Are Wheel Spacers Safe?

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2021)

Occasionally, about the importance of a specific aftermarket automotive modification, opposing opinions are established. The controversy surrounding whether or not wheel spacers are suitable for use is a perfect example of this exact scenario. While one group states that wheel spacers are safe and incredibly useful, others believe strongly that wheel spacers are unsafe and should never be placed on a vehicle for any purpose.

So, where is the evidence, and which school of thought is most compatible with the matter’s facts? Read on to find out more about wheel spacers and whether they are safe for your vehicle to use or not.

What Are Wheel Spacers Used For?

Wheel spacers are used to broaden the stance of a vehicle. That is achieved by creating additional space between the mounting flange of any wheel position and the inner face of the wheel itself. Each wheel is effectively displaced externally by a distance equal to the thickness of the used spacer.

In a variety of thicknesses, diameters etc, wheel spacers are available. It makes it possible to find a collection of spacers that suits their particular application for almost any user.

Are Spacers For Wheels Safe To Use?

Since its tire studs do not bear a vehicle’s weight, they usually consider it safe to use wheel spacers. They hold the wheels of a car to their corresponding hubs with a clamping force obtained by tightening each wheel’s lug nuts. This facilitates the transfer of all energy through each of the corners of a vehicle and its corresponding axles.

Hence, the weight of a vehicle is not cast on any wheel spacer that may be mounted. On the opposite, wheel spacers function essentially as an extension of a vehicle’s stock hub’s faces.

However, it is only advisable to buy wheel spacers made by a reputable manufacturer and built from billet aluminum. Also, to allow proper thread engagement, a big wheel stud must remain exposed through the face of any spacer that is used. This optimizes the clamping force alluded to above.

Does Wheel Spacers Influence Alignment?

The installation of properly milled wheel spacers does not influence the alignment of a vehicle. Of course, this is only valid if we have made no changes to the caster, camber, or toe adjustments of a car for other purposes.

If you have mounted a set of wheel spacers with no further change, your alignment will not be affected as you have shifted your wheels outward.

Would Your Warranty Be Worthless With Wheel Spacers?

The installation of wheel spacers can and will impact the warranty of your vehicle in certain situations. In almost every case, however, this only relates to products that are vulnerable to accelerated wear due to wheel spacers.

For instance, if we have mounted wheel spacers, a dealership or manufacturer is unlikely to guarantee a defective unit bearing. On the other hand, something unrelated to spacers, such as problems associated with the engine, will also be covered conventionally.

The degree to which spacer installation affects your vehicle’s warranty at the end of the day is only up to the discretion of the dealership visited, And the particular manufacturer of the car.



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