Best Wheel Spacers For F150 2021

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2021)

When your wheel’s offset is not suitable for the kit you run on your car, wheel spacers are useful. This product bolts onto an axle’s studs before the wheel and then provides another package to connect the tire and rim to it.

There are only a few choices for those who want to showcase their car, get it decorated, add decals, or boost driving performance and sound. Spacers can also modify the scale, nature, and color of the car wheels. Although these will help give your ride a distinctive look, installing wheel spacers will also make them stand out and enhance the car’s ride and performance. Automotive tuners use the wheel spacer to offset the wheels, offer better performance, and make the car more sporty. You are having a hard time finding the best wheel spacers that can improve your car’s overall look and feel?

One of the most useful features about the wheel spacer is that not being able to substitute a tire or rim  and creating gap between the wheel hub and the rim. Also, it is simple to install more so than it looks. In a few hours, you can do this as a DIY job.

When it comes to finding a good set of wheel spacers we have you covered especially if you are looking for the Best Wheel Spacers For F150.

Best Wheel Spacers For F150 (Comparison)

Wheel Spacer Thickness  
KSP KS-6008K 1.5"

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Orion Motor Tech 0015-00 2"

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Hex Autoparts WP316 2"

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KSP KS-6008K

KSP KS-6008K

The KSP KS-6008K wheel spacers are REAL FORGED from Lightweight Anodized Black Aluminum and are stronger and more robust, and also are resistant to corrosion. And they are explicitly designed by in-house engineers and machined to exact specifications by CNC, ensuring the best possible fit. These 87.1mm hub centric spacers mount with limited clearance to avoid any vibration, maintaining the stock driving by carefully measuring the OEM wheel hubs and bore dimensions.

Specs 4PCS 1.5′ of 38mm Thickness with 6x135mm Vehicle Bolt Pattern and 6x135mm Wheel bolt pattern also 87.1mm Center Bore with lip | 14-1.5mm Threaded Studs/Nuts. For easy identification and individualization, we laser engrave the size and part number detail.

The wheel spacers with 14mmx1.5 studs are appropriate for the 2015-2019 F150 | 2015-2019 Expedition | 2015-2019 Navigator. NOT FIT with m14x2.0 studs the year before 2015.

The Adapters are designed to shift the wheel further out of the hub, fix clearance problems, wheel hitting the brake calipers or shock/struts, fix wheels that look tucked in the fenders, giving an aggressive position to your vehicle.

4pcs wheel spacers, 24 super healthy 12.9-grade open-ended lug nuts, and a pro instruction manual are included in the items. They give five years of guarantee that they say they are fans of off-road and track racing and that before selling them, they have checked and used their goods, so if you have any questions, please feel free to email them, and they say they will respond within 24 hours.

Why Choose Wheel Spacers from KSP?

  • The Safest Build on 6 Lug Trucks Spacers
  • Hub Centric Spacers have high speeds, no vibration/wheel wobbles.
  • Like most adapters, the KSP Wheel Spacers allow the wheels to sit on the hub lip but not on the studs, which will prevent any wobble or any vibration.
  • Hardened Studs for 12.9 Grades
  • Cast, heat-treated, and hardened ISO/DIN 12.9 wheel bolts provide strength and corrosion resistance.
  • KSP wheel spacers expand the wheelbase of your car, increasing stability and side roll-over resistance. They also add a more offensive look to your vehicle.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Well Produced & Of High Quality None That We Could Find
Five Years Warranty
Super Quick To Install



Orion Motor Tech 0015-00

Orion Motor Tech 0015-00

Specifications Bolt design: 6x135mm (vehicle) to 6x135mm (vehicle) (wheel). Pitch of the Thread: 14×2.0.0. Length of Thread: 34mm. Hub Bore: mm 87.1. Thickness: 2″. Amount: 4 pieces.

Compatibility Compatible with Ford F-150 2004-2014 (Unfit 04-08 XL/XTL), Ford Expedition 2003-2018, Lincoln Navigator 2003-2014, Lincoln Mark LTTL 2006-2008,

Benefits Orion Motor Tech 0015-00 wheel spacers add more aggression to the stance and appearance for your vehicle while improving its handling and stability. They also increase tire clearance, fix problems with brake caliper clearance, allow lift/lowering kits and broader, more extensive, or high traction tires to be installed.

Increased Protection Machine –made directly from aluminum aircraft grade 6061-T6 billets, pre-installed with heat-treated and hardened 10.9 grade bolts. Extra resistance to corrosion is provided by the anodized surface. In comparison to the steel spacer, it is incredibly robust and lightweight.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction 3-year warranty. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly and helpful customer service representatives, and we will be happy to address any questions or concerns.

ORION MOTOR TECH WHEEL SPACERS will widen the wheelbase of your car, enhancing grip, handling, and accuracy. Developed through an innovative forging technology in a special aluminum alloy, they are then forged with a CNC (computer numerical control) machine to obtain the perfect coplanar surface. To increase the mechanical resistance, they are heat-treated, and next, they are anodized to get protection from oxidation. The wheel spacers improved the track, enhancing the precision of driving.


  • 4 x Spacers for Wheels
  • User manual for 1 x

Compatible With

  • Ford F-150 2wd/4wd 2004-2014 (Unfit 04-08 XL/XTL)
  • Ford Expedition 2003-2018
  • Lincoln Navigator 2003-2014
  • Lincoln Mark LT 2006-2008

Improve vehicle stability: wheel spacers extend your vehicle’s wheelbase, adding on to the stability and side roll-over resistance. Added stability gives additional power for seasoned riders, and an extra safety margin for younger or less experienced riders.

Increase traction: wheel spacers increase the clearance of the tire to the frame, making it easier to mount wider wheels and high-traction dirt, rock, or snow tires.

6061-T6 Aluminum Forged

This quality material, commonly known for its strength and lightweight, is guaranteed to withstand even the harshest conditions.

Installation Simple BOLT-ON

Just bolt the wheel spacer/adapter to your hub, then run the spacer to your wheel. No vehicle adjustment required

10.9 Hardened Grade Bolts

10.9 (SAE Grade 8) cast, heat-treated, and hardened wheel bolts deliver strength and corrosion resistance.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Lightweight It Doesn't Fit Some Vehicles
3 Years Warranty



Hex Autoparts WP316

Hex Autoparts WP316

For all the most popular vehicles and configurations, including 1 inch, 1.5 inch, and 2-inch wheel spacers, 5, 6, and 8 lug wheel spacers, 5×4.5.’5×5.5′ to 6×5.5′ wheel adapters, this manufacturer has it all, these specific Hex Autoparts WP316 Wheel Spacers are meant for our specific use on F150s. The high-quality wheel spacers will expand the wheelbase of your car, improving stability and side roll-over resistance.


  • Brand new high-performance spacers for aluminum wheels
  • Built for the wheel to travel further out of the wheel
  • It gives a more defensive posture to your car.
  • Enables improved handling characteristics
  • Checking fitment, consistency, and longevity
  • Eliminate instant wheel/tire rubbing
  • Mount bigger tires or wheel
  • Increase stability for driving
  • A lug wrench and jack are all needed, no special tools required,
  • Rapid and simple installation, just like changing a tire


  • Ford Expedition 2004-2014
  • Ford F-150 2004-2014 (All Models)
  • Lincoln Navigator 2003-2014
  • The Lincoln Mark LT 2008-2014


  • Amount: 4pcs, or 2pairsThickness
  • Each Spacer is 2″ wide
  • Hub Bore Dimensions: 87mm.
  • Vehicle Pattern Bolt: 6x135mm
  • Pattern Wheel Bolt: 6x135mm
  • Pitch of the thread: 14mm x 2.0 or 14×2.0 or M14x2.0

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Quality & Durability None That We Could Find
Fast & Easy Installation
No Special Tools Required



For your Ford F150, Are Wheel Spacers Excellent Or Bad?

Each coin has two sides. The benefits and drawbacks of ford wheel spacers are here.


  • Increasing Stability For Driving

When cornering, wheel spacers are used for separating wheels, making the tires travel farther apart. So, the ford’s weight is spread evenly between the front and rear wheels, enabling improved handling characteristics.

  • Make Stance Broader

Regardless of 5 lug wheel spacers, six lug wheel spacers, eight lug wheel spacers, all are built to drive the wheel further out of the hub, enabling you to mount larger wheels or tires as well as large kits of brakes.

  • Giving A More Offensive Approach

Installing wheel spacers can drive the wheels outside, so you can give your f150 an aggressive look and boost your car’s appearance.


  • Causing Crashes

In reality, high-quality wheel spacers or wheel adapters are safe because most of them are made of aluminum, which is very strong. If you fail to attach lug nuts on the wheels or improperly install wheel spacers, bolts, and studs, the wheel comes off easily; then it may be thousands of repairs or physical damage to yourself or others. All in all, for your Ford f150, high-quality aluminum wheel spacers are safe.

Wheel Spacer & Corrosion

There is an issue among the wheel spacers that they eventually become victim to corrosion. Now there are several things that you can do to keep spacers from being damaged or over time lose their performance capability. First of all being that you keeping the wheel spacers clean and don’t let mud sit on it for long periods of time as that mud will start to corrode the spacers.

You can use grease as well on the spacers but that too will also wash away and will not provide permanent solution.

Anodizing and Matte painting the wheel spacers is another option to protect them against corrosion in normal weather conditions and it will work too but when it  comes to harsh weather conditions like snow or salt (coastal areas), the corrosion will have it’s effects on your wheel spacers. To counter this you will have to coat your spacers’ studs with anti-seize so that effects of corrosion don’t take over.

Wheel Bolts & Wheel Spacers

When installing the wheel spacers you should make sure that the bolts being used are of appropriate length according to the thickness of the wheel spacers. Also if you are installing aftermarket brakes as well with aluminum brake hats then you should take into account thickness of the brake hat as well when it comes to wheel bolts failure to do so can result in any unforeseen circumstance and the wheel spacers will not be able to perform as they should.

And when you do install new wheel spacers you should clear all corrosion on wheel axle or hub with a wire brush. Any leftover corrosion will affect the fitting of the wheel spacers on your vehicle and in turn affecting the wheels of your vehicle.



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