacer is not substituting a tire or rim under the rim and putting a more gap between the wheel hub and the rim. Also, it is simpler than it looks to mount a wheel spacer in your car. In a few hours, you can do this DIY job.

We have you covered if you are hunting for the Best Wheel Spacers For F250.

Best Wheel Spacers For F250 (Comparison)

Wheel Spacer Size  
DCUAUTO 1001-001007-1942 8 x 6.7"

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DCUAUTO 1001-001006-4841 8 x 6.5"

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Supreme Suspensions Pro-Billet A0640 8 x 6.7"

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DCUAUTO 1001-001007-1942

DCUAUTO 1001-001007-1942

DCUAUTO 1001-001007-1942 Eight lug wheel spacers can be used to widen a vehicle’s track width, allow additional clearance of suspension components, convert a single wheel truck to a dual-wheel, or split the wheels to make room for a wider tire on a dual lift. When mounting wider tires on a dually raised tire, the 2″ wide eight-lug spacer is the most widely used. A 2-inch wheel spacer would usually allow enough room to use up to a 13.50 wide tire, depending on the wheel used.


Aluminum Of Good Quality

It is made of Aerospace Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum, guaranteeing the automobile’s highest degree of efficiency and longevity.

Accurately Machined

60-degree taper CNC machined to accurate measurements, heat-treated and hardened heavy duty spacers, and protective studs.

Improvement Of Stability & Handling

Widen the wheelbase of your car, increasing overall stability and providing easier handling for you.

Additional Clearance

Increase the tires’ clearance, allowing lift/lowering kits and wide/larger, high traction tires to be mounted.

Detailed Specifications

  • The Thickness: 2
  • Bolt Pattern for Vehicle: 8X170
  • Bolt Pattern Wheel: 8X170
  • The scale of the thread: 14X1.5
  • 125mm HUB/Center Bore
  • Reported Pros & Cons are:
Pros Cons
Excellent Quality None That We Could Find
Provides Stability
CNC Machined



DCUAUTO 1001-001006-4841

DCUAUTO 1001-001006-4841

Offer your vehicle the violent spot, remove rubbing, mount a giant wheel or tire, clear breaks or struts. Due to the addition of trek and width to your place, they also improve vehicle handling performance.

  • Great fitment 5 8×165.1 Dodge Ford 8 Lug Compatible Wheel Spacers 1994-2013 Dodge Ram 2500, 2003-2013 Dodge Ram 3500 and  1988-1997 Ford F250 F350 with 2007-2014 Ford E150, 1992-2014 Ford E250 E350(Vehicles must have 9/16′ Lugs)
  • 4 Thickness Set: 3 inch / 75mm; Bolt pattern: 8×6.5 / 8×165.1; Thread pitch: 9/16 inch; Center bore: 4.96 inch / 126.15mm
  • The complete kit comes with everything required for a complete installation with grade 10.9 studs SGS checked components.
  • Made from aerospace alloy aluminum 6061, T6 treatment, CNC machined precision, hard oxidation finished surface.

You need to know before placing an order:

  • Compatibility with vehicle fitting is just a reference; please make sure they are the right ones for your vehicle.
  • The stock lug studs are longer than the adapter for such select vehicles, or the lug studs of the adapter are shorter to keep the wheel, touch them first to return, or replace the adapter.
  • Returns are allowed, and all returns have to be made within 20 days of the date of purchase. For all original materials provided with the shipment, goods must be in new, unused condition.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Improves Your Vehicle's Efficiency A Bit Pricey
High Quality



Supreme Suspensions Pro-Billet A0640

Supreme Suspensions Pro-Billet A0640

Supreme Suspensions Pro-Billet A0640 Wheel Spacers CNC Machined from T6 Aircraft Billet Aluminum and designed by Supreme Suspension experts to extend your truck’s track width, enhance your vehicle’s appearance, and fit wider custom rims and tires.

You would bring more power on the ground with the additional traction for more significant acceleration. The wheels are pushed 1.5 inches outward by this tire spacer. This allows wider or custom wheels and tires to be mounted for you. The spacer also helps to fix problems of tire scratching, thus minimizing instances of vibration. The hydraulic pre-pressed studs entirely remove the vibrations. No unique tool is needed to install the wheel spacers. They are manufactured using the latest technologies in the manufacture of metal, making it long-lasting in the harshest conditions. The spacer improves handling and cornering characteristics. Overall, the machine’s appearance is much improved.

Compatible With Ford F-250 Super Duty 2WD / 4WD 2005 – 2020. And Please check compliance with fitments before ordering.

Contents (4pc) Precision-Machined Splined Studs, Assembly Hardware, and Supreme Suspensions Pro-Kit Aerospace-Grade Billet Wheel Spacers

Specifications 1.5 inches thick with  8x 170mm Bolt Pattern along with M14 x 1.5 Studs, 125mm Center Bore

NOTE: Using the precision-machined taper seat on the lug-nuts, spacers are lug-centered and centered.

Advantage: To fix tire rubbing problems, improve cornering stability, and make for a unique place, position your wheels 1.5 inches outward on each side. Hydraulic Pre-Pressed Studs features to eliminate the possibility of vibration.


  • On either side, put your wheels 1.5 inches outward.
  • Allows broader wheels & tires to be mounted
  • Increases the track-width of your car
  • It helps fix problems with tire rubbing.
  • Improves skills for handling and cornering
  • Pre-pressed hydraulic studs remove the possibility of vibrations.
  • Enhances your vehicle’s look


  • To mount these “bolt-on” spacers, no special tools are needed.
  • You are ready to show your new and improved ride after a simple installation process!

For its outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance, supreme suspensions chose to build more leveling kits from T6 aircraft-grade aluminum. It is tempered to no less than 35,000 psi of yield strength, and the spacers are custom coated for a fantastic look that will last your vehicle’s life. For any application, precision machining ensures an exact match.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Easy To Install Has Limited Warranty
Provides Excellent Stability
Resists Wear & Corrosion



Benefits Of Spacers For Wheels

Enhance the handling of vehicles. Wheel spacers will help increase the car’s ability to turn, and the amount of cornering will be significantly affected. They add more space to maneuver the wheels, allowing the tires to be divided more from each other, dividing all four wheels’ weight equally.

They are enhancing the look of the car. The way your car looks can be improved by high-quality wheel spacers. The wheels will stick out a few inches from the fenders by adding only a tiny amount of additional space between the rim and the tire hub. Their layout is meant to give a more sporty and fierce look to your vehicle.

Add bigger tires. One way to improve handling, speed, and control is to have larger tires. Many custom wheels will not fit on regular vehicles, but installing wheel spacers can help ensure that it can mount the tires and wheels you want on your ride without fear of rubbing them against the car frame, axle, or something else.

Types of Spacers for Wheels


To bolt the spacer onto the axle, bolt-on wheel spacers are fastened to the existing studs When purchasing these, you’ll need to confirm if they are compatible with your wheels and lug nut patterns.


Slip-on wheel spacers slip onto the studs, leaving room enough to fit back on your wheel. However, often, they don’t leave enough space for them to fit back on, depending on the size of your wheels. You won’t be able to have enough room left to securely and adequately fasten the lug nuts. To securely lock the wheels in place, extended studs will be needed with slip-on spacers.

The easiest way to fit a wheel that is not quite the right size for your car or truck comfortably in your vehicle is wheel spacers. They include the wheel out of the hub over your existing seat and space, a little, sometimes a great deal, to give you a look you want or the stance you want. They can even support a wheel that fits over your factory hubs with the wrong center dimension. You can have them white, shiny, or in a color that will help stand out from the crowd for your trip.

The best are hub-centric, which means they suit your vehicle’s hub perfectly, the lip around the axle bolt, helping to concentrate them on the installation. To save weight, they’re titanium, and some even come with the longer bolts you’ll need to mount them (if you go with a big spacer). For a fraction of the price of getting custom wheels constructed, you can get a package of four.

Why Are Wheel Spacers Essential?

Proper wheel spacing ensures that the tires match the maker’s way if you use wheels that didn’t come on the car or truck in the wheel wells. You can brush against your brake calipers, shocks, or even your fenders with poorly spaced wheels, causing possible harm or even a crash.

They are a vital part of how your car looks, too. Wheels that sit inside the arches too far are concealed and may look tiny. It will help make the car look more muscular by moving them out as if they had wider tires without using wider tires. Finally, vehicle handling can be supported by a more comprehensive route. They will alter how the vehicle rolls in the corners, impact the transfer of weight, and probably enhance the cornering.



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