ACDelco Battery Vs Interstate

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2023)

Ac delco battery vs. interstate


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Getting the right battery for your vehicle is very important. You want to invest in a battery that can last for years also you need to get a battery that is suitable to your environment. However, it is not easy to get the right battery without proper guidance. In this article, you will get the guidance you need to choose the right battery. There are numerous brands of batteries but AC Delco and Interstate batteries are the most popular. So, this is all about Ac Delco batteries vs interstate batteries.

How to Choose between ACDelco and Interstate batteries?

You can find numerous articles about these two battery companies but it is very little or not the right information available about these two brands. This guide will give you a clear view of Ac Delco vs interstate batteries. Now back to the point of how to choose between Ac Delco and interstate. It all depends upon your personal need. Both offer the best batteries to their customers. However, you can only choose one brand at a time. Worry not this guide will allow you to choose the best one. In this article, we have covered the types of batteries, cold-cranking AMPs, AH (ampere hour), reserve capacity, and warranty.


ACDelco Batteries

ACDelco Batteries

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First, we are going to look at Ac Delco batteries. Ac Delco is an old brand that started back in 1916 they have changed their name a few times however, they lasted and still offers one of the best batteries to their clients. Ac Delco batteries are offered by GM motors. Ac Delco is a part of GM motors since its start of it. They offer numerous types of batteries to vehicle owners. What are the types? Let’s take a look.

Types of ACDelco batteries

The following types of batteries are offered by Ac Delco.

AGM Battery

The AGM batteries are the most popular ones and are long-lasting compared to lead acid batteries. AGM batteries are well known for their long-lasting life. These batteries have an excellent shelf life because AGM battery prevents corrosion and overcharging.

Enhanced Flooded Battery

This is another type of battery that is excellent for vehicles. It is made of lead calcium alloy and high-density paste. These types of batteries have more tendency to receive charges and also have greater cyclic durability.

Sealed maintenance-free batteries

These batteries have deep cycle use. Moreover, they are sealed so you cannot add or remove water from them. They have good charge acceptance and leakage proof.

Low maintenance accessible batteries

These batteries require little to no maintenance. They have resistance against corrosion, overfilling, self-discharge, and thermal runaway. Ac Delco low-maintenance accessible batteries use lead-calcium technology.


Interstate Batteries

Interstate Batteries

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Interstate Batteries are founded in 1952. They are very popular among vehicle users. Interstate batteries also have different types which I have discussed below.

Types of Interstate batteries

The following are the batteries offered by the interstate.

MT batteries

MT batteries by interstate are suitable for the hot environment. They come for both cars and trucks. MT batteries are flooded and offer cold cranking amps of 600.

MTX Batteries

If you are looking for AGM technology in battery then the MTX battery is for you. It offers superior starting power compared to flooded batteries. Also has more cold cranking amps which are 740.

MTZ batteries

If you are looking for a more powerful battery to power up gadgets and other stuff in your vehicle then MTZ batteries by interstate are best suited for this purpose. MTZ batteries are suitable for vehicles with GPS devices, DVD players, and chargers.


ACDelco Vs Interstate Batteries

Above I have clarified the types these companies offer. Now let’s compare their reserve capacity, cold cranking amps, AH, and warranty.

Reserve capacity

Reserve capacity allows you to determine which battery can maintain a minimum voltage level when not being charged by the alternator. According to our research, the Ac Delco batteries have more reserve capacity than the interstate. The reserve capacity can vary from battery to battery however, there is no battery that offers more Reserve capacity than the Ac Delco AMG battery. The tested AMG battery by Ac Delco offers a reserve capacity of 170 minutes however, the interstate batteries offer no more than 150 minutes of reserve capacity.

CCA (Cold cranking AMPs)

Cold-cranking AMPs are instruments for measuring the ability of a vehicle to start in cold weather. The higher the CCA the less will be the load on the battery while starting your vehicle in cold weather. The cold cranking AMPs are an important factor when choosing the battery especially if you live in a place with cold weather. The AC Delco batteries are also an ace in this one they offer more cold-cranking AMPS batteries than the interstate. According to tests, the Ac Delco battery has 900 cold cranking amps while interstate batteries max out at 840 cold cranking amps.

Ah (Ampere hour)

Ampere hour is a unit that is used to measure the electric current the battery can withstand in an hour. The higher the number the more powerful will be the battery in terms of Ah. Ac Delco batteries have more ampere hours than interstate batteries. The interstate batteries offer a maximum of 100 amperes per hour. However, the Ac Delco batteries can reach up to 180 hours. Moreover, you can also find low ampere hour batteries as well. The lowest ah offered by Ac Delco is 6 ah while interstate has the least ampere-hour is 12 ah.

Warranty Period

The warranty of any product matters while shopping. The same is the case while shopping for the battery you need to consider the warranty period the brand offers. The warranty of batteries varies from battery type. The Ac Delco batteries come with the least warranty of 18 months and the maximum warranty of 42 months. While if you look at interstate batteries their warranty starts from 18 months and max out at 48 months. Again, it depends upon the battery you choose there is no fixed warranty for all types of batteries. In warranty, the interstate batteries are clearly a winner as they offer a warranty of up to 48 months.


Pros & Cons

Let’s wrap things up with the pros and cons of both brands. It will help you decide better in making the decision about the brand you are going to choose.

ACDelco Batteries Pros & Cons

The followings are the pros and cons of Ac Delco batteries.


✔️More reserve capacity
✔️Offers More CCA
✔️More Variety


❌Less warranty period

Interstate Batteries Pros & Cons

The followings are the pros and cons of interstate batteries.


✔️More warranty period
✔️suitable for moderate to hot climate


❌Low AH than Ac Delco batteries


Wrapping it up!

I am going to conclude this article by stating that Ac Delco batteries have a clear edge over interstate batteries. The Ac Delco batteries have more Ah. Also, their batteries with cold cranking amps have more power and there are plenty of options to choose from. However, the interstate batteries are no less they do offer more warranty and are cheaper than Ac Delco batteries.

So, both companies’ advantages and disadvantages for your ease have been discussed above. I compared everything and found Ac Delco batteries more productive than interstate batteries.



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